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  1. Anybody try the EV dl15x? Supposedly a good replacement for the c15w. I see lots floating around.
  2. cone thickness only .020" = .5mm Sorry for going off topic.
  3. so light yet so strong, kind of-
  4. This is the latest casualty. It broke between the upper and lower spiders when violently overdriven by a friend, accidentally. Wish there were more cones available for the c15w. I think I used up the last four a couple of years ago. If anyone comes across any please let me know.
  5. The c15w has a flat smooth voice. Nothing sounds quite like it. My friend and I tried an eminence in his classic, delta pro15a, but it had too much voice. Wish I could help you further.
  6. I remember seeing Nico's Classics and wondered how much it changed the resonance of the box. Very interesting take on the Classic though. https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/146927-the-rebirth-of-the-university-classics/
  7. Getting the "wishbone" just right is a little tricky. When you dry fit it in the box with the motor board on top, it all comes together. Good luck!
  8. I used these plans with Revision "A" correction. Hope this helps-
  9. Welcome back ajsons! FYI I did some polarity checking on my Classics and realized the C15W (both green and silver frames) are out of phase. When wired 1&3 pos and 2&4 neg (Com, i.e. BLK), cone pushes forward. T-30 gold and silver painted drivers are correct, (T1 pos T2 neg). HF-206 gold driver was was correct. However, silver painted HF-206 driver was not. (for correction T2 pos T1 neg). I hope this is clear.
  10. Klipsch 12HG Synergy Series - 2011 Klipsch KSW10 - 2010 No Problems - Yet!
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