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  1. On 4/12/2021 at 9:34 AM, Trey Cannon said:

    This is a preference question or a Math question....




    2 x power = 3db 

    100 W ph.  

    1 Watt dubled, then dubled...

    1,2,3,8,16,32,64,128...that  is 7 times. 

    7 x 3 =21db output...

    101 + 21 = 122db max out. 

    to get there clean, you need at least 6db headroom. So 4 x the power.

    128 x 4 = 512 Watts per channel to reach full volume with headroom at 1 meter. 


    Your seat is ....4 meters away...for fun...-6db every time the distance is doubled.

    that's 2 x -6 = -12db off the level due to distance. 

    SO, with about 500 Watts to each speaker, you can have 6db of head room and about 120db at your seat. 

    IF you want 3db less than that, cut the power in half. 



    Thank you Trey.


    That explains why for 30 years I have always loved these with big ole amps. With all the other models I've owned the K-48 is a freaking beast!

    I've found that 1200 wpc works very nice.  I have to thank Craig for that one.

  2. Its been the crown K2 for ever it seems but after seeing Craig with all those zr1600's bridged mono I just had to give it a try. New favorite pro amps are now Carver pro zr1600's bridged mono. When a professional drummer likes something he is probably on to something. He sure was with these things. Don't know what took me so long.


    Wow!  Dynamics and slam in spades yet smooth as butter.


    Thanks Craig!


    Also been a Chorus II owner for 30 years and just added a pair of 86 Industrial Lascalas with the K-77, K-55-M and the K-34 woofers. Holy cow! Lascalas and subs are really mind blowing. I have heard Lascalas plenty of times and never heard them sound like this. They like the K2 or the zr1600's. My Chorus II's actually seem hotter in the mids compared to these things can you say smooth. I guess I'm just diggin it! Isn't audio  just a blast!

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  3. What sub would the experts recommend to run with the Cornwall II's. Pushing the Corn's with a Carver M500T amp along with a Carver 4000T pre-amp.


    It appears from your equipment and your signature quote you want to crack the sternum. Take a look into pro audio. Obvioulsy for critical listening you can turn the subs off. I do suggest 2 or more if you want the hair to blow back!

  4. When I had my 86's I lived with the AL crossovers for about 6 months before I pulled the trigger on some ALK Universals. What a huge difference those crossovers made! Everything about the speakers characteristics changed after installing them. Clarity and detail, attack, imaging, better bass, etc. It was like a veil was lifted off the speakers. They are a world class speaker with the right crossover imho.

    I know Carl's enjoying them as I write this. Wink


    Thanks Mike. I know you have personal experience with Chorus 2's which is what I use. I am such a headbanger though our music tastes proabably differ somewhat.

  5. I like La Scalas. Most of them are black, so if you don't like that colour, you could be looking a long time for Birch Raw or Birch Lacquered.

    Black La Scalas look a bit smaller in the room than the brighter colours, but over time the other colours start looking smaller, too. When I first got my La Scalas back in 2006, they looked huge, but after a while, they blended in with the other items in the living room and became almost unnoticeable. This is not just in my mind. La Scalas (and Belles) don't look like typical speakers to most people, and they're often not even recognized as speakers until I point them out.

    Consecutive numbers only matter to serious collectors. Any seller who has a pair with consecutive numbers will brag that it increases the value, but for most people, if the numbers are within ten or so, it's irrelevant. As another poster mentioned, what matters is that all the components are identical.

    Last month I got lucky and found a pair of La Scala IIs in top condition and just a few hours away. They're walnut lacquer, so they're more visible than black Scalas, plus they actually are 4 inches taller. After a week in the living room, they stopped looking oversize, and after a month, they look perfect-sized.

    BTW, if anyone is wondering whether La Scala IIs are worth the extra cost over original La Scalas, I'll tell you that the improvements in sound and appearance are worth every penny. The La Scala IIs sound much better, especially off-axis. Right now, I'm in the computer room, three rooms away from the speakers and down a hallway, and the vocals are way clearer than with the originals. I can make out every word when listening to a talk radio show from the computer room. That was not the case with the original Scalas.

    Looks are a matter of taste, of course, but to most people's eyes, the LS2s look better than original LSes, especially old ones with the utility finishes. Later first-generation La Scalas do look better than the older (say, 1970s) models, so the biggest difference in looks is when you go from a 60s-70s model to an LS2.

    Thanks Islander. I am thinking the LS2's might actually be more up my alley. But then to purchase new one might consider Jubes.[^o)]

  6. I have '89s, walnut lacquer. Replaced the AL crossovers with some DHA2s. I don't listen loud, so those work well for me. Awesome speakers. Not even sure if mine are consecutive or not, I would have to look again.


    Thanks Bruce. I proabably listen a little louder than you do lol.

  7. How important are consecutive serial numbers?

    What are your opinions of 1989's?

    What are your opinions on stock AL xovers?

    What are your opinions of black LaScalas?

    Probably 8 out of 10 in appearance an idea on value?

    Thanks in advance for your opinions.

  8. haven't been able to sign on my home PC in a long time, I can read, but I can't sign in to post, but all the crap on this thread and I just had to comment so badly that I am on my wifes PC.

    First understand that I have owned La Scalas and Klipschorns that are 104dB efficient at 1 watt at 1 meter.

    I presently own 7 TSCMs, some Klipsch literature rates them at 106dB efficient and some literature rates them at 108dB.

    Regaurdless, while eack Klipschorn runs one K-77 and one k-55, each Tscm runs two K-77s and 4 K-55s.

    With 7 TSCMs, that is 28 K-55 midrange and 14 K-77 tweeters.

    Regaurdless, my maximum accustic output is considerably greater than what you guys are discussing.

    I run 3 Nakamichi PA-7 amps and a Nakamichi PA-7II on the center channel. That's 200 watts RMS on 6 channels and 225 watts RMS on the center channel.

    Most pre amps go into Klip before 12 oclock??? My Klip lights don't begin to flicker at all until past 3:30.

    AS for driving people out of the room at a hand full of watts??? and over powering the neighbors at 85 watts, you need to come over to my house for a wake up call as we obviously have different oppinions on what kind of levels to jam at, I haven't even discussed my six 18 inch woofers in the system.

    As for the cowering down to the she who must be obayed thing, I would invite those people overe for a reality check as well, you don't fill your house up with a bunch of ugly black Pro Speakers by not being in charge of your domain.

    Lastly, I would reintroduce that your going to chase people out with a couple watts from your tube amp??? Tubes can sound good once they are warmed up, I understand that, but your going to make listening uncofortable at a hand full of watts??? Really???? Really now??? Time to come over for a reality check!!


    [Y] Let er rip Roger. May the real jammers step forward. I would love to hear it.

  9. when she left I put in Billie Jean and let her rip, OMG, at this point I knew I had a totally different animal. That lead off bass drum was hittin me in the chest likke a hammer, screw the neighbors, I went thru the first 3 songs at warp sound, and the scala"s said so long Cll"s, you cant do this. When I finally turned it down I noticed all my Winberg paintings were crooked and the small pictures on the coffee tables had moved, looked like a bomb had went off in the living room, havnt seen the cat since.

    Thats the review I was looking for.

    Cool and congrats.

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