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  1. I have no packing and the store by me that ships and packs stuff said it would cost 75.00 to pack the sub plus shipping , I had others wanting me to ship but shipping alone was 150-175 Problem is if I cant clear 1000 out of it I guess I will have to keep , I got enough gear I'm trying to sell already
  2. You might hurt yourself with a sub like this
  3. Yes I knew I forgot something Thanks
  4. 2 Way Seas ER15RLY Woofer --- Fountek NeoCD3.0 Ribbon Tweeter I used them for surrounds but would be awesome with a sub 799.00 Shipped
  5. Price Drop 1300.00 I will meet buyer within 80 miles if needed at 1350.00
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZbO2arzffI
  7. They have Bamboo construction, ribbon tweeter, upgraded posts and name plates These were indeed done for Rocky Mountain Audiofest. The towers alone would cost about $3195 to reproduce new plus shipping and another $1400.00 for the center
  8. SONY Super Audio CD Player SCD-XA5400ES HDMI Analog
  9. Yes it has the latest firmware updates and I never had an issue with the player .
  10. 200.00 Shipped Used 1x less than 1 month old , I have org box and all items ended up getting an Oppo BDP 105
  11. Looks good nice job , but you really need a projector []
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