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  1. OH Sh*t! END OF MARCH! Now I'm in deep trouble...
  2. For the TV Tunner, I got the ATI TV WONDER (not the VE version) and it rocks! I have an SVideo in, RCA in, plus a lot of cables to plug almost whatever I want to it. It isnt expensive, around 110$ Canadian, which means 60 or 70 US...
  3. One of my customer (Store in Montreal, Quebec) is waiting for one, and we have 50 sets ordered...God knows where we are gonna get them, or IF we get them! ------------------ I'm the real Mike, and proud of it!
  4. Sorry to say you are out of subject. Our friend here wanna buy a 19" and $995 US for a monitor.... It's a little expensive, for the price I'm buying a Geforce III!
  5. That's right for the ViewSonic, you actually see thin black lines on the boarder... But hey, shouldnt we look at the center of the screen, and not at the far ends? FEATURES: 18-inch viewable area, .24mm-.25mm varying stripe pitch,3 up to 110-Hz refresh rate,1 Plug and Play ready,2 TCO'99 compliant, three-year warranty, 24-hour toll-free support. SUMMARY: The CPD-E400 produced crisp text and rich, realistic colors, especially in photos. But you can find similar quality at a lower price. That's taken from http://www.pcworld.com, I actually trust a lot this website, and so the E-400 prove not being that great. Plus, I have one in demo in my store and if you ask me, I find nothing spectacular in this one. But it's true I heard very good things about the G400. Just that I never saw it and that it's as we said before, OVERPRICED! And just a question like that, do you really see a big difference between 77 and 85 Hz?
  6. There is one you didnt talk about. I actually find this one totally amazing! Better than any ViewSonic, Sony or what ever monitors. The company is European and is called LaCie. Look at their website http://www.lacie.com They make what they call the ElectronBlue 19" and does the 1600X1200 at 85 Hz. Screen being totally flat plus being blue with a hood on it make it one of the most original, beautiful and technologic screen on the market. Just a thing though, good luck to find one of those! If you are not able to get one, then I really dunno what to tell you. I would buy the PF790, cuz I own a ViewSonic EF70, plus the fact that I sell Samsungs, Sony and Viewsonic at my store. From what I saw, I always prefered ViewSonic for their prices, quality and service. I dont say the others are bad, but I would simply dont go with Sony simply cuz I know we are always paying lot of money for the 4 letters SONY written on the screen. Plus the fact that the controls on it are extremely confusing! Since Samsung got a contract with Apple to make their 17" studio display not long ago, the samsungs tubes are really great quality and for that, I have to admit samsung make really great high end monitors. I actually never heard really great come backs about those though, simply that they are good value and I didnt receive any bad things either. Just to say, forget about LG (no service from this company), DELL (their monitors are always extremely standard), NEC and Mitsubichi are the same and even if they were always great monitors, I'm afraid they are not really in the personnal use market. It seems like Hitachi actually got some good points... But I cant say, they arent sold in Canada. Cornerstone... I actually know that company by name but that's it. Never saw any of those monitors, so I cannot really tell you what I think of them. And for all the techniques (Aperture grid and shadow mask) I really dont know. And it's too late for me to do research about that. So my choice would be Lacie, ViewSonic, Panasonic (I saw the PF90 from them, and for the price, it's AMAZING! but oh well, maybe not professional enough), ans last of all Sony cuz of all the bad points I know of them (overpricing, you can always get better for the same price in an other company and also for their crappy controls). That's about what I think
  7. Plus the fact that Creative Labs was one of the first company (non professional again) to make sound cards... So I trust their work. Hey and by the way, who here never actually got an old SB16 on his first computer....? That sound card rocked for the time!
  8. 1 (425) 635-7040 That is the hardware customer line from MicroSoft. http://support.microsoft.com/directory/directory/phonepers.asp?sd=gn this is the phone number reference page Hard to navigate? Took me 2 minutes
  9. Was that said that the guy who took the pic died from an heart attack right after?
  10. I have the X-Gamer (standard version) and the sound is really great! Plus the fact that I was lucky enough to get gold plated jacks on it. The value is really good also, but still, I would rather spend the money to get the box with all the softwares that come with it. Anyone has tried the ISIS from Guillemot? I wanna know what this sound card sounds like. I can be find at around 400$ canadian. It's not professional, but almost.
