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  1. Watched it again last night.I worked on this film and it was a blast to work on. I've never been hit by so many flying shell casings !!

    good stunts,over the top gun action and a fantastic sound mix in DTS HD 7.1

    Don't forget to watch the credits for me....lol.....I was the On set Paramedic

    I saw this movie awhile ago and enjoyed it, lots of shooting. It must have been cool to watch the movie being filmed!

  2. I looked at an add on Audiogon the system includes the following.

    RF-63 Floorstanders - $700 for the Pair

    RC-64 Center Channel - $350

    RF-62 Surrounds with Stands - $430 for the Pair

    RT-10d Subwoofer - $615

    Entire RF-63 Speaker System -$1800.

    I know the system is used but it seems like a great deal to me. That leaves $3000 for a receiver and projector.

    That system sold over a month ago. I don't know why that stuff stays on Audiogon for so long.

    Oh ok, I'm sorry for posting that. That was an amazing deal it probably sold very quickly

  3. I looked at an add on Audiogon the system includes the following.

    RF-63 Floorstanders - $700 for the Pair

    RC-64 Center Channel - $350

    RF-62 Surrounds with Stands - $430 for the Pair

    RT-10d Subwoofer - $615

    Entire RF-63 Speaker System -$1800.

    I know the system is used but it seems like a great deal to me. That leaves $3000 for a receiver and projector.

  4. It is hard to find good 7.1 DVDs. But multi channel stereo is the only way I listen to music. Those extra speakers really help getting you into the center of it all.

    I was listening to Pink Floyd dsotm in 7 channel stereo and it sounded great, I've listened to it in 5 channel and it was still good but the two rear speakers make it more enjoyable.

  5. I had some time to kill today in between doctor's appointments so I went into a local audio store and had a peak, the same store where I bought my 81's from.

    I noticed they still had some of the old reference line on blowout and I ended up getting a pair of rb-10s for a great price so I. Bought them.

    I've been on the fence about switching to 7.1 since there doesn't seem to be a lot of blurays out there with it. I was also wondering if I. Had enough room for the extra pair since I only have 6 feet behind the couch.

    Well I do play a lot of Grand Turismo which is in 7.1 and it definetley sounds better, I can here the cars coming from behind or passing now for the movies, I put in Transformers 3 and it is cool when they pan around all the channels. I know the rb-10s are a small speaker but they definetley do the job in my situation.

  6. +3

    I've owned both, thought I'd save some money by getting the 52 and had it for a year. No matter how much I tried to level match the 52 it just didn't cut it. I ended up getting the RC-62 and it is a much better speaker in every way.

    If you can get the 62 for a lower price its a no brainer for sure! Don't make the same mistake as me, it ended up costing much more because I bought a 52 and ended up selling for less then half of what I. Paid for it.

  7. You guys have helped me out a lot and thank you for doing so.

    I'm new to 2 channel so maybe my expectation where to high? I did play with speaker positioning, I toed them in a bit more and it did seem to help out a bit. I understand about the source material I think, kind of like a poorly recorded movie Vs a quality movie.

    I will do some more research and trial and error on positioning etc before I start throwing money at my setup.

    Once again thank you everyone who chimed in.


  8. Thanks guys for the quick response.

    Maybe I should have said I expected more from the 2 channel then I'm currently getting.

    I love the whole HT experience but I really was hoping for more with music.

    Thats why I was wondering if a good cd player would make a difference, does this make any sense? I'll try different toe angles for the speakers and see if that helps any.

    Once again thank you

  9. has anyone seen the trailer for this game yet? they put it out at E3 a few weeks ago. it's from the same company that made the Uncharted games. it's going to be a PS3 exclusive.

    anyone else think that this game is going to be fantastic?

    I'm looking forward to this game forsure!

    I just hope it is a longer game then the Uncharted series, I hate spending $60 on a game that only takes 8 hours to finish.

  10. Hello all.

    I am currently enjoying music more then I used too and I would like to know if adding a dedicated cd player to my existing setup would make any difference ?

    Here is a list of my equipment.

    Yamaha 1065 receiver

    Upa 5 amp

    Klipsch RB-81 mains

    Dual SVS PB12NSD.

    Sony ps3 that plays blu rays and cds.

    I have several acoustic panels spaced out around my room at the first reflection points to help with the terrible echo in my basement.

    I love my current setup for movies but it sounds almost hollow with music.

    If I have read correctly Yamaha receivers (or at least mine) are not really designed with 2 channel in mind. So would adding a unit like the erc 2 and using its on board dac's help out a lot or is it more of a lost cause?

    I have a budget of $500 total so its not enough to upgrade the receiver as well.

