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  1. Thanks for the comments: seeing the look on someone's face during and explosion or the smile on their face when listening to a musical track is what it is all about. Just being a part of the experience and not an observer, speaks to the quality of the system. The dynamic range of the Klipsch Heritage line sounds awesome, not to speak of getting good sound over 115 db. I live near Chicago, so there should be somewhere near me to take a listen. I also go to Indianapolis four or five times a years where there are a couple of Klipsch dealers that may be able to give me a demo.

  2. I have a Pioneer Elite SC 35 in a 9.1 setup. I use Front Height speakers and surround back. The avr selects which speakers to use based on the movie I am watching. The 9.1 setup is great for movies due to the various formats available for DVD and Blu-ray. I use Klipsch VS 14 surround speakers for my Front Height. I have also used Klipsch VB 15 for Front Height, for me there was not much difference in SQ for movies or music. I prefer the VS 14's for asthetic purposes. Front Height speakers are great for music because it has the effect of making the towers larger due to the vertical imaging. The tower's should be louder than the height speaker, so imaging should not be a major concern. Either (bookshelf / surround) type of speakers will work well. Get both, and start expeirementing, since that is what a lot of us like doing. In your setup, you are going to love listening to music in the extended stero mode, surround sound from all your speakers at once, simply fantastic!

  3. I wonder with the speakers set to large, is the bass from the sub canceling out the bass from the speakers. This type of phase issue is know to occur. I have the VF 36's and set everything to small in the amp and get plenty of bass. The spec's on the VF 36 are similar to the RF 82 except the driver are different. We move around our subs for the best spot in the room, but this is not practical with our mains. Also, the bass control in the amp is analog and digital in the sub. This may also cause some phase issues. Just a thought.

  4. Thanks for your help. I think I will take the plunge and get a second sub and experiment with it and see if it adds to myHT experience. I will make sure I can return it if I do not feel that the cost benefit is worth it. I would like to get another 15in sub since I am really pleased with the one I have. I have a smaller Klipch sub from my HD 500 HT but I do not feel it is a good match. I will post results when I have given it a trial. It will give me a chance to use some of the advance feature of my Pioneer SC 35 for room correction. I will read up on the use of parametric equalizers a bit more. For the fun of it, I may plot out some graphs of the subs response curve.

  5. Currently, I have a flat respone of my system, thanks to the MCACC program. If I get a second sub, it will have to go in a front corner or be located on a side wall. The current sub is 4 ft. from the front right wall. The subs cannont be ideally placed. My concern is will I have problems with standing waves or phase problems. Parametric equalizers are not expensive and I was wondering will this be helpful. Another concern is weather MCACC will apply room correction for both subs if I used a Y-connector coming from my receiver and running to the subs. I have heard thedistance for the subs will be incorrect after autocalibration. Currently, my bass management seem optimal, so before spending money I want to make sure that I will like the addition of a second sub.

  6. So many threads talk about what sub should I get or which sub is better. For me, the question is not what brand sub to buy, but effective bass management. Most auto-calibration programs on avr's do not manage the bass spectrum very well. When connecting multiple subs on a .1 or .2 system, how effective are the auto-calibration programs? To get the most out of the bass spectrum of my system, what role does a separate sub equalizer play? I know these are simple questions with not so simple answers. Bass management is a complex subject, and depends on placement, room acoustics, LFE and X-over to name a few. During the short time since I have joined the forum, I have been impressed with the depth of knowledge that Klipch members share on this forum. This forum is audio school 101 for me. I am interested to see what other members opinions are on this topic.

  7. The top of the line Pioneer's are excellent receivers. They are large and they are heavy, lol. I have an SC 35 and have no major issues that appear to be a problem for music listening or home theater. The MCACC is so good that it makes up for room imperfections. Power is not an issue and I have not notice any distortion in my setup. I got the SC 35 for around $700, new. I use many of the extra features and do not need a lot of separates with this avr. I took home two Denon for 3 weeks each and took them both back. I have also owed an Onkyo Flagship avr that was almost as good as the Elite avr's . These avr are as good as it gets under $2000.00. I use the internet radio feature coupled with my BD for pandora radio, netflix and other HT applications. The Pioneer avr's can extend HT to another level. This avr also works well with All Share on my Samsung TV for music and video streaming from my laptop. You can't set individual speaker X-overs but this is not really an issue if you are using a sub.


  8. The KS 14's are widedispersion speakers. They send out sound in a 180 degree arc. Bookshelf speaker are direct radiating, the sound travel right at the listener. The KB 15 is a bookshelf speaker sold at BB. See which one you can get a better deal on. Where are you going to put them? Will you need speaker stands or is wall mounting an options? The KB 15 has slightly more power and a larger frequency range.

