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  1. Clearly I have missed the boat on the new procedures.
  2. If one of the devs sees this please send me a PM, and explain to me the new procedures that way I’m following the rules correctly…. Thanks
  3. Are you saying we can’t mention bobs stuff?
  4. Someone had mentioned about it being taken down in the thread….. anyone know why they would take my thread down about a 510 and a La Scala?
  5. I sent Crites an email…..still waiting to hear back on what they might come up with.
  6. WTB……Pair of 510 horns with drivers. Thanks.
  7. Thanks! I just remembered my La Scalas used to belong to Roger Waters 😃.
  8. It would be cool if they went a little more in between the pro line, and Heritage. What I mean is Heritage speakers are really expensive (to my pocketbook anyways) if you buy new, and the pro line is an unfinished product at best (I would take performance overlooks but I think I’m in the minority). I guess I mean not something quite as beautiful as a heritage, but something a little bit more upscale than a behind the screen pro line finish speaker.
  9. The passive crossover in the 904 worked great with the 510…..clearly this wouldn’t work with the 800hz xo, but is there a passive crossover like the 904xo that might work? I know you guys are all about the active, but unfortunately I don’t have pre outs which even more complicates it.
  10. Has anyone ever tried to run both mid and high horn wires from the xo to a 510? Or is this idea just a complete disaster?
  11. The sides of the room where the La scala sit is the lowest part ….I think I could put 510s on top of them, and be enough room but that will be about it.
  12. The room is pretty big but it’s an attic the top is maybe 7 feet and then it gets shorter after that.
  13. What are your guys opinions on if I ran a passive crossover, and then run Dirac live calibration? Is it possible that the calibration program would handle some of the issues that the active crossover fixes. Maybe I’m missing the biggest issues with the active versus passive for this situation?
  14. Wow you have done a lot since we talked back when you got your 904s. If it’s not to much trouble you should shoot me a PM picture of your new set up.
  15. We’ll put… totally agree! There is a ignorance is bliss factor though I think…..not to many people ever experienced pro line in their house. So it’s hard to miss it if you never had it.
  16. Do you run active crossover? How do you hook it up to your Chorus (The wiring and everything I mean)?
  17. Great info, and much appreciated post. If I follow the above post what would be all in cost approximately?
  18. Before I bought the La Scala’s I was looking hard at the 396s. I couldn’t find any used (kind of spendy brand new). They are that much better than La Scala’s you think huh?
  19. Which is fantastic obviously because I learn oodles of stuff…
  20. Coyote when I read some of your posts, (I’m not even kidding) I have to go to Google…look up certain things that you say…read pages of what they mean, and then come back and continue reading.
  21. Nothing wrong with being humble (which you clearly are being) i’m sure we’re all dummy’s compared to Roy lol..
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