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  1. Good to hear there are people out there still enjoying their old Pro's just as much as I am. Ever since I got the CP-1 they've been perfect and loud as hell. It's too bad some people have problems and get discouraged about Klipsch products. Any time you build more than one pair of ANYTHING you run the chance of defects. Keep up the good work Klipsch, you have a customer for life here!
  2. I wouldn't trade my V.2-400's for anything. Since upgrading to the CP-1 they have been problem free and loud as hell. I think Amy deserves a round of applause for keeping most of the V.2-400 owners happy. As the Rocker used to say... ROCK ON! ------------------ CP-1 = New Pro's!!!!
  3. Since I became a Klipsch owner and joined this once glorious forum, I have dashed around the web looking for like minded folk who share my interests in movies and sound equipment. I found a new home last year, and its name is the DVD Shrine Forum . I hope all of the regulars here and the n00bz come on down and check it out! No pop-up ads, no flaming and a completely free speech forum for you to discuss anything you like. I still stop by here and lurk once and a while, but lately it's become a little "old" here with all the harsh complaints (yeah, I had a few when my pre-amp went south, but Amy fixed me up good!) and flaming going on. So come join the crew at the DVD Shrine! ------------------ CP-1 = New Pro's!!!!
  4. That cue cat thing was great... was expecting more bang... oh well. Page 18, here we come! ------------------ CP-1 = New Pro's!!!!
  5. Sorry about the Hofmeister/Hofmonstr mix up... I didn't know. Too bad that reply didn't push this baby to the 17th page. Oh well, maybe this one will!? ------------------ CP-1 = New Pro's!!!!
  6. Answering machine is right! I don't think I have seen a thread where Justin didn't throw in his 2 cents in the last couple of years. To be honest... I just wanted to be the one to turn this baby to the 17th page... but I feel that honor should go to the Hoffmiester... just a thought. ------------------ CP-1 = New Pro's!!!!
  7. As far as I understood Justin, Amy told me that Thorne was the only one handling the CP-1 upgrade in Canada. If those other dealers are certified... I wish I would have known, I could have shopped around! ------------------ CP-1 = New Pro's!!!!
  8. Well Frog, Justin is right... the only problem with his statement is the fact that there is only one dealer in Canada authorized to sell Klipsch parts. If that has changed in the last month it is news to me. I am a Canadian as well, and had to order from Thorne Electronics AKA Micron something or other... the name you need to know is George Thorne. Search this forum for Thorne and you will find their phone number. They will instruct you to fax/e-mail them an order with your credit card info and your signature or some type of authorization. The total in canadian funds is around $100 including shipping and taxes... well worth it if you ask me! So good luck, and if you have any more questions be sure to post them. ------------------ CP-1 = New Pro's!!!!
  9. Hehe, I would be very carefull with that Woofer Cooker track!! It uses extremely low frequencies and I have seen it destroy a set of decent speakers, not Pro's mind you, but good speakers none the less! So if your Pro's are past their warranty period... beware!! You just might really cook your woofer! ------------------ CP-1 = New Pro's!!!!
  10. Justin... I am not mad by any means. Please, think for a second. I only ask that you confirm your information before you post it and confuse and excite people for no reason. You should also include a link to that persons information or post. I didn't use harsh words, profanity or insult you, I just asked for some clarity when you post. Thanks. ------------------ CP-1 = New Pro's!!!! This message has been edited by Movie Freak on 01-19-2002 at 03:23 AM
  11. When you say working... I take it you mean, a pre-amp that doesn't have the nasty scratching symptoms? If you don't care about the volume knob creating scratching noises when turned... I have two you are welcome to. All you have to do is pay the shipping! Send me an e-mail if you are interested. jokerclan@hotmail.com ------------------ CP-1 = New Pro's!!!!
  12. Justin: In the future, I would suggest not posting "possible" or "guess" answers. Myself and many other original owners payed full price for our CP-1 upgrades, when our original set was still under warranty... I can hardly believe Klipsch would give one guy a deal and not honor it for everyone else. Amy, if you read this, please clarify that no discount was given to anyone. If a discount was instituted, I will be e-mailing you my reciept and warranty info to get money back (discount) for my CP-1. If there is no discount (which I believe), I suggest you correct Justin, and remove his comments about any discounting in the future. We all work hard for our money, and any special treatment would be ill-received by myself and other owners. Thanks. ------------------ CP-1 = New Pro's!!!!
  13. Justin: Where did this person find this deal? On Ebay? Not from Klipsch I hope... that would start a riot, I and many others that paid full price would want a few bucks back! Must have been on Ebay. ------------------ CP-1 = New Pro's!!!!
  14. Not that I am defending theRAPIST, I can however explain his nick name. There was a Saturday Night Live scene with Celeb Jepoardy, and the Sean Connery character mistook the word "therapist" for the term "the rapist". The only reason I noticed this, is because of the way he posted his nick name, with no space, theRAPIST. I am sure he meant no disrespect or ill intentions. And if I'm wrong, BLOW HIM UP!!! :lol ------------------ CP-1 = New Pro's!!!!
  15. BUY IT!! Like you I hesitated buying the CP-1 because I was already on my second original pre-amp replacement and couldn't fathom putting out extra money for something that might have the same problems. I wish I had bought it sooner! I think back to all the time I wasted using that old POS pre-amp and hearing all that static. Don't wait another minute, get the CP-1, you will be very happy. As far as transforming your set into the new 4.1's, this won't happen, but I can tell you that music sounds softer than before, less shrill. It might just be a mental thing, but I think the CP-1 improves the overall performance of the V2-400's. I get a much sharper bass snap now on MP3 files that seemed boomy before, everything just sounds better. And I don't have to tell you what a joy it is to have the headphone jacks and imput jack, very handy! BUY IT TODAY!! ------------------ CP-1 = New Pro's!!!!
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