  11. Did you realise if the box was ever opened before? Every companies are supposed to use Seals... which means that if the seal was opened, well the blame can be put on either your parents (which would be a little surprising, but oh well....you never know) either by the FedEx (or PurolatOr) guy that wanted them so much that he couldMT resists and just hope that the guy that would receive them sign the paper. And in the case the seal wasnt opened... Well I would be amazed that Klipsch employes begin to steal those, since they surely have really great prices (or even free kits ). Anyway, good luck to find where they are in this tiny world which is the earth. ------------------ I'm the real Mike, and proud of it!
  12. What I mean is in the parties... We put Winamp (the one mostly used) at max and the equalizer really standard ...... I mean, high in the middle and normal at left and right. And the Klipsch was at 75% of volume...Sub was depending on the type of songs...
  13. That topic was already discused about...Look for the post Ultimate Sound Sytem
  14. Hey here is a fun fact... AudioTronic in Ottawa is actually part of Dumoulin in Quebec.. AudioTronic is simply the english part of Dumoulin, and there is only few of those stores... Just in case that you might want to know...
  15. Ever heard the song "Kiss from a rose"? This one is from Seal and has been playing in Batman Forever I think..Oh well anyway... This song isnt actually good for bass at all, but..try to find this : Seal - kiss from a rose - unplugged & acoustic session.mp3 It is supposed to be a slow...but to be honest. You got to remove all bass if you play it or the feeling wont be the same at all..
  16. I made 2 parties with them... And even if we put the sound at 75% with everything boosted to max in Windows, they still didnt blow... Not even damaged, just kickin as always!
  17. I have to admit I dunno what you are talking about...Glasstron, ginger, maryanne, eyetrek.. I've never heard of those before.. and I'm too lazy today to make researches.. And for the Sony screen, well, usually, when they come back, they just dont want to open..That's all. Hey by the way, we got back a Viewsonic screen sent for repair not too long ago (around 2 weeks). The screen was supposed to have a kinda ..err... thing on the screen.. Like an extremely small place where it was a little darker.. Well anyways, the custommer was lucky that one out of 6 salesman (I was in those that never saw it by the way) actually saw it, cuz if that wouldnt have been the case, we wouldnt have sent it... Well anyway, what I want to say is how god damn I like Viewsonic.. Instead of taking back the screen, and take months to get it repaired and all that stuff like almost all companies do (I said almost, so Klipsch is safe) , they just send our technicians a brand new tube! Guess what we did with the old one... And by the way, 2 weeks isnt long...Just put 2 days for shipping to the tech center (going there, and getting back to our store), the 5 days where the monitor technician was doing other repairs before that one, and 2 days for Shipping from Viewsonic. And all the Sony we sent, well I dunno. I was never there when they came back it seems. I think that might be useful for you all to know that.
  18. Ok, that takes the cake... You are not only stupid, but you are also really ****!ng anoying! First If you cant accept that my english isnt perfect, well just try to write something in french and I'll have the honor of laughing at you. Second, No we dont put those kinda stupid stickers on the screen. That was a really stupid joke by the way. And third, did I say I was a Viewsonic employee or some other monitor company? I dont have any idea of why the Sony are coming back more often... They are just... Coming back more often, that's all. A guy once said (sorry for the bad translation from french) It's better to look stupid and shut up, than to talk and prove it...
  19. Well, seems I have no choice but to put a post too.. Hey by the way, are you gonna ship those in Canada? Send some of those duct tape systems to our store, we'll be prepare when we'll receive the 4.1
  20. That's a hell of a choice... As I said somewhere before, I dunno for Hitachi... and the .22 dotpitch surprises me. You are sure this isnt only aurizontal? And for the NEC, well Nec has always made really great products. Not to say the best CRT there were. But unfortunately, they lost (at least here in Canada) the home use market for the companie use market. And, I cant say at all if the monitor is good or not, I never saw it. Actualy, it's been a while since I've looked a at new NEC monitor. Sure like I said I would go with ViewSonic, their survice is quite great. I dont say the G400 is bad, actually, it's a really nice screen. Difference in specs are extremely small. But If you ask me why I would take the viewsonic, first I would say cuz I have trust in this company, and also because it is extremely rare that I've seen a Viewsonic broken (I work in a store you remember... We take back the broken stock and our tech center repair it). And I've seen quite a good quantity of Sony broken, nothing higher than KDS or no names brand if you ask me, but still, broken ratio is bigger from what I've seen. Anyways, it's still your choice, just too bad you cant look at them in stores. ------------------ I'm the real Mike, and proud of it!
