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    Price drop. $600.
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    Rsw15 in Ohio for 700 obo. No grill, otherwise in great shape. Small cabinet blimushes, woofers perfect.
  3. Bump. Send some offers or if I'm way off pricing suggestions.
  4. I have a pair of rf7s and the rc7 in ohio.
  5. Also have a pair of rs42s and b2 bookshelves. Any idea on pricing for these? last set of 42s I saw on here was 2013. And how about splitting these 7s, wht are the individual rates for the rf7s rc7 and rsw15? Thanks for any input.
  6. I will keep it in mind. Just went up so I'll give it a little time. If any one else is interested in just the speakers lemme know. If they all go at once it doesn't bother me if it's to different ppl.
  7. I have a pair of RF7s An RC7 and a RSW15 all black. I am missing the grill for the RSW15 but have them for the rest. From looking on here and eBay I came up with a price of $1850.00. I believe it to be fair. They have normal wear on them for their age but nothing major, so I would say they are in good condition. Looking to sell as a set. Located in Ohio 45840. Willing to ship if buyer pays. Local pick up preferred.
  8. Scrappy is thinking like I was lol. when I mount my center it should line up perfectly with my towers tweeters. And the plan for the sub was to be on the back oppsite wall (where the dog cage is) but while fishing the speaker wires thru the duct work we found it to tight and kept getting the RCA cable stuck. So after hours of fail after fail I just said I would but it there on the side. I plan of adding a love seat along that wall and then will be able to move the sub behind the main couch (without tripping over the wires). And thanks to all for the comments. Any one know where a good place to get unique Klipsch posters and plaques and what nots is?
  9. thanks for the suggestions but, Wires are run to the inside so it would be a lil hard to get them over to the corners. Its a tri-level so on the opposite wall is the crawl space. With an access point that's pretty large so I oped for over the fire place. It is a tad high but when the seats r lounged out and your head back its pretty comfortable. I did toe the speakers in more, noticeable difference, good tip. keep 'em coming. Anyone ever drill into there fireplace? still a little weary about it holding the metal mount and the heavy speaker.
  10. Well it is still a work in progress. Need to raise the center (waiting on the shelf), and some theater wall art (posters and what not) and possible paint among other things. But I am happy with the turn thus far. We moved in a week ago Sunday and I made this room top priority lol. So here is my dedicated (if you don't count the dog's cage) theater room.
  11. lol and although it no longer looks like it... that is a 65" tv between those monsters.
  12. Here is a pic of the new front stage, until the move when they will be in a nice big theater room in the basement level. I currently live in an apartment and since its Sunday everyone is home so I haven't had a chance to crank it up. However, on first impressions, the biggest upgrade is by far the sub, this thing is a monster and it goes so much deeper than the HSU. When I ran my setup mic it had everything set at 40hz, (fronts, center, surrounds) should I put it all to 80hz? Or can the RF-7s do 40hz?
  13. The trade went thru. I am now the proud owner of a pair of RF-7's, an RC-7 and an RSW-15. Can't wait to get it all set up and working. Do you all think it would be beneficial to bridge my Onkyo M282 for the RC-7? Or just use the receiver? I will be using the upa-2 for the RF-7s.
  14. Yes i am kind of nervous about it all. He gave me his address and I am suppose to meet him at his house which makes me think it may be real. After he sent me some more picture last night I noticed that he does not have the SW-15, it has the copper cones so I believe it is the RSW-15. Th more I learn the more I think its to good to be true. We will see on Sunday tho!
  15. I would say mine are in great condition. His are in good maybe (judging by the pics sent). Sound wise, will this be a significant improvement for me?
  16. I am in the negotiation process with someone I found locally on CraigsList. We have settled on trading my 2 RF-52's. 1 RC-52 and Klipsch SUB-12 plus $300.00. For his 2 Klipsch RF-7's, 1 RC-7 and Klipsch SW-15. I assume this is a good deal? But just want to make sure. Thanks for the input. And the reason being for the trade is he just moved and is looking to down grade, while I am moving mid Aug and looking to upgrade.
  17. Onkyo TX-SR607 Sold Onkyo HT-RC180 Onkyo M-282 And Emotiva UPA-2 still available.
  18. Check by mail woild be the first choice, when it clears I'll ship. I have a PayPal account, I've never accepted money through it only paid thru it but I assume I can do that. And of course cash lol. As long as I get the money I'm not to picky.
  19. bump... OBO's accepted
  20. Hello all. I have a few items up for sale. I have the original boxes for everything I believe as well as manuals and any remotes. Everything is in perfect working and cosmetic condition. I am welling to ship if your willing to pay for it. I am located in Ohio 45805 Onkyo HT-RC180 $275 Onkyo M-282 $100 Onkyo TX-SR607 $125 Emotiva UPA-2 $275 Pictures available if interest is there.
  21. So ya'll think that if I get the new Pioneer then I can do without my Emotiva and Onkyo amps? And would anyone happen to know the going rate for an Onkyo ht-rc180, emotiva upa-2 and Onkyo m-282? I would like to get rid of these before I get something else. And yes Scrappy its been awhile, because every time I get on here I think I need to buy something lol
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