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  1. sale fell through, backup for sale. Please note, these speakers are large and weight 102 pounds apiece. the center channel is 38 pounds it takes two people to load and a large vehicle to transport them. price is fair and firm.
  2. I would be interested in any music files or media if you decide to get rid of any and I'm local.
  3. Location, Location, price is good but Location not so good.
  4. Price drop, seven hundred dollars for all three.
  5. Back up for sale, we'll worth taking a road trip for if you live in Texas.
  6. Klipsch KLF 30’s and C7 center channel (craigslist.org) Link to pictures
  7. No disappointments, bought two pair, first ones had the rattle. Dealer replaced them with this pair that didn't and I have had them for twenty-three years. At seventy-two I feel the need to down-size to some smaller speakers that are easy to place plus I still have two SVS subs if I need a little bass. Speakers were bought in Corpus Christi and have never left. PM me for pictures.
  8. Or similar bookshelf speakers and center channel.
  9. Would like to trade my one owner KLF 30s and c7 center channel speaker for a pair of RP 600m 11 and RP 504 center channel. The C7 was a later purchase a little damage on one rear corner. Sequential numbers on the 30s, both are in good shape and sound great. Have extra titanium, stock tweeters and grill emblems. PM me for pictures can only upload one picture.
  10. Are you willing to ship ?
  11. I'm out of town till Saturday so no pics and having second thoughts about selling them.
  12. Sorry, Corpus Christi South Texas. Speakers were dealer replaced after the first set had the rattle issue. These don't rattle and are sequence matched numbers. Will post pictures this coming Sunday.
  13. All three are oak finish, trades considered.
  14. Gonna be selling my one owner KLF 30s along with a C7 that was bought at a later date with a little damage. Look to get eleven hundred for all three. Pictures a later date.
  15. Got the Titanium tweeters today, easy install and a perfect fit. Much smoother highs and the frequency range seems extended. Very pleased with the upgrade.
  16. Ordered the CD76TiM tweeters today. JEM did not have anything for the KG 1.5. I'll give an update when I have the tweeters installed.
  17. The buzzing is just in the high frequency range on certain CDs ripped to flac files. The files play fine on my KLF 30s. I have already e-mailed crites no reply yet.
  18. Bought a pair of matching numbers in oil oak. Sound really good till you give them a little volume then a slight buzzing in the tweeter of one of them. Looking to replace the tweeter or replace the diagram whatever I can find. Thanks' John
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