  21. Pissin contest hey? Well that's what it is, cause now I think that our dear friend Shiplemw1 (strange name by the way, quite rough to pronounce) gonna eats his sucks. For the lines thing, you are beginning to piss me off with that alright.. A normal person that knows how to read would have understand this really well! quote: I agree that a lot of people (Myself included that owns a ViewSonic EF70 with lines) dont really care about those lines, but as a salesman, I saw some customer exchanging their Viewsonic flat for non-flat because of those lines. But since I cant prove this, I'll just stick with the point for ViewSonic for the lines... Why? Could you give me a valuable explanation of why giving Sony a point for something they never did?! That would be stupid and ilogic! ViewSonic is the one that found that no-lines technology, and what I could do is simply removing the point. I would then make Viewsonic 1 Sony 1... BUT... If I remove the point from ViewSonic for having discovered something, I should do the same for the .22 dot pitch from Sony... Am I wrong? So either it's Viewsonic 2 Sony 1 or Viewsonic 1 Sony 0.. I dont really care, it makes the same results anyway. But since we are looking for a lot of points here to compare... I stick with By the way, the no-lines ViewSonic model is the E70F. I didnt put the quote for that one, just look back in the topic you'll find it. GOD BLESS CUT ANS PASTE! Where in all that do you find that I prefer the "no lines"... I just say that ViewSonic found a new technology and THAT'S QUITE ALL SO SHUT UP WITH THE LINES CAUSE I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE THAT GET PISSED OFF COMING BACK ON THIS OK!!! (You got you 20 bucks back for that one Janko) So just forget about controls ok!! This is an opinion!!! AND BY THE WAY!!! You are the ONLY one that said a good thing about the Sony's control! (Gez Janko...Ya going to be rich with that 10 buck ya know!) OK price was not in my original post.... This is getting more and more stupid,... SO WHAT! Ok people here is what I say about ViewSonic : ViewSonic screens are less expensive than Sony's.... And this was even proved by Shiplemw1. Happy now? And the Energy Compliance............... I really think Seb got the point there, no need for repeat... (thx budy by the way) I wont say I win and you lost... Just to remind you that it's the 4th time you claim Sony is better and you still cant manage to get me in a corner... Ya know why? CAUSE VIEWSONICS ARE BETTER! If Sony were so great, do you think I would stand a chance in arguing? Now I wonder if you'll take a chance of saying something else to me... And if you do, think twice before posting. Well people, I claimed Viewsonics are better monitors... Anyone wanna try to beat me on this? Cya all
  22. Yup Seb, I'm comin in... I wont do this all over again, just click on the link of paragon to get my idea of what sony's worth. You could still look at this, I really love PCWorld, these are great guys : The CPD-E400 figured 9th in the TOP TEN Choices of PCWORLD. : quote: FEATURES: 18-inch viewable area, .24mm-.25mm varying stripe pitch,3 up to 110-Hz refresh rate,1 Plug and Play ready,2 TCO'99 compliant, three-year warranty, 24-hour toll-free support. SUMMARY: The CPD-E400 produced crisp text and rich, realistic colors, especially in photos. But you can find similar quality at a lower price. Guess what is the first? The Viewsonic GS790. I have to admit neither of the G400 or PF795 are in the list. Maybe because of the quality, or the price, or becuz they have not tested those yet. http://www.pcworld.com/reviews/article/0,aid,38983,pg,2,00.asp Here is the URL, look by yourself. I wont claim the G400 is a bad screen, it has what ever you would like from a good screen, I'm just wondering why getting a sony when the viewsonic is more often 100 to 200$ cheaper for same quality. But in your case, the PF795 isnt sell in Canada, so I cant really say, plus the fact that I didnt see it. That was my point. ------------------ I'm the real Mike, and proud of it!
  23. 2 questions to ask...I thought that topic was finished but it seems like you really want to show your love for Sony...Oh well, your choice... I have 2 questions and a fact for ya : 1 : You didnt answer my question about the "Energy Compliant" things, about one being international and not the other... Or something like that. 2 : What's the link between controls thing and lines in the screen? You are giving a point for something not really clear. And yeah I'm a Canadian, actually my mothertongue is French, so if you just wrote it with too much slang, well do it a little clearer so that I and a lot of other people can understand your point. Becuz : quote: That whole point was about how essential it was not to have those lines, so I believe it should be Viewsonic 2 Sony 2 Err...take a calculator or something, if I understand well, you say that the point was about giving reward for the one that has no lines...And you give a point to Sony??? Fact : Ok here we go, you told us where you found the price, so ViewSonic is better for the prices ....Right? Where is the point for that? I havent seen it at all... Oh well, you can still continue arguing, but you are getting hopeless... Now before telling me other sh*t , try answering those 2 questions please. Thank you and have a nice day. And by the way, I would really like anyone else than you to explain to me how a heavier screen = better quality. Is it me that is stupid and that everybody on earth know that or what? ------------------ I'm the real Mike, and proud of it!
