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  1. 17 hours ago, RandyH000 said:

    That was addressed  by the USA Congress -

    S. 3662 (116th😞 Holding the CCP Accountable for Infecting Americans Act of 2020



    How can you hold them accountable when they supply almost all of our needs?  If they cut off our electronic components, PPE, etc. we are dead in the water.  


  2. 2 hours ago, Bosco-d-gama said:

    Here’s an article covering the inception of covid19 in the USA. 1 year ago we had case #1. 1 year later and we have 400,000 dead. I’ll say this again. In WW2 we lost 422,000 soldiers in the entire war. This is death on a wholesale scale. Things are looking better but it is not time for any victory lap. It is time to double down, keep covid19 on the ropes and make it a manageable disease.



    The CDC says that 94% of those who have died with the virus had underlying medical issues. So how can you imply that none of 400,000 would have died had they not been infected with the virus?  What is the basis of your presumed conclusion that all would still be alive if the virus didn’t exist?   I have been told that if a person tested positive within 30 days of dying in an auto accident, as one example, the cause of death is attributed to the virus.  This does not mitigate the seriousness of the situation.  Rather, I believe the media are using a strategy of creating fear and panic.



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  3. 1 hour ago, YK Thom said:

    There can be too much transparency as well as too clinical a presentation, they are closely related and overlap to a degree. The solution for most has been the use of tube amps which soften things up with their own distortion, albeit distortion that is pleasing to the human ear.

    Suggesting that a tube amp can be used as a “tone control” may open up a heated discussion😁.  Of course, I agree with doing that.  In my experience, SETs are a blessing when listening to rotten recordings.  In addition, listening level can be critical as well.  Simply reducing the listening level can make a difference because of the response of our ears (look up the equal loudness curves aka Fletcher-Munson effect).  Even lowly tone controls, as found on much vintage gear, can be very useful.  The bottom line is that there is usually a way to listen to rotten recordings in a palatable manner.




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  4. 1 hour ago, RandyH000 said:

    Still going to the grocery store? With new virus variants spreading, it’s probably time to stop.


    The paragraph about masks is especially relevant.  The CDC approval of cloth face coverings has been flawed from the beginning.  Most of the coverings I see folks wearing in stores won’t filter bacteria let alone a virus.  And there is the corollary issue of seeing people wearing face shields without a mask underneath as well as employees and shoppers keeping their noses exposed.  I believe we are in a “lost cause” situation with virus containment and the vaccine won’t make much of a difference.  I already know of folks who are celebrating because they got vaccinated and “won’t have to take precautions much longer.”



  5. 14 hours ago, Bosco-d-gama said:

    Think covid19 is bad? Look at the Nipah virus - also from bats and found in Asia.



    I’m sure the bioterrorism labs have already started working on it :




    Life will sure be more challenging from now on imo.  Thanks for making my day Bosco😁.



  6. 4 hours ago, mustang_flht said:



    WD40 exists in a version for cleaning the contacts, take the correct version : WD40 CONTACT CLEANER







    Yes, I am familiar with it. It is primarily a degreasing agent which will remove all lubrication from a potentiometer resulting in a worse situation than you had in the first place.  Lots of complaints about this from the tech community.  Research it if you want more details.  But, if you like it I will not try to change your mind.....



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  7. When you consider the typical dietary advice we are given by our doctors, these studies are exceedingly enlightening:







    The media should be all over this making the public aware of the thinking of these scientists.  As a society we should be trying anything which has even a slight chance of improving the odds and not waiting for a green light from those who have put themselves in control of our destiny.  End of rant for today!




  8. Noise from a seldom used potentiometer is usually from oxidation between the shaft and its bushing as opposed to the resistive element.  Pick up some Caig D-100 Deoxit with needle dispenser, remove the knob, and put 2 or 3 drops at the base of the shaft where it enters the bushing.  Then rotate the shaft fully a few times.  You can do this with the quiet controls as well as the rotary selector switches.  

    WD-40 may not be safe to use on electronic controls, although some have claimed good results with it.  I never use it.




  9. 38 minutes ago, Last Lemming said:

    So, I did find Audio Note as kits. They seem like fine kits, but many threads of builds I’ve found (when I say many I mean 3) that pieces were missing or failed soon after installation. 

    I decided to start with something a bit less ambitious, maybe a tube phono pre. 

    I did just pick up a vintage Audio Research V35. It 30 watts per channel Triode, so power should be ok. 

    On the discussion of power I do have a question of curiosity. 

    I was trying to determine how much power my current amp was putting out. 

    I went to an online calculator and i plugged in 95 db/watt efficiency for the speakers - since this is what I hear the forte iii’s actually come closer to when tested - I set my distance to 8’ sitting distance from speakers and tried to figure if I wanted 87 dB I would only need about 1/2 watt.


    does this seem about right?


    I think 30 watts should be ok , since I typically don’t listen above 85 db (sitting position)

    The best way to know how much power is needed is to take an actual measurement:




    A more rudimentary measurement can be taken with a simple multimeter alone if you are interested.




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