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  1. I understand, look into auditioning some tube amps thru an audio dealer, and also consider buying used equipment, I bought my Cardinal's used at a substantial savings.
  2. whoa...I think Ron is looking for some suggestions?
  3. Ron, I have the same Cornwall II w/ Crites updates as you and I have a pair Wavelength Cardinal X-1's these are single-ended 12 wpc mono amps. and they sound fantastic with the Cornwalls.
  4. I had one of those back in the day, Dynaco also sold a pair of smaller speakers to be used with their Quadapter. I thought the Dyna set-up sounded better than the discreet Quad offerings (SQ) that were available back then.
  5. Your Blog's a good read Dave I agree, but take heart "what once was old is new again" I'm looking at purchasing a mono phono cartridge for my 2-channel system, and you can buy LP vinyl recordings on Amazon now!
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