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  1. I wonder if you moved the front height speakers to the back and the and put the RB 51 on stands for your front stage. I think the stronger speaker should be in the front. More sounds and dialogue is in the front stage for movies, and the rears and, surrounds are for effects. This will also work better for music.

  2. I have no experience with the Quintet series. I do have the Klipsch HT 500 and it is a really nice satellite system. The sub is also great. Because I will be upgrading my system, I will need to part with my HT 500 set in the near future.

  3. No, I do not listen at reference level because it will eventually kill my hearing, lol. As far as getting rid of the boomy sound from the bass, that is why it is recommend to set all the speakers to small. The crossover control for the receiver is digital in most case and analog at the speakers. Digital is faster than analog so phase problems occur when setting your mains to large for some rooms. Also the LFE is a separate channel in your system and also handles the bass from the other speakers. Some people think the LFE channel is the same as bass and this is not entirely true. The LFE channel carries frequenceis below 120 Hz. What helps, especially with music is to turn down the crossover on the subwoofer down. Some bass is directional above 60 Hz. Also turning up the crossover on the sub to 180 or all the way to the max can cause some midrange to also be sent to the sub. Remember this is AV sicence, so time to do some tinkering. Room placement is a critical factor, that why some people are better off with one sub and not multiple sub. If you use more than one sub, that is why people recommend using two identical sub to help with phase issues. Also changeing settings to far from autocalibration will throw the system off balance and using to loud a volume.

  4. Hello, I also own the V serie and really like there performance for HT and music. I have mine paired up with and Acoustic Audio 15in. sub. It sound great. I like this sub over my Klipch 10 in sub and it is under $300. I don't think there are many better subs in that price range. Reviews are on the Blue-ray forumn.

  5. The F 20 may work in your system and leave a little extra money to go for a sub or Pioneer avr. I like the Pioneer's because power is not an issue and the autocalibration is excellent for room correction. For HT a good sub is a must to enjoy the bangs and explosions. It will also make music listening more enjoyable. Since center channel dialogue is a problem in a lot of HT, I think the F 20 may work better due to slightly lower volume in your front stage . Symmetry and balance is the key to a good HT. Good luck and enjoy the tweek and experimentation to get the sound that please you.

  6. Yes, these speakers are very crisp and clear. I certainly enjoy my music much more since I purchased the V series. You will never find brand new Klipsch at these prices. It is a great deal at these closeout prices. I am glad to here from othe V series people and seeing how they setup their system. But, they need a sub to complete the setup for improved performance.

  7. I demo the K series for close to a month and the the V series which i kept. The K series is slighly louder but no improved quality in sound and the V's were so much cheaper. I can go up a db or 2 and saved a ton of money. I really like my V series in a 9.1 setup.

    Pioneer Eleite SC 35

    Klipsch VF 35 mains

    Klipsch VS 14 Front Height

    Klipsch VS 14 surrounds

    Klipsch VB 15 surround back

    Klipsch VC 25 center

    AA RW15 sub

  8. Nice speakers, when I first read about the Icon Series, Klipsch's describe the W series as classic beauty with great performance. The Icon X was said to be contempory beauty and great performance and the V series as value driven performance. Due to the size of the Icon series, subs are needed to help get the full range of bass. Enjoy their sound and visual presence!

  9. That is what the Front Height speaker do, work kinda as an extra presence speaker for the mains. Only if a movie is encoded for front height's will you get it's own special effects. Some other blue-rays will localizetu certain parts of a movie to the height channel if your system can make use of the spatial imaging data encoded in the movie. But, Front Height channel will give you more of an effect than the rear surround backs. I did not think that I would like it so much, but now it is one of my favorite movie modes.

  10. I use front height speaker and have used bookshelf and the wide dispersion speakers for that purpose. They both work well for front height. Personally I like the wide dispersion speakers due to asthetic, and since they are for adding a vertical dimension to the front stage. The should not be to powerful compared the your mains. I really like my 9.1 setup for movies. The setup plays well to the wide array of blue-ray and dvd formats.

  11. Thanks everyone for your comments and suggestions. The verdicit is in, upgrade speakers for the best bang for your bucks. Since I like these speakers, they will end up downstairs where I have a lonely 51 in Plasma 3D TV. I will consider RB 81 across the front paired with 2 subs. That would make a nice front stage. My wife will not go for larger towers. I will stay with a 9.1 or 9.2 setup. This setup is great for blue-rays, dvd and tv. I know the avr is a bit on the high end but BB had it on closeout for $729, so I could not pass that deal up, lol. I am learning a lot from this forum. Time to start looking for deal.

