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  1. I dont know if you guys remember me. I had gotten a set of V.2-400's for Christmas and because of some crackling had to return the set to the store in February. Time passed, E-mails were sent to the repair store, no answers, just confusion. About 2 months later I was starting to become very impatient. Imagine 2 months without the sweet sound of the Pro's ... Finally I received my set back, all excited i ripped open the box, (the same box that I had received for Christmas) and then... I saw that the manual was missing, I said who needs it anyway, so then I continued to unpack the system. Hey where did the little rubber sticky things go!!! They were missing on all except one of the speakers. Oh well, I didnt care, then I noticed that the plastic bags that they were in were gone. Huh!!!! Finally after setting them up I removed the dust covers form the speakers to show my friend the speakers and what!!!! The faceplate on the speaker with the pre-amp was upside down. How do I know this because the word Klipsch was upisde down, and no it wasnt the cover that was upside down the actual front of the speaker. That was it I had enough. My dad and I brought them back to the store, and the Manager came to see us. He opened the box and his jaw dropped. He said what the !#$@ when he saw the upside down speaker face. He was very dissapointed as was I. So he told me that he would try to work something out to replace the set for me. He told me that he was a good friend of one of Klipsch's canadian reps. A week later I get a call, an to my amazement when I went to the store, there was a brand new set of Klipsch 4.1s yes 4.1s with my name on it. A note on it saying that Klipsch decided to replace it with the new sate. Hallelujah!!!!! Thank you Klipsch. And as this little story comes to an end, I am now enjoying the wonderful sound from my 4.1s! Just a little note for the readers. The store where I had brought the speakers were not authorized to repair klipschs so they sent to an Authorized Dealer and they said they would repair it. Well the repaired it and, forgot to put half the stuff back into the box, and screw the cover back upside down... So it was NEVER klipschs fault or the stores, just that repair place. I hope that little misshap was a mistake, and I hope no other customers that get their stuff sent there go through what I went through. So again thanks you all the Promedia Techs and personnel that helped me, and Klipsch as a customer oriented company that decide to replace and upgrade my set! And thanks to the forum readers that are taking the time to read this little story right now. A very happy Klipsch customer sorry about the typos, but its late and im really tired.
  2. I thought I'd start a topic about the first time you and your Promedia's met. About a year ago I read a review in Pc-Gamer magazine about these speakers, and showed it to my dad. He had bought a pair of Klipsch KG-4's a while back, so he recognized the Klipsch name. I said, "these are cool speakers, but who needs 4 speakers for a computer." (sarcastically) Obviously I wasn't living yet! I forgot about the speakers, because I didn't ever think I would need anything more then my two Labtec speakers. Then came the day when I bought a Soundblaster Live card, and realized that more speakers = better gaming experience. By this time I had seen more ads of the Pro's in Pc-Gamer and Maximum Pc, both praising these speakers. But 429.00 CDN was a high price for speakers, and didn't have a job at the time. Then came Christmas... Later on Christmas day, my mother said that there was something left in my stocking, so I reached in and pulled out 6 magnet letters (you know the one's kids put on the refridgerator to spell out words) But the letters were H, S, C, K, L, P, I. I said this doesn't spell anything, what kinda stupid word has 5 consonants and one vowel??? After a while, with a little help, I finally spelled the word "Klipsch." I wasn't able to put two and two together, because I never was expecting the Pro's. My dad then called me upstairs, and there was this HUGE box in the middle of the hall. I thought it was just an empty box. My dad told me to open it up, he said it was filled with wrapping paper, and that I had to throw the stuff out. So I opened it up and, AAAAHHHH!!!! KLIPSCH PROMEDIA'S v.2-400's. I think I passed out for at least a couple of hours! I set them up and began the Klipsch experience. Ever since, they are my pride and joy of my computer. Well, I guess that's a long enough post. Thanks for keeping up with me!!! Write your Story!!!
  3. I paid the same as Seb, for my pro's. Actually, it was a Christmas present from my dad. I'm still waiting for them, I had to return them for a sub problem. I can't wait anymore!!! Well at least I have my dad's Klipsch KG-4's to keep me happy for a while. Thanks for the responses guys!
  4. Thanks Baz. Well at least we montrealers know that they will be coming our direction for once. When... we don't know, but let's hope were not at the end of the train!
