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  1. I knew they make a 22" one...but not 27! Anyways, at the price it has to be, I prefer to buy a Plasma Screen..
  2. Yesterday I was in the metro and I thought about something that might be cool... But I dunno if it's duable... Lets say you have enough money to buy 2 Promedias 4.1... And that you are crazy enough to plug each one with a Y into your soundcard... Which means, one set on rear and one in the front. I would then mean a 8.2 system! But I'm wondering, would the sound of the 2 sets be stereo? Which means that you'll get a stereo from front and a stereo front the rears, which would make an octogonal surround sound with 2 subwoofers......and 800 Watts RMS... Is that thing possible? ------------------ I'm the real Mike, and proud of it!
  3. 27 inches monitor!!!!!!!!????????????? And where the hell did you get that? Which company? I never heard such big monitors where on the market!
  4. Would be cool to know a little bit more about her..no? I mean..except the fact that she's a sound system freak.. (Oh...I think I'm gonna be banned for that... )
  5. Well, I'm more in the techno trance things... Everything electronics is good for me. And since these usually work only with bass...I'm happy with the Klipsh... =) (not my neighbours though...)
  6. Ok let's say this is true and the diffenre between the GForceII GTS and Radeon is infime... (which I dont really beleive...but anyways..) The 64 Mo is surely a little bit better even if your processor isnt the best, but I would rather prefer to buy a 32 Mo which runs extremely fast, than a normal 64... That I'm sure of... Hey we make benchmarks in our store! Could you beleive we got a 89 fps at quake3 timedemo high quality with a Duron 700 Mhz and a Gforce II mx? Quite incredible! Not on ICQ?..mmmmm...well my school is like at 50 meters from my home... so I'm either in a class, either before my screen. =) ------------------ I'm the real Mike, and proud of it!
  7. My TNT2 Ultra came with DVD decoder and it works real fine with xing DVD player for example. Thing is that the Radeon 64 Mo DDR costs more than the Geforce II MX, and the 64 Mo is totaly unuseful since the processor isnt powerful enough to tare care of the whole bandwicth. Same for all the cards, except like the Asus 7700 Geforce II GTS DDR Pro...but this one is like 700$ (can). ATI does make really great products though, all in wonders are the best of the best for video things, especially if it's a Radeon processor on it... But I still prefer NVidia for game and DVD performances...Oh well, that's what I think.. =) And now that Nvidia bought 3DFX, I supose they will take the famous Z buffer and Anti-aliasing from them to put it on their next chipset.
  8. Thx Amy for the details, I'll check out if our store can order some of these boxes... By the way, do you think of sending the new preamp in stores or you prefer to keep it on your site?
  9. Sure, but ATI video cards are made especially for someone that has to use a lot of video presentation and things like that. Their Radeon All In Wonder 32 Mo is extremely great quality, but cost loads of money. Right now, I really think the best deal is on the NVidias, especially cause those are the best for gaming also, and watching DVDs too, cause most of them have kind of decoders inside.
  10. There is something I dont get about that, if your "army" of guys with engineering backgrounds say that the Klipsch arent working properly, then why in the hell didnt you change all the set! Who knows if YOUR problem isnt only in the pre-amp? If you tell me that you test a dozen of other pros and that they all had the same problem, I would say yeah... Problem from Klipsch, they got to do something for it... But if you are the only one that got this problem, and that you didnt exchange the product at first or made it repair in the worst case. That isnt of Klipsch business... I got the old pre-amp, and I'm sorry to say that I dont see any problem with it. And I think it's quite the same for almost all of us right? ------------------ I'm the real Mike, and proud of it!
  11. I agree with "almost" all the posts here. I have to say that if you got any problem with the promedias at first, you should have changed them immediately after buying them FIRST! And please dont tell me the guy that sold them to you didnt want to, cause there is a law against this. (especialy in Canada) Now SECOND, you didnt talk about having tried to plug the pros on somebody else's computer to see if the problem was the same. Or I would like to know if the salesman tried them also...Might be interesting to know. And THIRD, just by the way... Did the salesman really gave you other preamps from new boxes? You are telling me he took a new set and exchange the preamp just for you? And then what, he replace yours (which is not working properly) by the new and he returns the 4 complete sets to Klipsch saying that he got 4 defective sets in a row (which is quite impossible). There are two choices... 1 : your salesman is a real idiot and will lose a lot of money, plus the fact that selling an opened box is quite difficult, especially when it was used before, at least for a month in your case. 2 : Your story isnt totally true and you are just frustrated because you are too stupid to make it work properly and prefer to yell at Klipsch on something that dosnt even make sense! Tell me now, which of those is what you think as the best option? And for you Movie Freak, there is NO companies that will simply replace thousands and thousands of products (preamps in this case) just to make 5% of the owners more happy! That's why they dont give them and I totally agree that it is normal. After all, I dont think Klipsch has millions of dollars to lose in these things, I prefer they put it on research to come out with a 5.1 Promedia set...what do you think? For the service, well, I have to say I agree that Klipsch isnt THAT great in their service department. But let me tell you one thing, what do you prefer? Buying a computer clone from a good business which you wont have any problem with, or minors that you can fix yourself, or you prefer to buy a Compaq computer full of scrap and profit from their extremely well known service because you have tons and tons of problems with your computer. If you ask me, I chose the clone and I fix problems myself. This things happen to quite most of the companies... When products are good, service is poor cause only a few people need it. And the opposite is often true. (not always though) But I do understand what you mean, and I agree with you for that, I just wanted to explain a little bit what I thought. Well, getting tired of typing, cya later all. And please kqew, dont answer me with such disrespect for this company, since you are the only one here that thinks this way! ------------------ I'm the real Mike, and proud of it!
