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  1. These are in really good condition. 8/10 to be safe. A couple of very small dings on the lower right side corner of one speaker. Should be very easy to touch up so that one would find it very hard to tell they were touched up. I never tried to touch up these small areas because they are so minor, it never bothered me. Original owner. B-stock. Original owners manual and accompanying paperwork. Purchased from an authorized Klipsch dealer. Shipped to me on a pallet. These are boxed up in their original boxes and up in storage in my garage. I realize photos always help with a sale. However, at this juncture, I prefer not to take these down to take photos etc. I have no interest in wasting anyone’s time. These are in the condition as articulated above. Local pick up only. I’m in Costa Mesa, CA. Thanks for looking.
  2. These are in terrific condition. No scratches or dings. I’m the original owner. I purchased them new. A stock. Original owners manual and accompanying paperwork. The speakers were double boxed when shipped to me by an authorized Klipsch dealer. The original boxes are even in good condition. The speakers have been stored in their boxes for several years now. I realize that photos will help sell the speakers. Unfortunately, at this juncture, I’d like to try to avoid going through the exercise of taking them down from my garage rack to un-box them to take photos etc. I have no interest in wasting anyone’s time. These speakers are in really great shape. Local pick up only. I’m in Costa Mesa CA. Thanks for looking.
  3. Thanks MJ and cubdog. Interestingly, my Heresy IIIs are elevated almost exactly as MJ describes above. I'm looking for "full range" speakers with a (relatively speaking) smaller footprint where I don't need to use a sub. More specifically, I want to eliminate using a sub(s) in my 2 channel system. Hence, my curiosity in the RF7IIs. The low end of the Heresy III (even with a quality sub) isn't working for me. I realize there is give and take in virtually every scenario. I guess my question woud be what would I be giving up in the high end and mid section offered by the Heresy IIIs if I moved into a pair RF7IIs to pick up more lower end and was able to ditch my sub? Thanks again for your thoughts and opinions!
  4. I just logged on to this forum to ask this exact question. I'm currently using a pair of Heresy IIIs in my 2 channel system. Electronics consist of a quality tube amp and tube preamp. Given my listening room constraints (furniture etc.), I need to have the Heresy IIIs slightly elevated up off the floor (i.e. on custom stands). I am using a sub to try to make up for the Heresy IIIs being elevated and their lack of lower end. However, I have found it simply too difficult to adaquately (to my ears) integrate my sub with these speakers. Therefore, I am seriously considering the RF 7IIs. Use is 2 channel only. Never for HT. Again, given room constraints, Cornwall IIIs, Cornscalas, La Scala IIs and Klipschorns are simply not an option for me. Their footprints are, unfortunately, to big for my situation. I love the upper end of the Heresy IIIs. However, their lower end, even with a sub, isn't working for me. Any input on RF7IIs for 2 channel would be most appreciated. Thank you!
  5. I sincerely appreciate all the responses to my post. They are truly appreciated. I absolutely agree that the "fatigue" or "brightness" I expereince is dependent on the recording. 100db, I don't know if you are serious or not, but your timing could not have been better. My ears actually are quite tweaked. Growing up here in Southern California I spent a significant amount of time in the ocean. I don't know the correct technical term, but I have a terrible case "surfer's" ear. Everytime any doctor looks inside my ears they are amazed by the abnormal bone growth in my ear canals (for those of you that may not believe there is such a thing as surfer's ear, do a google search). I am prone to severe ear infections and can count on 1 or 2 doozies a year. Nothing like the feeling of an ice pick to the head. Fortunately, I can usually fix the situation with Cipro HC Otic. As fate would have it, I am currently in the midst of recovering from one of the more severe infections if have experienced. Had to visit the doctor just last Tuesday. Unfortunately, it took oral antibotics to knock this last one out. Call me chicken, but I just don't have the courage that some of my friends with the same problem have. I know guys that have had their ears "drilled" to have the abnormal bone growth removed. Maybe it's just me, but having the my ears almost sliced off my head, flipped forward and then having a doctor stick a drill in my head/ear is rather daunting. The above being said, I have no doubt that the weakest link in my rig is my hearing. However, I don't think I have a recruitment problem. I am simply not aware of being sensitive to any other load noise sources. My amp is 250 watts RMS per channel and has a capaicty of 60 amperes peak per channel. Obviously, speakers in the Heritage line are extremely sensitive. Therefore, 9 o'clock on the volume dial on my preamp would probably make most normal folks a bit uncomfortable. I know my wife won't stay in our living room if I push the volume to that level. Nonetheless, great suggestion to have my hearing checked. Probably something I should have done long ago. Again, thank you all for taking the time to offer me your thoughts and suggestions.
