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  1. What's your plans for the pacific when the horizon comes in? Or did you just get the pacific?

    This is Horizon I've had it a couple weeks already . The Pacific is already gone .

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  2. Man Rodney... from a specification perspective, that Lampizator Horizon looks absolutely amazing.
    Is it hooked up yet?

    Yes been using it plenty, very very good . Current setup

    Main System
    VAC Master
    Constellation Centaur ll 500 / Shunyata Omega QR
    LampizatOr Pacific
    Taiko Audio SGM Extreme
    Shunyata Omega USB
    Focal Maestro Utopia Evo
    Shunyata Sigma NR v2 Speaker Cable's & Interconnect's

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  3. Have been thinking about some new Gold Lions for my wittle PrimaLuna integrated.  Yea, putting it off for the last few months but also knowing it was time.  THEN the Crimean garbage started so I started thinking I'd better jump while I could.  So made the call.  KT88's are 4-6 weeks out and I'm praying they show up.  IF not I know where I can get a quad.  [mention=49590]A1UC[/mention]?  I mean it's only HALF of what you run.    [emoji23]    Lawdy man!  
    [emoji23]  [emoji23]  [emoji23]

    I ended up just buying a quad of RK KT88 , getting harder to source stuff nowadays. I waited 3 months for transformers to be done . You'll be happy with those tubes .

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  4. Congrats. I really hope you get maximum enjoyment out of this new system of yours. I was wondering what that giant Star Trek looking machine is on the left. Is that the Pre-amp he built? Holy Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. Please don't even think about going there. Keep what sanity you have left. JK.

    It's a VAC integrated 150k

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  5. Puritan PSM156 6-Outlet Studio Master Mains Purifier w/2M Classic Cord Brand New Sealed

    3% Pay Pal plus ship






    I use this model on both of my systems with excellent results



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