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  1. Ah, yes. A good POLARITY check is the best advice for Bass prolems. We have all done the 50/50 chance thing on those darn 2 wire things! The result is always the same, regardless of speaker brand, since the woofer carry most of the music Power, they are the first to Inform the listener that something is wrong.
    The speakers are THE messenger, telling you something is wrong. NEVER blame the messenger in life or Audio! 

    Checked that 1 st day , I had a pair of Joseph Audio Pearls once that wires were reversed.

    I ordered a new amp for the CW4

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  2. [mention=49590]A1UC[/mention] -- i think you answered the question for yourself.  your 8 watt amp sounds thin and your 30 watt amp makes them shine. so your specific 8 watt amp isn't up to the task.
    in my experience with home demoing cornwall ivs, the amp choice does make a big difference.  if you're sticking with tubes, you need an amp with good enough output transformers to clamp onto the cornwalls.  i tried a jadis orchestra black which sounded heavenly in the midrange and treble, but very thin in the bass.  i also tried a primaluna evo 400 integrated and it did a very good job on the bass.  my parasound jc5 provided wonderful bass but didn't have the midrange magic of the orchestra black.
    my local dealer (audio video therapy in nashua, nh) sells a lot of cornwalls with the luxman sq-n150.  it's only 10 watts per channel . . . 
    so in summary, i would think 8 watts is enough in a smaller room, but it needs to be an 8 watt amp that has enough reserves to control the cornwall woofers.

    I had SQ-N150 nice little amp but sold it before the cornwall. I was just scratching my head , it was enough for devores pleanty and shy with the CW4 . Also I had no idea the CW4 are 4 ohm till I measured

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    Absolutely. I've seen people attempt to install these speakers in some rather inhospitable environments. If I get a "no bass" complaint there's a whole litany of things to look at - phasing (yes, people DO make errors here), gear (YES, there are "better" amps for these Heritage than others and they are NOT all "The Same"), as well as the room which could just be an acoustic nightmare one cannot do anything with.
    With Cornwalls, though, they have enough flexibility that if you let them have "first pick" - IOW, you put those speakers where they sound best in the room, then build the rest of the room around that in terms of layout - that you should have a good chance of success. I've had these speakers in some less than ideal rooms too, but there ARE things that can be done if the room isn't cooperating. It might not be "ideal" but one can make it "better".

    I pulled out my Devore 0/96 same room same amp , bass was huge pleanty of headroom . I'm lost

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  4. Lol , Okay here is the deal . I bought the Cornwall 4's for another system . All I ever heard you can run Klipsch with 2a3 tube etc etc . I'm using my 300b amp on these 8w and they are so underpowered they sound awful [emoji2961]

    What I have found is 30w GM70 amp I have makes them shine . So can somone really confirm 8w is enough

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  5. Is that cwiv system a secondary system?
    How do they sound in your space?

    I heard from a few people they need a few hundred hrs to sound best , but I'm really impressed from what I'm hearing compared to older models . Yes just a vinyl 2nd system

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  6. 5c06901f4fa8bee85a45c854c22f810b.jpg
    I just bought this Aurender and sold my DAC next day only streamed on it 2 hrs . I was going to buy another DAC but decided to stay with vinyl .
    I have a brand new Samsung 870 EVO 4TB,Internal,2.5 inch (MZ-77E4T0B/AM) Solid State Drive I can include for another
    $4800.00 PP Friends Family
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  7. Cornwall 2 Crossovers Jupiter Caps
    I had these built for my 1985 Cornwalls which I sold , I was going to install them in my other 1985 Cornwalls but sold them to before getting around to it . They probably have 10 hrs on them
    500.00 Shipped c0e821168c9ea7db6dcbdae0121133e6.jpg
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