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  1. Ok folks heres the question: I will be upgrading my system very soon with a set of klf-10's and probably a ksc-1 center channel. My problem being that I'm in a college dorm and my roomates want loud music NOW. So can I use an older jvc receiver set on low low low volumes playing cd's into the speakers to break them in while I use my old speakers on my avr510 or should I do it with my avr510, or does it even matter? Just thought I'd ask, also how long before I should really start cranking up the music? after 50,100,500 hours of soft music? Give me your advice, opinions, magic spells whatever it maybe I appreciate it, thanks, mike
  2. So I have one question for you all: I'm thinking about picking up a pair of klf-10's off of ubid and all they seem to have is mahogony or oak finish, does anyone know of a place where I could see pics of this speaker in these finishes? I'd like to have black satin preferably but mahogany will work fine. Also.... I have a question for all of you: I have the following problem, new hk avr510 receiver, old infinity junkers for speakers and some junker satelites. What I want to do is pick up the klf10's off of ubid and a ksc1 and use it for my mains/center. My other choice is to goto bestbuy, buy a pair of cerwin vega ls-12's and some center channel and going this route. Only thing being that the bestbuy route is probably cheaper and quicker, yet the ubid route gives me in my opinion should be better speakers. Let me know your opinion, thanks mike
  3. So I have on more question on the KLF10's or actually any other speaker. I realize you want a dead cabinet (knock on it and you don't hear a hollow sound) does the finish on the outside of a speaker affect it's sound? From what I've listened to I cna't detect a sound difference but I thought I'd ask. I'm thinking about picking up a pair of klf10's from ubid and not sure whether I wnat the oak or if I want to wait and get the black if they have it again. Thanks
  4. Hey there, Going to be upgrading receivers to a HK- avr 510 here in the next week and wanted to get some opinions on the KLF-10's as I can probably get a good deal on them around the same time. I'd appreciate any and all info as I love klipsch speakers and there sound. Uses: 50% music / 50% home theater Also what center matches up well with the 10's? Keep in mind I'm a college student starting up with school again and I'm not looking to go all out just upgrade my system to better than jvc/infinity mains. I appreciate your time and thanks in advance for any info.
  5. Wish me luck everyone: Here in the next two weeks I'd like to head up to the nearest klipsch dealer to me (1.5 hours away to the north). They only have one store as far as I know so... hopefully they'll have quite a selection of klipsch to listen to. They also sell denon, hk, and onkyo as far as I know and I'll hopefully get to try them out... hehe... On another note, I've figured out that I'm not gonna take any cd's to listen to. I"m just gonna load up my laptop and a good 1/8" mini to dual rca adapter and play it loud... most likely not but.. still trying to find a demo disk in my small collection of cd's that will work well.
  6. Ok all, I think I've narrowed it down pricewise to the following receivers... Denon 2801 or less Harman Kardon - avr510 or less Onkyo 696,676 or 595 Marantz sr-7000 still a bit pricey but...... Yamaha - uhh yeah, not sure yet Outlaw 1050 - still in there but.. don't really want/need 6.1 I'll be demoing and trying out all the different receivers along with speaks. Thanks again for all the info and answers. shipley
  7. Ok, in my listening room/bedroom (I'm home for the summer) I have created a built up deck which gives me like a two level living space. On top of this 92" wide by 126" long deck I have my futon and soon my ht/music setup. My only problem with this is that the left side of the deck is up against the wall and I have no where to mount/attach my speakers like I did in my residence hall. So here's the question. I've read the dolby lab manual on speaker placement and I believe I have two options for my surround speakers. 1. Place them on their backs on the floor of my deck. Keep in mind right now my surrounds are either gonna be my jvc crappo surrounds or a set of bose (they suck too I know) 201 or 301 I can't remember the model # (6.25" driver and 1" tweeter I do believe). 2. I have a recess in my ceiling where a heating/cooling vent was supposed to be installed and was not installed. I could take the cover off that and it is deep enough that I could place my jvc el cheapos up there. They would fire almost straight down into my listening position though.... SO.... Let me get your opinions on what I should do. I'm thinking I'll try the method suggested by the dolby lab manual and put them on the floor, raise them up if I can somehow but most likely will do it that way. Let me have your opinions, shipley
  8. Ok, for all you folks out there that have more experience at this buying equipment thing than me. What does one do/bring when demoing say a receiver, speakers or the like? I know people like to demo in home. but what does one do when starting over from scratch? I was thinking of bringing with me a good cd that I listen to a lot but alas mp3's have taken me over and I have not listened to a cd in ages. Oh gosh, what about dvds? My most watched dvd ever has to be undersiege (it's a great movie to do homework to at 3 in the morning, trust me,) Any advice, info, ocmments, opinions, cash donations? thanks shipley
  9. Mark, I was required to buy a laptop as an incoming freshman to rose-hulman, and I now use it to play dvd movies everyonce in a while, but the sound card sucks A@@. My r.a. same as above found a nice, usb soundcard from roland that is very sweet indeed, I'm pretty sure it has component, toslink, coaxial, and other connections as well as it eliminates hard drive noise, not sure about the others just used to the hd noise caused by my laptop and I've found that was a way to fix it, hope this might help, if I knew the model # i'd post it but until I do, I'll try to find it, later shipley