  5. I was browsing the Dumoulin website and checked to see the Klipsch section, to my surprise there were the regular V.2-400 and what was this.... 4.1's??? Is this double vision or a computer glitch? There was no description for them or anything, just the price!!! Tell me what you guys think! Here's the link. It's long. http://www.dumoulin-direct.com/informatique/infoList.asp?send=eng&codDep=49&desDep=PERIPHERALS&codFab=KLI&desFab=KLIPSCH&noFirst=0
  6. Good Point Baz, I haven't watched that many DVD's on my Hollywood +, but I've never had any problems. There was the thing about Sigma Designs disabling 4-Point surround with 1.82 drivers but found a way to fix this. Other than that minor technicality, the card works like a dream!
  7. There are certain DVD's that don't function fully with that card, those "isssues" should all be fixed when their new drivers come out. (Anytime this or next month) On my setup, my Hollywood + card is hooked up to my VCR, which then transmits the DVD video to a twenty something year old TV via Coaxial cable, and I'm still surprised of the image quality, imagine if it was connected via an S-Video or component video, OH MY!!! If there's any more questions about this card, we should start a new post in the computer section or something. Seeing as this is the Promedia section and all!
  8. Does anyone have a recommendation on Dolby Digital Decoders? Do I need to buy a DD receiver? Do DD decoders exist in PCI card form? I'm new to this, anything will help. The main use is for DVD's. I have a Pioneer DVD (16x) RealMagic Hollywood Plus Mpeg Decoder Soundblaster LIVE X-Gamer (not 5.1) Klipsch Promedia's of course! Thanx!
  9. The RealMagic Hollywood + Card is a good way to go. Really clear DVD playback on the monitor and looks even better on a TV, pumps out AC-3 Dolby Digital Surround, or Dolby ProLogic surround (of course stereo sound). Supports; DVD, MPG, DAT (Video CD), VBS and ABS files. Goto the realmagic website to find out more specs. I'm happy with the card, except for the fact that they haven't come out with any new drivers in a while. If you want to watch DVD on a tv, you won't get anything better the a Hardware Decoder card. The DVD quality is much higher than a TV-Out on a graphics card using a software decoder. Here's the link. Again PC-Gamer and Maximum PC both rate this card pretty high. http://www.sigmadesigns.com/products/hollywood_plus.htm
  10. I had the same problem with mine, I had to send them back. But, it might not be the case with you. Try flipping the actual wires, the green and purple plugs, wiggle the surround nob. Try a couple of things before the new speaker wire. If it is the wire, consider upgrading the like Sam_D said try this www.klipsch.com/ubb/Forum13/HTML/000656.html Hope it's not a problem with your pre-amp or sub. Good Luck!!!
  11. Just to get back onto the subject. The Pioneer 115-DVD (16x) is fast, reliable, and is pretty durable. I remember buying an Acer 32x CD-Rom at Costco, and it broke a week later, so I bought this! Got it a while back at Micro Bytes for $200 Can, and that was CHEAP back then. Now there only $140 Can. I have to agree with Seb about the noise and the spin down, but hey, I'm not in a hurry. PC-Gamer, and Maximum PC say this is the best DVD player, and an equally good CD player. The slot version does look nicer and only has about 10-20$ difference, don't now if there are any downsides to it though!
  12. Here's the answer to the famous question. How can I play DVD's with true 4 point surround on a Hollywood+ card. Here's the link http://fuzzion.hypermart.net/ Under the tricks section, and then under "How to play sound through the soundcard using 4 speakers." It worked for me!
  13. Thanks for the tips. I have a Soundblaster Live X-Gamer and the purple and green plugs are plugged into the Line Out, and Rear Out. I tried switching the purple and green plugs and the sound is still crackling from the rear-right output. I'm gonna post my topic in the customer service setion. Thanks again!
  14. I got a set of Promedia's for Christmas and was amazed with the crisp sound and low bass. A week after setting them up I started to hear a faint crackle coming from the rear-right speaker. It wasn't constant so it didn't bother me, but after a while it would become quite annoying when watching DVD's on the computer. It seems that the crackling only occurs at certain frequencies. I flipped the wires around, and tried flipping speakers, changing mixer settings, vacuumed, played with the pre-amp nobs, everything!!! The crackle keeps coming back, and always from the rear-right output on the sub. Should I send them back, and if I need to, do I upgrade to the new sub? Any comment will be a great help to me. Thank you all!
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