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  1. Maybe I better get over to Walmart and grab that 10,000 W car amp they got and sell my amp if amps are amps I would be money ahead that artical means nothing its what a person themself can hear , just because one person cant hear it doesnt mean the next cant. I can hear a diffrence and I enjoy my system thats all that matters Maybe the guys speakers sucked []
  2. They dont not even close , the D Sonic is like Wyred 4 Sound pretty much the same . the D Sonic runs 3100 and the Wyred is 3600 so its really not fair to compare to the Emo amp . I owned a Theta amp and sold it when I shipped my Kef Model Fours to Alaska , I then tried a few Emo amps but really didnt care for them . Anyway enjoy your new amp you got a nice system , wanna buy a 4520ci now ? lol
  3. Nice Amp Congrats [Y] Im running a Class D M2-2000-5 (5 channels) 3 x 500w, 2 x 250w nice and cool love it
  4. lol now thats funny I thought I was the only one like that good thing is if you get rid of that emo gear you wont have to worry about fires []
  5. So much ? $895.00 for 1m from music direct avg used price is 350-400 http://www.musicdirect.com/p-234-audioquest-colorado-interconnects-pr.aspx As for the question do they make a diffrence to me they do , but cables and wires are a bad subject Also your other gear has to be decent to really hear the diffrence . I just bought all Colorado XLR's so I will be selling 5 of these total .
  6. Audioquest Cinnamon 2M 6'7'' -HDMI Ethernet Audio Video Cable Meter 3D 45.00 Shipped No Box Like New
  7. Blue Jean Cable LC-1 Five Channel Audio Cables 3 foot Black 70.00 very very little use
  8. Wish I lived closer great deal
  9. (1) SHUNYATA - VENOM 3 1.5M 15AMP(1) SHUNYATA - VENOM 3 SOURCE 1.75M 15AMP (1) SHUNYATA - DIAMONDBACK PLAT. 5FT 20AMP All used less than 1 week $300.00
  10. Audioquest Colorado RCA Pair 1 meter 72v DBS 400.00
  11. Dual Banana Monster Used 4 Days 2 pair 4 pc Total 20.00
  12. AIUC with all the gear you've gone through, how come you haven't upgraded your tv yet? Its starting to look a little long in the tooth compared to your other audio gear Whats wrong with my TV ?
  13. The going in Debt part was a figure of speech and as for the interconnects I agree to a point , you dont want to put 1000.00 worth of Interconnects on a 500.00 system
  14. interconnects will make the most diffrence I use Audioquest Colorado on all 5 ch MORROW AUDIO has 30% off right now and I hear the MA4 are awesome
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