  10. good for you man, my resident assitant had two 12" cerwin vegas powered by a 215 x 2 amp, 2 sets of pro-media 4.0's, a pair of crappy surrounds and an infinity center in his room. It was a great room for movies, we had people come down from first and second floors to ask us to turn it down, haha, we found the resonant freq. of his room, it was sweet, good luck with the college thing, where are you going? later shipley
  11. hello all: Just wanted to get some opinions on what subs out there are under 500 us dollars and can really shake the house? I'd appreciate any and all brands but remember klipsch rules, later shipley
  12. ok here's the deal, I've read and compared the specs of the above mentioned speakers and they are pretty close to each other. I was wondering if anyone could give me some opinions on their comparisions: I'm gonna be using either speaker in a dorm for the next 3 years and it will need to last and be able to meet my everyday needs. I listen to 50% ht, 50% music and will need a speaker that can be loud and proud at a dorm party. It will be used with a midlevel reciever maybe a yamaha amp if I want more power, receivers being denon 2801, outlaw 1050, yamaha uhhh..., onkyo 595, 696, 676, hk avr510, blah blah, Can any one help me out, thanks a lot, shipley
  13. Hey all, I've been looking at the specs and I've am really really looking forward to getting out and testing out some receivers. I'm gonna call my nearest klipsch dealer on tuesday and see if they carry denon also. I really like the features of the 2801. The hk units seem to be a little high priced for the features I'm getting, the yammies have a lot of dsps and I really like 70mm mode for movies (listened to it all year on a rx-v992 my ra owned). I also have a few questions, what is the deal with dolby pro-logic II? What benefits does it have or not have? I've been comparing the specs on the 676 and 696 and wondering what the deal is. Also how come the onkyo units (676 and 696) weigh like 29 lbs respectively while hk310 and 510 weight like 33-35 and the outlaw 1050 weighs like 40? Why the big weight drop from receiver to receiver? Anyone have any opinions on the denon 2801, onkyo 676, 696 or yammie rx-v 800? or any of the other receivers I mentioned in my original post? thanks mike
  14. hello all, I've been looking at different receivers here lately to upgrade and then will most likely end up buying a new pair of the rf-3's in about a month-month in a half if I can wait that long (darn obsession with audio). My question is this, i'm not looking to spend over 700 dollars as I am a college student who wants to a have some money left over before the summer is out... anyway from what I can tell features wise I like the following receivers: Denon - 2801 and 3801 - seems kinda pricey but... onkyo - 676 - sounded metallic when i listened to it but it may have been the crappy circuit city showroom (probably was) hk- avr-510 and 310, I've listened to both, I like the 510 more but... outlaw audio 1050 - 6.1 for 500 bucks? anyone heard it? marantz sr-7000 - nice musical receiver matches up well with rf-3;s yamaha- model numbers unknown... pioneer elite- kinda pricey and seem a bit overated Ok here's the deal, I know looks shouldn't be important but I like the front panel of the hk avr510 the best, onkyo's look clumsy and out dated and denons look like they are from the early 90's, marantz reminds me of onkyo. Yamaha's remind me of denons' and the elite look a little bit sleeker than the denons'. All of the receivers have god specks and I know all I have to do is get into a store and demo them but I was wondering if anyone had any opinoins on the receivers I've mentioned above. Sorry for the long post, thanks, mike
  15. My goal over the summer is to upgrade my ht/audio setup and from what I've listened to I have a couple different routes: I like the sound of the klipsch RF-3 and RB-5 speakers but I have yet to hear the RC-3 center channel. I am thinking of going with either the RF-3 or RB-5 along with an RC-3 center as a starter for my hometheater/audio system. My only problem is that I like my music loud in all respects and with bass. I've listened to the onkyo 676 and the Harman Kardon avr-510 (I like the 510 a lot better from my listening at circuit city but I know I needto listen at a real audio store). I also like the specs of the denon 3801 and I've heard the marantz sr-7000 and a couple of yamahas (model numbers unknown) and like them also and most are in the price range of the hk and onkyo. For surrounds I have a set of klipsch pro-medias v.2.400 and use their sub for lfe sounds. My other option is the following: Cerwin-vega's 15" 3-way mains unknown center channel pro-media v.2.400 for surrounds and sub yamaha m-80 power amp a receiver from above Option 3: Synergy system 6 (sounds cool but I don't think it has the power handling ability for what I want). Keep in mind that this system will have to last me through college in the dorm. I would say that my listening needs are 50/50 audio/ht. My listening room is about 12 x 12 x 11.5(ceiling)with a 7 x 9 entry way, concrete block construction, drywall walls. I don't know if I can provide any more information. I want to get the center and mains along with the receiver this summer but I don't want to spend too much on them (college student remember). I'll be trying out receivers probably the next month, does anyone know of a good denon dealer in eastern central indiana? I appreciate all the help anyone can provide, thanks alot, mike
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