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  1. I like the MiniDSP 2x4 HD just to cut certain frequencies in my subwoofers. I think it makes a great eq tool for that purpose. I like both tapped horn and 6th order parallel bandpass subwoofers done right because they have very little distortion and slam in spades.

  2. My Chorus II are not designed to be bi-amped from the factory. Those Cornwall's have the ability to put a nice sounding 5 watt tuber on the top and a nice 500 watt solid stater on that big ole woofer.


    I have found it is my woofers in my Chorus that loves the watts. So I have found in my years of searching a pair of amps that sound great on my horns and able to take complete control of my woofers.


    This is a great forum and it really doesn't need polluted with personal attacks on amplifier preference. I am sure I would enjoy listening to every forum members systems. We all put a lot of time and effort into what we feel sounds best in our environments and preferences in music. 


    I prefer classic, hard, progressive rock and heavy metal. Quite a few of those recordings have much to be desired and I probably listen a bit too loud sometimes.🙂


    Give me 5 great watts for my horns, 500 watts for my woofers and 1000 watts for my subs.👍





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  3. 23 minutes ago, the real Duke Spinner said:

    My Opinion

    I find all of these low watt Amplifier story's as not pertinent to my listening habit It takes reserve power ..

    Not 6 watts for a kick Drum at decent listening levels Continue to delude your selves. ,🙃

    Well maybe the 1600 watt monoblock is more your fancy! It is also Tripath!😁

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  4. On 8/5/2023 at 2:39 PM, Zen Traveler said:

    Ummm...Isn't 120 dB at your seat pretty outrageous and deafening? I can see the LF hitting hard and low with a sub, but a speaker doing that seems kinda OT, imo. By his math it seems more realistic levels could be attained with a solid 100 watt amp for most folks. That's my take.

    Personally I tap out at about 115dbs usually for only a song and back to around 100-105 for some good jamming.


    I got out my meter and my normal  listening is around 80. 

  5. On 8/5/2023 at 1:40 PM, henry4841 said:



    You can buy a $5 voltmeter at Harbor Freight to do the test I mentioned but be ready for a total surprise. At least $5 is what the last ones I bought cost. I have a box full of them. Work really good but do not expect them to last long. 

    Call me silly but I would imagine most forum members own a volt/multimeter. The uses are endless. 


    This is a fun hobby like formula one racing, boating, off roading or model airplanes. 


    Telling everyone who buys at least a 10 watt amplifier are just wasting their money seems a little steep.


    My biggest waste of money is computers. 

  6. 11 minutes ago, henry4841 said:


    With Treys' analysis a $25K 5 watt Japanese SET 300B amp is worthless on his speakers. If not good for Klipsch I guess in theory it is good for nothing other than a door stopper being most all other speakers are much less efficient. Lots of fools buying expensive tube SET amplifiers which last count I have around a dozen, 5watts or less. 

    LOL. I doubt very much if that is where Trey was going with his response. 


    Almost all amplifiers sound good on Klipsch as long as you don't bury the volume knob.


    Now there are some pretty dirty sources that I wouldn't make that comment about.

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  7. I think he even had his hand in the pretty famous bargain hunters Adcom GFA 555. It was a pretty darn big bang for your buck. My local classic stereo had it mated up to a pair of Klipsch Chorus speakers.


    I have also liked the work of Dan D'Agostino most notably the Krell KSA 250.

  8. I like a concert from time to time. I don't believe I can get there on a watt or two.


    This has nothing to do with what is recommended or preferred by other members.


    This is a choice of my own doing.


    Rock on!!!!!


    As a side note I use a pair of corner loaded subs that are capable of 135 db. Now its a Party!!! 


    As Schwarzenegger said in Commando " I eat Green Berets for breakfast"


    That is what the Chorus said to the KLF 😁


    This is all in fun by the way not intended to rain on any parades.


    The point about better quality at lower watts is very probable with the better sound along my journey.


  9.   On 4/12/2021 at 9:34 AM, Trey Cannon said:

    This is a preference question or a Math question....




    2 x power = 3db 

    100 W ph.  

    1 Watt dubled, then dubled...

    1,2,3,8,16,32,64,128...that  is 7 times. 

    7 x 3 =21db output...

    101 + 21 = 122db max out. 

    to get there clean, you need at least 6db headroom. So 4 x the power.

    128 x 4 = 512 Watts per channel to reach full volume with headroom at 1 meter. 


    Your seat is ....4 meters away...for fun...-6db every time the distance is doubled.

    that's 2 x -6 = -12db off the level due to distance. 

    SO, with about 500 Watts to each speaker, you can have 6db of head room and about 120db at your seat. 

    IF you want 3db less than that, cut the power in half. 



    Thank you Trey.


    That explains why for 30 years I have always loved these with big ole amps. With all the other models I've owned the K-48 is a freaking beast!

    I've found that 1200 wpc works very nice.  I have to thank Craig for that one.

  10. Vintage Marantz and Chorus II's make a very enjoyable match in my book. I had the 2270 and the 2325 and enjoyed them both. They were a little warmer, thicker, and less detailed sounding than say vintage Yamaha or Luxman. 


    As far as price, minty or pristine pairs have been going between 15-1800. My money its an easy decision at 1200. I call that a downright bargain.


    Good luck and by all means have fun along the journey.

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  11. 23 minutes ago, dtel said:

    To me I think it's how it sounds live, or closer than all other speakers I have had. With the dynamic range and efficiency plus voicing it gives more of that sound as if you were watching a live show in person.  

    Agreed but unlike a big venue with bad sound its more like a personal show.

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