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  1. This is what they look like on the wall on either side of the bed, kinda different...they sound OK for casual listening. Will cleanup the wires if I leave them there...
  2. Ok, the readings first fluctuate but flatten out around 8, so I feel better that building a female jack might work. Thank You!
  3. Ok, I have a basic meter but don't really know how to use it. Let me research that first. Thanks, and I'll learn something!
  4. I picked up a pair of these Akai speakers and want to see if they work without cutting off the 1/4" phone plug. I think they originally were intended to mate up with a reel to reel deck. I was thinking I could get a female jack, solder speaker wire to the correct terminals, then be good to go. Will that work? Thanks!
  5. *** SOLD *** Offering a pair of XF-48 floorstanding speakers. I bought these new from an authorized dealer in Feb 2010 and they have been in storage most of the time, not a lot of play time. These are active speakers with built in 100W amps and are pretty versatile. I have them in a bedroom now playing from an iPod. When I used them in a 5.1 setup, I used the receivers’ pre-outs for front L+R. They have binding posts, but I’ve always configured them with line in to use the built in amp, so I can’t comment how they function with conventional speaker wire and never bothered trying. $400/pair. Gonna see if anyone in North Texas or Southern Oklahoma is interested before I consider shipping. I also have a pair of XB-10’s on the XFS stands and an XL-23 that would all pair well together if that would sway your decision. PM for cost discussions. Thanks!
  6. I can't get the back off, after taking out the screws, the panel is still glued and I don't really want to pry it off yet. But I can see most of the driver through the front grill and it appears to be a 12" coaxial, possibly a H222. This link, http://www.shoppok.com/utica/a,49,81488,Rare-Vintage-Jensen-HiFi-Speaker-and-Guitar-Tube-Amp-Cabinet----565.htm, had the same cabinet for sale, and they claim it has a H222.... Who knows...
  7. Thanks for the replies. Yes, John, there are grilles on each side in the same cane material, before the cabinet slopes for the corner angles. I was gonna take off the front, but after removing the 4 knobs, the HF control knob still holds the frame. Seems odd in that respect. I will remove the back like seti recommends and see/photo the insides. I can't find a pic anywhere of this unit, the closest i found had the HF control on the side instead of the front middle. Anyway, I'll investigate. Thanks! Edit: here is what the sides look like
  8. Anyone seen one of these? Picked it up at a garage sale and it's in great shape, all the cain is intact on sides and front. I was fiddling with the balance knob on front and seemed to have blown? the HF section of the driver. Something to play around with for a while.
  9. ********** SOLD **********************
  10. Price reduction..........$125 and I pickup shipping and paypal fees. **** SOLD ****
  11. Thanks for heads up, I see that the background varies whether I sign in or just view as a guest also....maybe the red font works.
  12. I don’t use this anymore because I don’t have a decent ISP where I live now and can’t stream music, that was my primary use for it. I previously used it for music streaming, playback from a USB device, and playback from music library on a laptop PC. Comes with boxes, manual, AC cord, RCA cable, remote, and actual device. Asking $225 and I’ll pickup Paypal fees and shipping. Thanks, Mark
  13. Look forward to pics...sure would consider part of the system.
  14. Price lowered to $550 to help out with replacement woofer if buyer decides to match either one. Thanks
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