  6. Muel, I have read several good reviews on the DacMagic. The 840C does have two digital inputs to utilize its DAC for additional sources. I have used the DAC in the 840C extensively. It is excellent. However, I recently acquired a Wyred 4 Sound DAC 2. This DAC, in my humble opinion, significantly outperfoms the DAC in the 840C on all fronts. I concur with you about recording quality. Poor recordings can be torture. Thank you kindly for your thoughts and comments.
  7. Thanks Bill. I will be the first to admit that I am no audio expert and that I possess only a rudimentary understanding how all this stuff actually works (from a technical perspective). Nonetheless, I tend to lean toward agreeing with your comment. I keep circling back to the conclusion that my issue is one of room/space/acoustic constraints and of personal preference.
  8. Thanks everyone. I very much appreciate all of you taking the time to try to assist me. I am stumped on this one. I am located in the Los Angeles area. The tissue paper idea appears that it actually may not be that farfetched. I read a post somewhere about a gentleman who addressed a similar problem by taping a sheet of toilet paper across the mid horn. I am kind of embarrassed to admit this, but I was actually thinking of trying that. I have had the Hersey IIIs since January 2010. I have been trying to figure out this issue since then. Any thoughts on tube buffers and where and how I would incorporate same into my system? In the end, the problem could just be me. Maybe my hearing simply isn't a match for the speakers. The thing that really has me confused though is that these speakers are absolutely perfect in every way at relatively lower volume. I have listed below my current set up. Thanks again for any suggestions or ideas. Parasound Halo A21 amp Parasound Halo JC 2 preamp (no tone controls) Cambridge Audio 840C CDP MIT Shotgun S.1 XLRs Cambridge Audio 650T tuner MIT Shotgun S.1 RCAs Wyred 4 Sound DAC 2 MIT Shotgun S1.3 XLRs iPod classic Wadia 170 iTransport Channel Islands Audio VDC-9.0 power supply upgrade MIT Magnum Digital interconnect Kilpsch Heresy III MIT Shotgun S1.3 biwired speaker cables Polk Audio DSW microPRO 2000 subwoofer AQ Black Thunder subwoofer cables PS Audio Power Plant Premier PS Audio Power Plant Duet PS Audio Power Port Premier wall receptacle All power cords are PS Audio AC-5 Parasound Zbreeze fan
  9. Thanks all for your replies. Much appreciated! My music preferences are quite diverse. However, I mostly listen to rock and pop. In an attempt to acquire warmer mids, I have tweaked everything in my rig from cables to DACs to components. I am fairly confident it's not a synergy issue. I have everything dialed in quite well. Soundstage, separation, imaging, clarity etc. is nothing short of outstanding. I chose the Heresy III because of Klipsch reputation (right or wrong) of tending to be on the brighter side of the sound spectrum. Due to space constraints and the WAF, I decided on the Heresy III over the Cornwall III. The Heresy sound stellar up to just shy of nine o'clock on the volume. However, nine o'clock on is fatiguing (that’s the best way I can describe it). Our living room doubles as my listening room. The room is 20' feet by 14'. We have plenty of furniture, knick knacks etc. to break things up. It has tile flooring (yes a challenge) with a large area rug. The speakers sit on 24" high end tables on each side of an 8’ wide sofa and against one of the 20' walls. I elevated the speakers because I have only one option for speaker placement. If I place them on the floor, they sit below the sofa and are “cramped” between other furniture. Ceiling height directly above the speakers is 7' 5'' and it moves up to 9' 8'' when it meets the other 20' wall (which the speakers face). We have a 6' 2'' wide by 6' 8'' opening in that wall. This opening accesses our dining room and kitchen (also tile with area rug). The rest of this wall is taken up by a large 6’ 7’’ wide by 7’ tall sideboard and hutch. I am open to any mods or tweaks. I’m not concerned about voiding the warranty. Thanks again for any thoughts or recommendations.
