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  1. I had the Klipsch HT 500 with the satellite speakers up near the ceiling which is 10 feet and the center speaker just under the TV and that was a very nice setup. I have replaced it with the Icon V series and use Front Height speaker and surround speakers near the ceiling. It sounds great, and I enjoy the spatial effect like footsteps unstairs like in Master and Commander Far Side of the World. I know this is not what many audiophile consider optimum speaker placememt, but I like the way it looks (less obtrusive) and that is what auto-calibration is for. I think you will be happy and need not worry. I have a 7.1 system with a 9.1 setup. Hope this is of some help. My room is 20 X 19 and I sit 12-13 feet from the TV. Pioneer SC 35 receiver Klipsch VF 35 Front Klipsch VS 14 Front Height Klipsch VS 14 Surround Klipsch VC 25 Center Klipsch VB 15 Surround Back Klipsch SW
  2. I agree that the pioneer avr will drive those speakers without a problem. Due to the effiency of the Klipasch speaker, power is usually not a problem with use in the HT. Music lovers may need the extra power of an amp. I use my HT 90% for movies and TV. I have a pioneer SC 35 and watch blue-ray at a volume of -35 to -25. Pioneer SC 35 Klipsch VF 35 Front Klipsch VS 14 Front Height Klipsch VS 14 Surround Klipsch VC 25 Center Klipsch VB 15 Surround Back Klipsch SW Samsung 51in 3D TV Samsung 3D BD Wii for netflix and exercise (lol -not a gamer)
  3. My system is in the family room 20x14 with 10ft. ceiling. It opens up to the kitchen but that is not a problem. My budget is around $500. I thought about a Klipsch sub but I see on the forum people also use other brands. With subs I do not have to worry about the voice match problem. This is my first theater that did not not come in one box, lol. Thanks for the help. You have a very nice setup by the way!
  4. I have the Icon V series HT with an old sub from klipsch HT 500 system. I like the sub, but I want the room shaking bass for movies. My system's crossover is at 100 on the avr. Looking for opions on what size, and type would work well with this system. The avr is 7.1 so 2 subs is not an option, I think. Pioneer SC 35 avr (140w/channel) Klipsch VF 35 Towers Klipsch VS 14's Front Height Klipsch VS 14's Surrounds Klipsch VS 15's Surround Back Klipsch VC 25 center Klipsch SW from Klipsch 500 HT (100w-200 w peek)
  5. Another option is to keep an amp and use it for extra zones or on the surronds/or front stage. The SC 35 and SC 57 both have pre-outs for an amp. Either way you will be happy.
  6. I also got a Pioneer SC 35 a month ago. Great price at BB. This avr gives you room to grow. I run a 9.1 setup on this7.1 reciever. Power has not been a problem with my HT. Klipsch IconV series is also a good buy now. The expanded features on my BD is very similar to media gallery, minus a few things that I really don't need or wood use. Pioneer SC 35 Klipsch VF 35's Main Klipsch VC 25 Center Klipsch VS 14's Front Height Klipsch VS 14's Surrounds Klipsch VB 15's Surround Back Klipsch SW Samsung 3D Plasma TV Samsung 3D BD Wii for netfix and some exercise (not a gamer) ASUS notebook for all share connectivity
  7. I wish I could say it is Hennesey time, which would be nice, but, work in the morning. I think I will watch a movie with my Klipsch system and have a Coke and a smile!
  8. Nicely said: Bi-amping makes more sense. Due to the varying opions on bi-wiring, you can conclude that this practice does not make that much of a difference. Theorectically bi-amping makes more sense. But, once again is the difference worth it or do we just like playing with our systems?
  9. You get the same power per channel but the SC 57 ($2100) is a 9.1 system. I broug SC 35 at BB for $729: they recently had the SC 37 for $799. You may be able to find this on closeout and save money. That is if you do not need the extra zones or you are not planning on running an 11.1 setup. I have a good size home and 9.1 setup is a bit over kill. There are so few 7 channel movies and in the next few years I doubt if we see enough 9 channel movies. Hollywood is just lagging behind the avr technology.