    My room is 17x25 with laminate floors on top of concrete, I also have a 10x5 area rug in front of my tv stand with both main speakers flanking my RB-81's.

    I posted this on the Emotiva forums but I took some flac because I'm using " Klipsch " speakers so I was hoping I could get some advice here.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.


  11. I've been able to play with the settings and it seems that that these speakers have a crossover of 82Hz. The system has been set at 80Hz all these years so I'm guessing the crossover is suppose to be 80Hz. But since I can't find the spec's I printed out years ago I don't know for sure. Seems newer movies are using the full sound range now, where before they didn't. Older stuff still sounds goods.

    Hay there,

    I used to own the Quintet II 5.0 system so I'm sure the specs would be very similar. The cross over is way higher then 80Hz. The mains cut off at 100Hz and the center at 110Hz.

    I can't see there being much of a difference between the Quintet 1 and Quintet 2, they both used a 3.5 driver and are almost the same size.

    I would adjust your cross over to 110-120 if possible on your receiver that should help.

  12. Well vic as an owner of the pb-13 ultra, and spending quite a few hours on the phone with svs before i ordered i can assure you that the ultra is not even in the same category as the dual sealed 12's or the pc-12. i can say if you listed the three of those as something you can afford i can assure you that one pb-13 ultra will blow your mind. it is my favorite piece of my home theater and now that i have two, i am in pure heaven. i can't wait to get them in a bigger room and on opposite sides of the center for the real advantages of having dual subs. stacked just gets me more spl, but it was a future proof buy since they went on sale. well the cherry and the natural oak anyways. there is a cherry one that budman is selling. i dont know if he got an offer yet, but it would be a good buy for sure

    Dual 13's would be amazing the cherry finish is by far the nicest looking as well.

    If I was able to get the ultra here (in canada they are $2300 with tax) for $1600 instead of two nsds that would be something to think about.

    I must say that two subs do blend in better in my situation, there is no localization.

    Get the besat you can afford, any ported svs sub will sound better then the synergy sub 12 in my opinion.

  13. Hi VIC.

    I just thought I'd share my 0.02 in.

    I also had the synergy sub 12 and I thought it did a good job for the price and I was lucky enough not to have the amp problems either.

    That being said when I upgraded to SVS PB12 NSD I was completely blown away, it honestly does everything better. Low end extension, detail, and output.

    There are plenty of great reviews out there too.

    My room is large 17x23 plus a hallway and stairwell it still did a good job. I recently ended up adding a second NSD and I am re watching a lot of blurays and it does add a new level of excitement.

  14. Well since the prices are always higher in Canada I've had to look for some relitively good deals.

    RB-81 $750

    RB-61 $500

    RC-62 $400

    Emo UPA 5 $ 400 (got it on sale before they discountinued it)

    Yamaha RXV 1065 $750

    SVS PB12 NSD x2 $1650 (5%off second one)

    I used cash for everything except the upa 5 so I did get a better deal, still not as good as state side thoughm

  15. I've always known I've had bass resonances (I think that's what they are called) in my room. Basically when things rattle during low frequencies.

    Today, I had was going through some bass frequencies on my test CD and was able to pinpoint 3 rattles in my room (can light in the ceiling, piece of wood in the false wall, and my "Home Theater" sign as you enter my room.

    I was able to fix the rattle in the can just by rotating the metal. Must have snugged it up. The other two, I used these round furiture felt pads.

    Now you just hear and feel solid bass, without it sounding like the integrity of my walls are being compromised. Big Smile

    I used the Disney World of Wonder and it also helped me pinpoint odd vibrations in the hvac ans a couple of picture frames. The felt pads worked for the frames and I ended up getting the Auralex great gramma sub platform (or what ever its called) and it was a huge improvement it also cut down on localization.

  16. Does anybody here have this amp?, if so how did it help out your system, i currently have the Pioneer VSX-1121.Hmm

    Hay Josh.

    I've owned the UPA-5 for 2 years and I think it was a great deal (I bought on sale for $400, before they discontinued it)

    There is not a night and day difference but it is definitely noticeable, when watching a movie the center channel had more clarity and the sound stage sounded more open.

    My Yamaha 1065 receiver is rated at 105 watts x7 but it just doesn't sound as good without the upa5, even with the speakers crossed at 80Hz.

    Sometimes I listen to two channel (pure direct ) with no sub and this is where an amp with headroom shines. Even though I only have RB-81s as my mains the quality of sound at higher volumes is better. I would only assume that your RF82s would have more punch especially in the bass area.

    As far as pricing like I said I paid $400 new, shipped and it was A stock, but I've seen a lot of them go for $500 or more and thats still a good deal for an 5 channel amp.

    I hope that helps a bit, feel free to ask any questions if they come up.


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