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  1. Click here to see the announcement made by Klipsch.
  2. That's right Klipsch fans. Get ready for the blown out 500watt system for your pc. Click here to see the announcement taken from this website
  3. Amy, is there an expected preorder date for the 5.1s? And also, is the wiring in the Klipsch redesigned (spring clips just for the center channel?)?
  4. klipsch redesign of the control pod is really unique in a way...allowing you to adjust the four main channels <front, rear, center and subwoofer>. Has anyone thought up of a 7.2 setup using the original subwoofer from the 5.1 as the "front sub" and using the 2.1 speakers for "rear" support and the sub for rear positioning. although it does sound like too much im just curious if it is possible. can the new Hercules Game Theatre Xp or even the Philips AE handle that many channels? Let me know what you guys think! This message has been edited by skim on 05-28-2001 at 03:45 AM
  5. forget it...why bother? This message has been edited by skim on 05-27-2001 at 07:20 PM
  6. but Paradigm, for those who dont have receivers and i think its best bet to for the cheaper ones even though the Cinema series are "far" better as you say it is. i read the review....still too expensive especially for a computer. thanks for the input
  7. Hey Paradigm, as your name implies, you try and promote this company because mainly they are WAY better than the Klipsch's 4.1/4.2 and their new upcoming 5.1s, but realistically, these Cinema Series from Paradigm are just way too expensive for PC systems. How much do the Cinema Series go for here in the U.S.? 700? 800? not including the shipping either!! And also you will need to buy a receiver right? Doesn't seem like the Cinema Series have built-in amplifiers to power the satellites (the subwoofer however seems to have a 90-watt amp). So how much do receivers go for? 200 for decent receivers, but why buy the cheap ones!!! 300? 400? And do you these Cinema Series come with speaker cables? If they do, most factory cables are not as good in terms of quality versus the "better" aftermarket cables out there. So let alone, there is another 100 dollars. By this time, my dime-sized holes in my pockets became exponentially bigger (hence, my pants have fallen off). Total cost for the Paradigm's Cinema series : WAY more than the Klipsch's new 5.1s. So if you want the WAY more performance and money is not an object, then by all means, go for the Paradigm's. But if you're like me and most of the people who simply can't afford Paradigm's then Klipsch's speakers arent as bad as you think. Although I do in fact believe Paradigms are better, they are also more expensive than the Klipsch PC speakers sets. LET ME KNOW if there are cheaper Paradigm sets, yet have similar or better sound performance than the Klipschs (5.1 preferred). As of now, I own the v.2-400 and thinking about buying the new 5.1 from Klipsch. PARADIGM CINEMA SERIES werent design for PCs!!
  8. im lost guys what is the HT setup? thanks
  9. like in the other posts, here is the link to the 5.1 pics : http://www.3dsoundsurge.com/press/pr1758image.html NOW THE QUESTION IS: WHERE THE HECK DO YOU PUT THE CENTER CHANNEL?!?!? ON top of your monitor? Please anyone respond. This message has been edited by skim on 06-17-2001 at 08:21 PM
  10. Forget it, Nightkidz! LONG LIVE KLIPSCH 5.1 !! I think I changed my mind about the 6.2 setup and will go for the 5.1 (finally they release it). Too much problematic issues with having the 6.2 and hercules game theater xp, although the 5.1 is considerably more expensive than the 4.2 (399.99 vs. 299.99) OUCH! But new 8" subs vs. 6.5", better horn tweeters, DIGITAL LED volume display, volume controls for each : main, center, rear and subwoofer, and 500 WATTS vs. 400 watts (all comparisons based on the new 5.1 and v.2-400) are all worth the price!
  11. so what's the news? how are the speakers coming along. ive been cruising around the forums looking for 16 gauge wire information and so far most of the people are satisfied with the speaker wire upgrade. nightkidz, i think any 16 gauge wire will do. remember the monster cable superflat a guy mentioned in one of the posts? well i tried looking for it in best buy, but only found the wire with different connectors (not mini-plugs) and they were still $35!. i think im either going to go to radioshack or home depot and perhaps find a way to hook up the 16 gauge wires without having to use the plugs (only because i think they degrade sound quality and create distortion) or soldering. perhaps, i can use a U-connector or something, but i need to break into the klipsch satellite to see how to connect these wires. let me know if you found the rca to STEREO mini-plug adapter and if you installed it and made the two speakers work. i dont think having the CENTER channel split into two speakers will be bad. just put them as close as possible (like me when i get it, ill place them beside the monitor.
  12. and also tell me the placement of your subs and satellites... This message has been edited by skim on 05-09-2001 at 10:19 AM
  13. hey tell me when you have them (the other 2.1s) installed and test all different kinds of configurations. please tell me that the rca adapter does not kill sound performance. thanks!
  14. hey nightkidz how much were the 4.2s including shipping and taxing?
  15. Alienware, Where do you get the 16 gauge Monster Cable SuperFlat wire? I ready to set up a 6.2 klipsch and need better cabling. Did you get it at Best Buy, Circuit City?
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