  9. Bookself and the wide dispersion speakers will work. Depending on your room layout and future plans, let that guide your choice. I have wide dispersion speakers high up on the wall and use bookshelf speakers as rears. Determine the footprint you want your system to have. I like room asthetics in conjunction with my sound system, so a smaller footprint works for me. With the Qintet's, you are not looking for speakers to handle a wide frequency range and your sub will be an intergral part of your system.

  10. l

    If your speaker are full range, set the X-over to 60:; if you are using a HT, set the speakers to small, Turn the sub X-over as high as it will go. Run any autocalibration program. Your connection with the Y splitter should be fine. Connecting a Y splitter to the sub's L/R input increases the sub's output by around 3 db. Your LFE should be turned on. Many people like their sub's controlling the LFE/bass so the amp has more power for the midrange and highs. Also, try your sub in several locations and check your connections and wire to make sure they are all connected well. You can try a second sub RCA cable to see if that will get rid of the buzz. Don't turn the gain up over 60% or the two O'clock position. Other will chime in and help you fine tune your system. Good Luck!

  11. Hi Mark, welcome to the forum. The KS 14's are surround speaker and will work well in that role. The quintet's are direct radiating speaker and should work well for you C/L/R. Set your avr crossover in the avr at 80 if you have the large Quintet speakers sold as part of a HT package or at 120 if you have the satellite speakers. I like my wide dispersion speaker in a side configuration next to or close to the listener and not behind them. Enjoy!

  12. I have beening toying with the avr and was able to get PLIIZ-THX music with a CD in the BD. I don't think this mode is possible with mp3, internet radio, or Pandora. The problem is that I have brought these speakers and avr and now I find myself listening to more music. After hearing this mode, it will work well for jazz with vocals or fine musical tracks because it separates the instrumental and voices different than in the other surround modes. For general listening, I prefer the PLIIZ-extended stereo mode. IT offers a fuller sound stage. I have a large mp3 collection but few CD's. I guess I will be buying more CD's in the future. The PLIIX-music and Neo 6 music modes are ok, but not as nice as using the fornt height speakers. I find myself more and more preferring the Front Height speakers over the Surround back. Thanks everyone for you insightful assisstance

  13. I have a Pioneer Elite SC 35 receiver. I run a 9.1 setup with Front
    Height and Surround Back speakers. I know the receiver can only use 7
    channels at any one time. My question is how to get the receiver to give
    me the option of PLIIZ music. I get Neo 6 music and PLIIX music. The
    PLIIZ function works with blue-ray and cable TV. The SC 35/37 manuel
    states that this should be an option for listening to music. Second
    question, I like listening to music in the PLIIZ format. Music also
    sounds nice in the Extended Stereo mode. I do not seem to be able to
    use these two modes together; I can use the PLIIZ function with other modes, like action, drama and sports. Extended Stereo mode does utilize my
    center speaker, so it is not necessarily 2 channel stereo that is being
    played. In the speaker setting, I have seleceted normal (SB/FH). Pioneer support help is not the best, lol.

  14. Spongeworthy was a term from the sitcom Sienfeld. Ellen used it to describe if the man she was dating at the time, was worth having an intimate relationship with her. She also brought up all the sponge in town in one episode. Things were going to really get hot for her, lol.

  15. Delayed gratification can have it's sweet rewards; that only the ones that realize what the journey required, can fully apperciate it. It intells a journey that is a reward in it's on right. I kown when you get your speaks, the top of the mountain will sound as sweet as the journey.

    Best Regards,


  16. The VF 35 cut sheet shows 8 ohms nominal impedance, 100w RMS/ 400w peak. The ohms level may chang depending of what frequency the speaker is producing. What I am trying to say is that the ohm level is not constant. Get a good sub and not over push your speakers. Are you in the United States? I ask this because if you are the 8 ohm setting will more likely apply to your speaker operation.

  17. When asking BB store, see if it is in stock or storage, the VC 25 a VS 14's I got were not on the show room floor and they deep discounted them to get a quick sell. The KC 25 will work although the woofer is different. You will not be using it for it bass respone so I do not think you will hear any noticeable difference concerning timber matching.

  18. You might try to search some BB store individually. I brought mine's a couple of months ago. Buy all the V series stuff now why some of it is still available. I like the sound quality for music and HT. A good sub is a must! I think the V series sounds better than the new K series but is slightly lest in the power handeling department, which is really not an issues.

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