  24. I totally agree with you guys. Product is good for some people, but not for others. You think Sony makes the best monitors, go straight ahead and lose your money... That aint my problem after all. Some people are still adicts to Intel, spend a lot of money on Pentium III while they could get much better for a better price. Anyways, this is an entire new depate which I dont want to participate in. Thx for having tried to prove to me that ViewSonic was worse than Sony. Cya later all in a new topic even more interesting.
  25. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!s> quote: did sony add some lead to their monitor or what? for pure weight, sony wins AHAHAHAH!!!!!!!! Stop it man!!! AHAHAH!! LOL!! You are telling me that because my screen is less heavy than your Sony, the Sony is absolutely better!?? This is one of the craziest thing I've ever seen! Did you really thing that Sony and ViewSonic used exacly the same tubes???? It's normal that one is heavier than the other one, and dosnt mean that it's better. Did you really think before writting this, I would like only one other person to say he agree with you on the fact that the Sony is heavier, so it's better thing... I'm sorry to say : The weight dosnt have anything to do with quality of the screen, (and anyway, I prefer my screen not to be that heavy) And for the buttons... Err..since you are all too lazy to check pcworld.com I'll take the quotes for ya : quote: FEATURES: 16.1-inch viewable area, .25mm stripe-pitch Diamondtron NF tube,1 up to 87-Hz refresh rate,2 Plug and Play ready, three-year warranty, 24-hour daily toll-free support. SUMMARY: Deep, saturated color in graphics keeps this model at the top. Sophisticated on-screen control menu is easy to navigate with standard buttons on the front bezel. This can be found at : http://www.pcworld.com/reviews/article/0,aid,41402,pg,2,00.asp Now that was for the 1st screen in their TOP TEN Editors choice... and it's the ViewSonic EF70.... And since you dont seem to know a lot of things about ViewSonic screens, I'll tell ya that EVERY ViewSonic monitors now come with those 5 buttons, if you dont know how to read, that aint my problem. And if you ever work with Sony's control (Which are quite the same for the options) you would know that it's really messing up with the little ball under the screen. You got 5 buttons on 1 button... Depending of the 4 directions and if you press it. This gets really confusing. Dont try this on me, I'm calibrating those screens every time we install them where I work. Go in a store and try by yourself, difference is amazing. Actually, since this is more an opinion, we cant really say who prefers the control. I hate Sony's and really like ViewSonic's... If anyone thinks different, then that's fine. We cant give points for "I like the control and I hate those". ... Ok so the points are still the same, unless a lot of people agree with you giving me REALLY good reasons (and dont forget to argue against PCWORLD) Viewsonic 2 Sony 1 Before doing anything else... I'd like you to answer to this question... What is the difference between "Energy Star Compliant" and "International Energy Star". Find it and we'll see if one is better than the other. ...Now for the packages... I need : Where you found this? Why are the packaged better? Is it because of the color of the boxes? Is it because a lot of software comes with it? Answer all of these and we'll see. Till then, I consider your post as one of the less explicit one. Next time, say things useful.. (Sony's is heavier...LOL!!) and if you find out things that might be interesting..Please tell us exacly what it is! We are not arguing with opinions, but with facts. Price... Well finally it seems like the only thing that could be useful to know is for ViewSonic... But since I'm honest... I'll ask you where you found those prices...To check if this is true. HEY just to be sure that everyone understands, I'm doing this cuz I have nothing else to do, right. But I prefer to do this the right way, and if I said something that you are septik about, well ask me and I'll be pleased to answer you the best I can. And this applies as well for me. If you take part in this only because you prefer a company, well I wouldnt suggest to post here, since these things can be easily destroyed by little research. Thank you for your attention, and ShiplemW1, this is far from being the end of the story. I'll keep this until nobody has good points to put on the topic. I'm not here to make ennemis, just to see if I'm right or wrong. ------------------ I'm the real Mike, and proud of it!
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