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  1. I like black everything I got is black
  2. I bought mine from Vanns last year . I applied for there credit card online and got 1 yr intrest free I paid 3200.00 last year they had a deal going buy the 2 RF-7ll for full price get the center free . So 3000 is a good price for A stock
  3. Sorry didnt see the that somone already said that
  4. Check with sound_distributors ask if they will give you a better deal than vanns
  5. about 80w x7 This is another reason I just kept my 5508 and XPA-5 I didnt want to play the watt game
  6. Update I sent back the 809 and kept my 5508 and XPA-5
  7. You hit that one on the head , I was using a Onkyo PR-SC5508 and a XPA-5 to drive my setup then last week I picked up a TX-SR806 used for my garage , well I wanted to test it out to make it worked so I pulled the 5508 and XPA-5 .Guess what I was in shock I could not tell any diffrence in sound or power using the 130w Onkyo 806 So to make this story short I bought a TX-NR809 Last night for 700.00 shipped and Im going to sell my 5508 and XPA-5 for my size room its just right . I also watched a movie last night and never even thought twice about keeping the 5508 and XPA-5 2400.00 VS 700.00 Klipsch RF-7II 101db Klipsch RC-64II 97db RS-62II 99db Required Power: The RMS watts per channel required to produce music at the desired SPL at the listening position. speaker sens. (1w/1M) listener distance desired SPL amp. headroom required power 104db 15' (4.6M) 90db 15db 27 watts 101db 15' (4.6M) 90db 15db 53 watts 98db 15' (4.6M) 90db 15db 106 watts 95db 15' (4.6M) 90db 15db 212 watts 92db 15' (4.6M) 90db 15db 422 watts 89db 15' (4.6M) 90db 15db 842 watts 86db 15' (4.6M) 90db 15db 1681 watts 83db 15' (4.6M) 90db 15db 3354 watts 80db 15' (4.6M) 90db 15db 6691 watts 77db 15' (4.6M) 90db 15db 13,351 watts 104db 8' (2.46M) 80db 15db 1 watt 101db 8' (2.46M) 80db 15db 2 watts 98db 8' (2.46M) 80db 15db 3 watts 95db 8' (2.46M) 80db 15db 6 watts 92db 8' (2.46M) 80db 15db 12 watts 89db 8' (2.46M) 80db 15db 24 watts 86db 8' (2.46M) 80db 15db 48 watts 83db 8' (2.46M) 80db 15db 96 watts 80db 8' (2.46M) 80db 15db 191 watts 77db 8' (2.46M) 80db 15db 382 watts
  8. My system in my office sounds way better with same media
  9. Shoot now there 9ft apart 1ft from the wall
  10. Id like to try these speakers , heard nothing but good . But in a way I feel I would be going down http://emotiva.com/ert83.shtm
  11. Because the room is open on the other side , when testing bass with an spl it is real real week anywhere but the front left or rear left
  12. The problem is the sub in this room needs to be in the front left corner , I could move it to the left rear corner and pull the mains apart more
  13. --- 9ft I just checked might be the angle of the picture
  14. I am wondering what distance RF-7ll owners are sitting from there RF-7ll's Im about 8ft and wondering if this is my problem with the horns feeling ear piercing ? Im ready to replace them over this but want hear what others experience
  15. A1UC

    AVR or Amp

    I bought the SC-57 and sold it , I didnt like the menu plus the SC-57 uses a global x over also I decided I wanted XT32 audyssey . The SC-57 was otherwise a super unit
  16. A friend of mine has 2 UPA-1 , He let me use them last weekend and my RF-7s sounded better to me . Now what sounds better to one might not sound better to another , and for the XPA-2 I will change my words about being an overkill , To myself its an overkill thats why I sold mine .
  17. Im going to go with 3 upa-1 mono blocks for the front stage and upa-2 for the surrounds which I have . XPS-2 is a overkill for that speaker, I had one. tHE UPA-1 would be just right
  18. Do you think these prices are close , just wondering because if they are Im going to buy another XPA
  19. what do you have your center channel set to
  20. I hooked up my new pre pro and played some music tonight in 2 channel and for some reason it sounds great , Im thinking before I had the 2 VTF-15H in play .Im going to mess with it some more later in the week Also in 2 channel I can pick from Stereo- Pure Audio-Direct thoughts ? Im using Pandora
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