  12. I have a Icon V series HT (VF 35, VC 25, VS 14, VS 15 and a RW 15 sub) and a Pioneer SC 35 Elite receiver for my HT setup. The receiver has a class D amp at 140 watts x 7 continuous and the speaker are rated 100-400 watts VF 35 and 50-200 watts VS 14. My questions are the following:

    1) Can I benefit from a power amp

    2) If I can, what type and how much power

    3) I do not want to damage the receiver or speaker

    My setup is a 9.1 with the VS 14's as front height and surrounds, and the VB 15's as surround back. I see lot of people on this forum with power amps but they have larger speaker that have more headroom for power. I was told that the reciever has a peak around 280 watts/channel. Comments and suggestions are appreciated.

  13. I have a Pioneer Elite SC 35 avr with 140watt continous power rating over 7 channels. Each channel has a class D amp. I have a 9.1 setup. I have Klipsch Icon V series HT setup (VF 35, VC 25, VS 14, VB 15 and a 15in RW sub). The speakers are rate 100-400 for towers and 75-200 on the surrounds. If I were to get a power amp would it be beneficial ; I am guessing the avr has a peak around 280-300. My question are the following:

    1) what type of amp and with how much power

    2) which speakers to amp

    3) dangers to speaker, and avr

    Comments and suggestions appreciated.

  14. Sometime I think people put to much emphasis on the speaker and not enough on the avr or amps. Afterall, the avr/amp is the heart and brains of the system. Don't get me wrong, speaker are a key element of any system : )

    Klipsch VF 35 Fronts

    Klipsch VC 25 center

    Klipsch VS 14 Front Height

    Klipsch VS 14 Surrounds

    Klipsch VB 15 Surround Back

    AA RW 15 SUB

    Klipsch HT 500 for rec room

  15. The B 20 are good speakers. The power mismatch could be a blessing since a major problem with HT setup is getting the center speaker/channel loud enough to hear dialouge clearly. Have you considered changeing avr's. I was not sure from reading your post if that avr had autocalibration. Autocalibration would give you the balance that you are looking for. I know for me upgradeitis can be expensive. AVR's are on sale now and a good Pioneer, Denon or Yamaha will not cost an arm and a legs; just a thought.

  16. My answer is surprisinglyYes, I replaced my Klipsch sub this week with another brand sub and experienced the phenomenon of the sub being broke-in. I hooked it up and was not overly impressed, but after a few hours of music the sound improved greatly. My auto-calibration set the new sub to +3.5. After 3 days the sub sounded tighter and really good. I performed auto-calibration again without moving the sub and the sub setting went from +3.5 to -3.0. So, over a couple of days of normal use the sub improved in effieciecy, suoud qualty and overall performance. I am running a Klipsch Icon V HT and I am enjoying music and movies much more. It was not bad to begin with!

    Pioneer Elite SC 35 avr

    Klipsch VF 35 Front

    Klipsch VC 25 Center

    Klipsch VS 14 Front Height

    Klipsch VS 14 Surronds

    Klipsch VS 15 Surround Back

    AA RW15 sub

  17. My question for you is what is your goal? The RF 82's are nice speakers and it sounds like you want to put together a home theater. Another questions is what type of avr/amp will be controling the RF 82's and sub? The point I am getting at is system harmony, how every thing will fit together. Please post more Info

  18. I use my surrounds up near the ceiling and my front height speakers 2 ft. belotw the ceiling. My ceiling is10 ft high and the room is 20 x19. I like the effects due to better spatial imaging. Due to room constraints, I don't not worry about strictly adhering to recommended speaker guidelines. That what autocalibration is for.

  19. Thanks for the suggestions. I purchased a, 15 inch 300 wt RMS and 600 peak wt dynamicout put, AA sub . It is not a familiar brand on this form, but this

    baby preforms. I don't think I will be upgrading this sub anytime soon : )

  20. I had the Klipsch HT 500 with the satellite speakers up near the ceiling which is 10 feet and the center speaker just under the TV and that was a very nice setup. I have replaced it with the Icon V series and use Front Height speaker and surround speakers near the ceiling. It sounds great, and I enjoy the spatial effect like footsteps unstairs like in Master and Commander Far Side of the World. I know this is not what many audiophile consider optimum speaker placememt, but I like the way it looks (less obtrusive) and that is what auto-calibration is for. I think you will be happy and need not worry. I have a 7.1 system with a 9.1 setup. Hope this is of some help. My room is 20 X 19 and I sit 12-13 feet from the TV.

    Pioneer SC 35 receiver

    Klipsch VF 35 Front

    Klipsch VS 14 Front Height

    Klipsch VS 14 Surround

    Klipsch VC 25 Center

    Klipsch VB 15 Surround Back

    Klipsch SW

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