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  1. Actually the RB5 costs the same becuse it is a better speaker. First off, the cone on the rb5 is of higher quality than the RF3. also the RB5 is much cleaner and plays more acurate than the RF3. So if you want a thumping bass louded speaker get the rf3, if you want a real high quality, clear audophile speaker get the RB5. As for the bass just get a sub woofer with the RB5.
  2. can anyone please tell me, I was wondering becuase I see that both speakers are the same price, and they both have the Tractrix® Horn, but the RF-3 is a floor standing speaker with two cones while the RB-5 is bookshelf and only has one. Therefore i'm assuming that the RB-5 must have some sort of edge over the RF-3's. ????????
  3. Dude I know of 2 already that are located in Mississauga. Toronto has about 3 or 4
  4. quote: NE wayz, if I went with a setup like that, I would buy the Paradigm Cinima Amen Brother...spoken like a true gem I can't believe you wasted your money on the quintets, I can already tell you know very little about speakers in general, You said eiarler Klipsch makes the best, why cause they make the best PC speaker. My friend Ht is another world, one in which Klipsch is far from dominating. This message has been edited by P_a_r_a_d_i_g_m on 06-02-2001 at 02:41 AM
  5. Hey PRO MEDIA TECH 2, did you get my e-mail?????
  6. quote: What i made clear was for a price of the klipsch pros, which come with 4 sats a sub and amp , cables. The cinema series are way over the price of the pros LOL, Im sorry but you again have proven yourself to be a complete Moron, WE ARE NOT TALKING ABOUT THE PRO MEDIA 4.1 SYSTEM man get your facts straight. OH and don't try and make it look like I've stooped low by calling you names, that is not the case Im classifying you as moron cause you continually display the characteristics of one. quote: Oh really you've heard every one, is that so? good for you. Every audiophile magazine hun? Wow, thats quite impressive. Please do give me a link to every single magazine that said this. I have some serious reading up to do. No offence paradigm worker, but seems to me like you are in denial. Tell you what start up a thread and I will fill it up will pages of high-end critique audiophile reviewers. I will also provide information on the speaker and the tech the company has used to outperform the competition, then correlate it the tests, charts and graphs so that you may see that for the price of PARADIGM speakers nothing in that same class can beat the PARADIGMS, and that's what makes this company a winner. Damn if you ever go to the CES in Las Vegas(which I go to every year) you will see the amount of attention Paradigm gets, and not only quantity but quality people, like Stereophile , sound and vision etc.. This message has been edited by P_a_r_a_d_i_g_m on 05-29-2001 at 10:44 PM
  7. quote: if u want to compare YOUR paradigm 5.1 to klipsch product, perhaps u can compare to klipsch Quintex Actually the paradigm cinema series will put your little quintets to shame. On another note Martin Logan's electro static speakers are amazing, but they cost as much as a car. Plus you need to be in the sweet spot with those speakers. Anyhow you have just proven yourself to be an even bigger idiot, than apparently everyone says I am do yourself a favor, if you are smart enough you will go back and re-read your post, and see how much of an *** you sounded like. Now if you were a little 10-14 year old I can understand the nature of your thread, but God help you if youre above 18 years of age. Here let me point out a few of your flaws quote: or do u think that your 700canadian bucks are so huge in value that u outrank everyone ???? and the sound is soooooo good that it can challenged the klipsch reference series??????? When did I say that the cinema series would out perform the Klipsch reference series. Fact is I didn't, plus you can not compare the Cinema series to Klipsch reference, sine the cinema is a 5.1 sat system, the only thing you can compare it form Klipsch to is the Quintets, which don't even compare to the paradigms, and they cost 400 dollars more. quote: u r one hell of a big idiot running naked around the town screaming 'promedia lost to paradigm' Again here you are talking through your *** again, I bet you didnt even read all the post, you SIR a real DUMBASS. Obviously the paradigms are much better than the promedias, but that was not the argument, the point I was making was that the Klipsch 5.1 system will cost 650 Canadian, for that price if you have a receiver lying around than you are allot better off getting the Paradigms, cause that is were the real ultimate bang for the buck is. quote: and don't yawn.. u will feel that we are not the same level with u, and u are above us, please don't talk to us then, no need for u to write all those nonsense and make a fool out of yourself. Actually the only person I feel above with full confidence, beyond a reasonable doubt is YOU!!!! I hope this answers your question. This message has been edited by P_a_r_a_d_i_g_m on 05-29-2001 at 10:19 PM
  8. I'm wondering if they will except banana plugs??? Also apprently the 5.1 will have extentions on the back so that you can hook up your PS2's or xbox etc...
  9. quote: I am sorry. I meant to say "forum" for their customers, not website. I guess you are better at typing because you obviously have never made a typo. And I think you have done a better job at proving yourself a moron than anyone I have ever seen on the net. You constantly cut down other products and push paradigm. The people on this board are hear to talk about klipsch not hear about paradigm. If you have something constructive to say I am sure that people would appreciate it but you can't seem to do that. Yawn..............
  10. quote: Where in this thread have you posted this before? Hmm, that's funny, you have not. It seems you have changed your story in defence of your Paradigms. Yes try and spin-doctor my argument. I thought that it was pretty clear that those with an amp would greatly benefit with the paradigms, common sense. But hey nice try.. quote: Once again assuming that everybody can afford to double the price of the Klipsch 5.1's to get the Paradigm's + amp, if they do not already have one. And then if they wanted a quality amp, tack on an extra $200 - $300 No you are assuming, hypocrite(saying Im assuming when your doing the same). I never said that people here that do not have receivers could afford it, but if they could the investment into a receiver it would be well worth it. My argument still stands as it did in the beginning. If you want a 5.1 system that gives you the ultimate bang for the buck get the paradigms. If you don't have a receiver and your into sound you should get one any ways, believe me you will thank me.
  11. quote: personally P_a_r_a_d_i_g_m if i were to make a ht setup i wouldn't use the cinema's (micro home theater...i just don't know about that). However, i will support you in saying the paradigm does make quality speakers. So if I were you...(kinda like what jjayb was getting at) why not get: active 40's for the front; active cc center; active 20's or acive ADP for rears; and either 2 servo 15's or two velodyne hgs-18's; and maybe a marantz AV9000. That would sound pretty nice. I just use the cinema series for my computer, my other setup is in my living room, i explained it here with pictures so just click on the link and scroll down near the botton.
  12. quote: From every post you have made, your pretty damn full of yourself.... Please show me where, instead of just getting up here and making accusations. Big words for a little man quote: Now please, stop shooting your useless comments at everybody, you've made your point *more* then enough times, and have been shot down. Have a nice day. LOL, yeah you keep self-deluding yourself. Like I said before and let's see if you can understand this, For those whom already own receivers the cinema series is a better buy than the 5.1 kilpsch. Got it! GOOD day to you sir! This message has been edited by P_a_r_a_d_i_g_m on 05-27-2001 at 07:51 PM
  13. quote: You won't even acknowledge that other speakers are good To Btrigg!!!!! you obviously didn't bother to read my previous posts, to which explains this assumption, so here is what I said in one of my posts on this thread. quote: Originallt posted by P_a_r_a_d_i_g_m Not to say that other speakers out there arent good, it's just that Paradigm gives you the best bang for the buck. Hummm I think right here I do in fact acknowledge that other speaker are good. Heck you want something better than paradigms, easy just buy a 4000 dollar speaker. This message has been edited by P_a_r_a_d_i_g_m on 05-27-2001 at 07:26 PM
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