  12. Did you try playing mp3 with an other reader...Like windows media player? If yes, are the results the same? If they are, I would suggest to contact creative labs, they may have seen this problem before.
  13. Ok... well for that one there is a really great one right now. A lot of companies are doing it. They all work with the Geforce II MX from NVidia, and most of them (like Guillemot that I really like, and Creative's Annihilator) got the TwinView. Which means that youc an plug it on your tv and that you can use both at the same time to have a bigger workspace. Really useful for programmation or 3D imaging. The best I know is the Guillemot Phrophet II MX Dual Display. That you can find in most stores for around 120$ US I think... In Canada it's around 220$. And if you dont want to put that much, you could still try to find a Guillemot Xentor 32 (It works with the TNT2 Pro chip, and still got a TV OUT) that's what I have and it's really great quality. But still, I would suggest to find out one of the GeforceII MX TwinView chip... Since it's the best quality/price ratio there is on the market right now. ------------------ I'm the real Mike, and proud of it!
  14. There is no software coming with it since you'll surely find it in OEM. But drivers can be found on the web site and you can get PowerDVD from almost anywhere...Email me if you dont find it.
  15. I'm terribly sorry for that huge mistake from me... That was only a way of talkin...
  16. Hey just one question like that... Are all the promedia's boxes brown, with no image and cost around 5 Cents each? I know this sounds strange to say, but I cant figure out why putting so great speakers in so ugly boxes? Oh well, if a Klipsch marketing pro can answer to this question, I and surely lot of people will learn something... ------------------ I'm the real Mike, and proud of it!
  17. MicroBytes..that's a store in Quebec.. I really dont know where you can find those in US. Just look for the model DVD-106S ATAPI. Best Buy seems to have it.
  18. Well, the Platinum got a front controler (which must be quite expensive only for itself) and you have midi and opticals jacks... Plus so much software you may miss time in this life to check them all! Oh and also the remote control has to get the price a little bit higher.. Oh well, that's a good choice, and I would suggest to take the X-Live gamer, this one is "supposed" to be a little bit better than the mp3... I dont really know, that's what I've heard. I actually got the XGamer (4.1) and it's really great value. ------------------ I'm the real Mike, and proud of it!
  19. Well sure it is! You have everything you need to get the speakers working fine. But I would have suggested takin a retail one (like mp3, xgamer or platinum) since those are gold plated jacks and also, come with a lot of nice goodies that can be useful, difference in price is not that bad... But if you dont want to invest tons of money on a soundcard, the value can fit really well. A question tough...Do you realise you just bought the best sound system in the universe for computers and that you will buy the cheapest sound card? (I mean, except the PCI 128 or the Guillemot Muse) Oh well, it's your choice. Cya
  20. WOOO!!! Computer are sooo weird..it's crazy..lol I checked the syncronised data transfer and it maked it not working. So it just works fine now that I've unchecked it! Thx a lot Windstorm, even if that wasnt the same thing you talked about...Dosnt matter, thx a lot.
  21. Since the AC97 Codec is the worst crap you can find on the market right now... I'd say before exchaning the Klipsch, try with someone else's cpu that has a better Sound Card. Cause there is no reason for the Klipsch to do kinda thing. Look at the sound card first.
  22. I have a problem with my computre... I cant read music CDs... My drives are a Pioneer DVD 16X and a YAMAHA CD-RW 4X4X16X. It seems that when I put a cd, there is no damn software able to read it. They all say the extension .cda cant be recognise. And for those software, I absolutely used everything imaginable... Winamp, Win Media Player 7, ATI CD player and Creative PlayCenter... Absolutely nothing is working. I wounder if anyone can tell me the source of the problem. Is it because none of those drives are able to read music CDs? And worst of all is that I still can rip de music with CDRWIN! So it means that the drives can read the tracks... I really dunno what to do... Please help me!
  23. I think Seb and I just bought the same DVD drive. I to bought the Pioneer 16X in tray and I find it really cool. I agree it may takes sometimes a good 5 or even 10 secondes for it to open. But for the quality of the drive, I doupt you can find better. It's not noisy at all and it's damn fast if you want to read CDs. I saw a big difference between the Pioneer and the Creative CD-ROM I had before (40X). OH! And just by the way, in the case that you would buy one of those puppies... There is something you have to do before installin it or you'll get a blue screen at the start up of Windows. If I remember well, it does that if you have EZ CD Creator installed on your machine. There is a file in conflict and you have to change the extension. I think it's scsi.vxd that you have to change to scsi.vx1 ...Check the FAQ on the site for more info about that. And please... If you have to buy a DVD, buy anything except the Creative Ovation... Too many broken I've seen. I dunno for the quality, but the durability seems quite poor. Well that's what I had to say. =) ------------------ I'm the real Mike, and proud of it!
  24. I think quite the same, 5.1 is made almost only for DVDs, and... Is it just me or I find the look of the Cambridge totally ugly? Plus the fact that I had the Altec ASC-56 Digital (not dolby though) and I now have the pros.. Difference between Digital and analog? Well, unless you are crazy about having the best of the best, I prefer to feel the true power of sound... Not you? ------------------ I'm the real Mike, and proud of it!
  25. Well, I tried it once and I really dont think it's worth the money. Get a normal SB card and it works as fine as with the game Theater since it sounds exacly the same. Plus, it's very hard to make the USB Hub working. I really think this product is simply too expensive for nothing. Maybe the price in US is good, in Quebec it is the same price as the SB Platinum 5.1 and I really prefer this one. ------------------ I'm the real Mike, and proud of it!
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