  10. The RF 7's are moster speaker and can handle a lot of power. The Pioneer SC 57 is a top of the line avr that should drive them ok. Larger speakers are in general more efficient than smaller one;s, so you will get more volume and depth from them at a given power level. You paid good money for the SC 57, try without the amp first I have and Pioneer SC 35 and do not feel a need for an amp. I use my system mostly for moives and TV (90%) and music on the side. Pioneer SC 35 Klipsch VF 35 main's Klipsch VS 14 Front Height Klipsch VC 25 center Klipsch VS 14 surrounds Klipsch VB 15 surround back Klipsch SW Samsung 51 in 3D TV Samsung 3D BD
  11. P.S. I left out Klipsch VF 35 for main front speaker, getting late : )
  12. Hi, the RS 42's should be good since they do not have to be as strong as the speakerss in the front sound stage. The RS 52's will be slightly fuller but, the contrast between the front stage and the surrounds may be better with the 42's. This may give better spatial imageing. A good HT is about balance and not just volume. A good avr goes along way in the options and performance in a home theater. The avr will bring balance and flexability to your system with fine tweeks that make up for room imperfections and the difference in speakers. I have a 20x18 foot room and really like my HT. I use it 85% for moives. Klipsch VS 14's Front Height Klipsch VS 14's R/L surronds near ceiling 10 ftl high Klipsch VB 15's Surround Back Klipsch SW Samsung 3D Plasma TV
  13. I am still finding great deals on the iconV series. Just got VS 14's on closeout at BB.Now I changed around my system to get better sound out of my 7.1 system with a 9.1 setup. Pioneer SC 35 avr VF 35's front R/L VS 14's Front Height VS 14's Surrounds (mounted near 10 ft. ceiling VB 15,s Surround Back Klipsch SW With the surrounds near the ceiling, I can get added effects like foot steps upstairs in Master and commander DDPLIIx-THX. It is also great for plane and ariel acts. The SW was moved to a corner position and the MCACC did a great job controling the SW so no problems with distortion and phase problems. I sure would like to here how other people like these speaker and their setup. I know I am not the only one finding these great deals going on this time of year : )
  14. Ont thing I left out is with a 9.1 system people use an 11.1 setup. If the room size is small to many speakers can cancel each other out and will be no better than a good 5.1 setup. Hope this is of some help. My setup: Klipsch VC 25 center Klipsch VF 35 front L/R Klipsch VS 14 Front Height Klipsch VB 15 surrounds Klipsch satellite surround back in rear position (satellites from Klipsch HT 500) Klipsch SW from HT 500
  15. Front Height speakers work depending on your setup. In a 7.1 or 7.2 channel receiver they are more prescence speaker and add a vertical dimension to your sound stage If you have a 9.1or 9.2 channel receiver you get even more out of the like rain drops from the ceiling in Forrest Gump or foot step from upstairs in Master and Commander Far Side of the World. I have a 7.1 receiver with a 9.1 setup. I like the Height effct and use SV 14s, four and a half feet directly above my VF 35's. Dolby recommends Height speaker directly above the front mains. Remember that there are not a lot of 7.1 moves out there. You really notice the special effect with 6.1 or 7.1 BD.
  16. These will be great speakers if you get a goood avr to run your system and a large room. Speaker don't go obsolet like other electronics. Going from Bose to any of Klipsch non-satellite system will be a joy. The price is good considering what you are getting. Just get a friend to help you carry then : )
  17. I recently purchased my VF 35 towers from Vann's also. These are great speaker. I have a VC 25 center, VB 15 surrounds and VS14 for Front Height speakers in my HT. I you like music listening, which sound like you do : ), just add a sub. The center channel is easy to hear the voice track if the receiver is setup correctly. By that I mean you can't stray to far from the autocalibration setting. I also have an 8in Klipsch sub which provides me all the bass in need. Your ears will be happy and don't buy speakers just on reading spec. I also have Klipsch satellites to complete my 9.1 setup and could not be happier. You can't beat the great bargin that Vann's has going on!
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