  10. I sure could use some help. Does anyone have any thoughts or recommendations as to how one can reduce the "brightness" of the mid range horn in this speaker? All the gear I use is of adequate quality. My amp and preamp are solid state. I am utilizing a quality sub as well. I do not want to move to tubes. Wall treatments are not an option do to the WAF. I am simply trying to figure out if there is a tweak I can make to the speakers themselves that will warm them up a bit? I absolutely love these Heresy IIIs at lower levels. However, as I push power into them, my ears quickly fatigue. I am at the point where I am going to move them out of my system if I can't figure how to get them to produce a warmer sound in their mid section at higher listening levels. Thank you kindly if anyone has any input on this subject!
  11. To clarify my earlier post, the point I tried to articulate is that when using ss gear, seperates and higher quality equipment will generally render better results. There was no intention what so ever to compare ss sound to tube sound. Nonetheless, the vast variences in opinions is part of what makes the audio world interesting.[]
  12. Thanks for the comments and posts. Opening the speakers and tweaking the crossover is not something I would be proficient at. Therefore, my HIIIs will remain in their "factory" condition. Much appreciated!
  13. Kain, Let me start by saying that I am not an expert with it comes to audio. However, there are quite a few folks on this fourm who are. I will defer to them for their technological/specification(s) opinions. I am simply going to give you my opinion based on what my ears hear and heard. Keep in mind that how a speaker sounds is subjective to the individual listener. What one person may hate about a particular speaker, another person may love. In audio circles, it seems it is generally considered that horn speakers perform better (i.e. less harshness etc.) with tude gear. My gear is all solid state. I think it is generally considered that the Klipsch Heritage line (when using solid state gear) startes to sound better when one starts integrating quality seperates into their system (i.e. an amp and a preamp). I have Parsasound equipment. My Parasound Halo 2-channel A 21 amp is quite powerful (250 watts per channel with a capacity of 60 amperes peak per channel). I was using Parasound's Halo P3 preamp (their lower end preamp in their Halo series). Quite frankly, I think the overwheming majority of improvement in sound that I am experiencing is due to my upgrading from Parasound's Halo P3 preamp to Parasound's higher quality Halo JC 2 preamp. However, I did swap out the stock jumper plates on my HIIIs with jumper cables that match my speaker cable (Kimber Kable 8TC). I personally noticed an improvement in sound by doing this. However, there is an entire school of thought out there that would dispute this claim. I simply base my judgement on what my ears hear. It just seems to me that it may be hard to reach the HIIIs full potential with an AVR. That's just my personal opinion. Personally, I find the journey for improvement in my system to be as satisfying as the end result. I started with an AVR when building my current 2-channel rig. As many folks who frequest this board will attest, this hobby can quickly drain your pockets of money!
  14. I would very much like to swap out the stock caps for sonicaps. Unfortunately, I'm not much of a DIY guy. I get very nervous at the prospect of opening up a speaker. Is this a complicated process? Might one be kind enough to elaborate on how this process is accomplished? That would be greatly appreciated! Andy
  15. I purchased a pair of H3s about three months ago. My initial impression was that they were a bit too forward sounding for me. I could actually use the term (hate to say it) harsh. I am using all SS gear. A Parasound Halo A 21 2-channel amp, Parasound Halo P3 preamp and a Cambridge Audio 840C CDP. My speaker cables are Kimber Kable 8TC cables. I upgraded my P3 preamp to the Parasound Halo JC 2 preamp and I swapped out the stock jumper plates with Kimber Kable 8TC jumper cables. Wow, that did the trick, and some. Fowardness and harshness was immediately eliminated. I now have superb seperation and an impressively full soundstage. Don't see any need for tube gear now that I have incorporated the JC 2. I chose the H3s over the Cornwall III because of the H3's smaller footprint. I make up for the H3's slight lack of lower end with a Polk Audio MicroPRO 2000 sub. I am now extremely impressed with this speaker. I truly get it now when one references the Klipsch "Heritage" sound. Nice!
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