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  1. http://omaha.craigslist.org/ele/5879982657.html
  2. orrb_05


    looks exactly like what happened to the RC-64 I received via UPS. The magnets on the drivers are very heavy and if the packages are not handled with care (i.e, dropped, tossed, thrown...) the magnet end snaps off from the driver. When this happens, the heavy magnets w/stems are bouncing around inside the cabinet and the end result is the drivers look like what you're seeing in the pics. Sooooooooooooo - the internals are fare from good-to-go.
  3. @The Dude - I'm willing to transport these to Omaha, if you're up for shipping these to the buyer. Are you the seller? Just out of curiosity, as I am going to drop them off to fedex and let them package them. Would you be willing to do that? I believe I was quoted $25.00 for a H.H. Scott 222c to be double boxed plus shipping. However it was a guarantee for the insurance to be paid. I am the seller - PM sent.
  4. @The Dude - I'm willing to transport these to Omaha, if you're up for shipping these to the buyer.
  5. Undecided for now. I have a small set of Infinity HT that will sub until I decide what will fit and sound best. If I could find another set of 75's in the same shape as mine, I'd run four of those. But, they don't come along often.
  6. My babies are up for sale on the Omaha CL if anyone in the area is looking for some really nice speakers.
  7. 2nd owner of these great speakers. They have been used as surrounds in my HT setup and have had minmal use. Speakers are in excellent condition and they do come with the grills (no tears, holes, etc - all magnets in tact). Local pickup only - don't have th original boxes and don't want to risk shipping without. Located in Red Oak, IA (SW Iowa).
  8. The old Nakamichi receivers pair nicely with Klipsch speakers. I have a Receiver-2 running a set of Epic CF-2's, and 8-9 o'clock on the volume, its too loud to talk over. Here's a nice TA in your price range - there are more on EB to choose from: http://www.ebay.com/itm/NAKAMICHI-TA-2A-HIGH-DEFINITION-TUNER-AMPLIFIER-RECEIVER-WORKS-GREAT-/272190528370?hash=item3f5fd1db72:g:SpsAAOSwLpdW8vpJ
  9. Looking for a RC-64 in black that's in excellent condition. Located in SW Iowa, but shipping works for me as long as it's packed well and insured. Thanks, Larry Orr
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