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  1. franticsled

    Yamaha MX-1000 CX-800 Pre Amp EQ-630 TX-930

    I need to get around $1000 for everything. i can text pictures.... the faces on all pieces look good, the tops do have some scratches, overall average from what ive seen around. The amp and pre amp are probably in the best shape, the tuner has the most scratches. the amp has nice tight outputs and sounds great.
  2. Kind of testing the waters here as I am on the fence about selling this setup. Yamaha mx-1000 amp, CX-800 pre amp, EQ-630 Eq And TX 930 Tuner. I do not want to ship it, looking for a local buyer that can come look, touch, feel, and listen. I bought this stuff because of all the hype about this amp. I purchased it from a buddy that bought it new in Japan while in the service. I have now have played with it for several months and i feel the time to move on. I have owners manuals as well as remotes. I have seen them bring pretty good money online, if someone out there is looking for any of this stuff please feel free to contact me. The amp and pre amp are linked to my forte ii and paradigm ps1000 sub and its a very powerful system. I am located about 25 miles from Toledo OH and right of the OH turnpike. I can not get pics to upload on here for whatever reason so please feel free to contact me and I can get them to you.
  3. franticsled

    Yamaha MX-1000 trouble

    After some very careful investigating...turns out the balance knob was turned.... its hidden on the bottom of the unit!! ha ha!! its working great now and will be moved into place powering my forte II. Thanks
  4. franticsled

    Yamaha MX-1000 trouble

    Just got a mx1000 from a buddy and hooked it up to a pair of pioneers.... because it was easy... the left side is not near as loud as the right, i switched speakers and same result also swapped cables with same result. With both output volumes all the way up, i have to turn right side down to about 1/3 or so to get matched power to each!! the power meter reads right as left is lower than right as well. What could cause this? Anyone have a guess how much to get the amp checked out? The caps i can see look fine through the top. Any advice would be great, Thanks
  5. franticsled

    **SOLD** Klipsch RF-83's (Chicago/Milwaukee Area)

    Wow, I would be a happy man if these where closer to me.....I would buy them in a heart beat!! Anyone want to deliver them to me?
  6. franticsled

    WTB Forte or KLF 30

    I have been looking semi local for a good while now. I want these for my shop, they dont have to be spotless and i would prefer they are not!! If you have something that might work please feel free to let me know!! I am in Wauseon OH which is about 30 miles west of Toledo
  7. franticsled

    Tube Amp, what to know before purchase?

    Yea I know what you mean!! I decided to wait and maybe can hear a couple different tube amps on speakers I am familiar with!!
  8. franticsled

    Streaming music too Older equipment?

    its a pre with volume control...how would the volume work? Would i set it in the middle or? all the way up? and these devices will turn it up or down from my phone or lap top?
  9. franticsled

    Streaming music too Older equipment?

    I guess im worried that if i spend the money on one of these things it wont control volume....some of these things are getting really close to buying a entry level receiver!! Like Marantz nr1405 on the bay fairly reasonable. I think I might be better off to do that and have it set up in the bedroom..that will give an excuse to buy more speakers!! Anyway, thats my biggest concern as I dont even know if the parasound has remote capability, or how that would work!!
  10. franticsled

    Streaming music too Older equipment?

    OK, I know i can use my phone through the rca- headphone cable.... I want to take my laptop outside and be able to stream it to a device hooked to the great sounding older Parasound, the duet thing will do this? Next question .....is there any way to control the volume as well? I know thats asking a lot, but it would be great if possible!!
  11. Just curious if anyone knows of a device that will allow me too stream spotify to a parasound preamp, its an old php850 and i have a hca 750 to use. I want to use this as a separate system to power my AW650's outside as my Yamaha rxa1000 will not do both the HT and zone 2, or if it is capable I have not figured out how to do it. Also, is there any way to control the volume as well? I am told there may be a bluetooth device but I think I will be to far away for BT, so I was thinking if it could use wifi I would have this problem solved. I am trying to use equipment I have instead of buying new as next year I would like to upgrade my processor. But maybe this is not possible!!
  12. franticsled

    RF63 reproduction of drums

    I can agree 100%. With the 63's I owned i was very surprised with the bass they poured out!! Fast and tight!!
  13. franticsled

    SOLD! Klipsch RF63 Black FS Parasound HCA1500A price drop!

    Your welcome, Great to meet you too!! I will keep an eye out for an amp for you.... keep in touch!
  14. franticsled

    Anyone looking for a black RC7?

    I am near toledo Ohio, I was thinking $400 and I think its in really good shape.....pics will follow as soon as kids are done with a movie. I do not have the box, I would really prefer a local pickup...but will ship at buyers expense. I did not think I would have so much intrest so soon!!
  15. franticsled

    Anyone looking for a black RC7?

    I sold my RF-7 today, I am not sure what direction I will turn, but the rc7 will need a new home as well. If anyone is interested please contact me.