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  1. Are there noticeable differences between C1's and C3's? If so, how would you describe them? Thank you! I guess if you have the money, one can swap components like they swap speakers for something different. But you probably take a hit on resale values when you find what you like. And then I ask myself: should I change something that I already like, spend $500+ on something that may only yield marginal improvements like replacement drivers. I'm not willing to cut or replace the baffles in the speaker so what do I do......? Enjoy the speakers as they are and maybe someday experiment with other speakers.
  2. Is it really a Cornwall after you do all that? No offense but that bothers me for some reason. I guess there’s not wrong with doing some of your own speaker engineering to taste. I really do like the balance of a factory Cornwall. I want to try LS but my bet is that I might not like the bass and overall thinner sound.
  3. They could be spread some more. Right now they are 8 feet apart and I sit about 9 feet or so from the speakers. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Have your heard the La Scala and how do these compare in the mid-range detail department? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Wow...that’s one heck of a HT system. Talk about maximum slam. Sheesh Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I understand folks repair stuff like that by brushing a bit of clear coat finger nail polish or superglue on it just to keep it from tearing anymore. But that it generally does not effect the sound. You don’t want to put anything to heavy on it for sure. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Maybe a little tight getting this deal done for under $10k and I wonder if the bass response would be as good? I really need to hear the LS as I’m sure the quality of the mid-range response is excellent. That said I do like a full range balance speaker. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I purchased a pair of Cornwall’s 5 years ago for $800 in Dallas Texas. They are vinetage 1978. I spent $100+ getting Bob Crites to rebuild the crossovers. I push them with a Dynaco ST-70 and PAS 3. They are in my living room which is 18x16 and opens up to my dinning and kitchen area. These speakers completely fill all these rooms with deep, rich, clear, shimmering music. As has been noted many times, these speakers are not the last word on detail but what do you need to spend to get anywhere close to this experience? I spent $575 on my PAS 3 after upgrades (striped it down to an input control and volume) and $685 for my Will Vincent upgraded ST-70. That’s rough $2,100. I have been reviewing different speakers and amps online and everything I want is going to cost me $5000 or more. I’ve demo’d my Polk Monitor 10 and 7, Fostex full range, KEF and Tannoy monitors and they don’t even come close. Is there anything current or heritage that comes close under $10,000 for the whole system at this quality?
  9. I love my Dynaco PAS 3 and ST70 with my Cornwall I's (not as efficient). With Goldlion EL34, the midrange and top end is so nice, I just can't get enough. Love it.
  10. Crites uses polypropylene capacitors which I understand can sound thin compared to the paper-in-oil film caps in my Cornwall I's. Not sure what kind of caps the Corn II's came with.
  11. My Cornwalls sound amazing with my Dynaco ST70 and PAS 3. Tubes and horns are the way to go. Clear and smooth. Had my Luxman R1050 integrated (fairly warms for solid state) hooked up but still sounds brittle and strident compared to the tubes. Love it!
  12. I just picked up these speakers and I'm new to Klipsch speakers. Wow. I like them quite a bit pushed by my Dyanco PAS 3 and ST-70. I have read that the crossover caps have to be bad by now. I pulled the back off of one of them and they look new inside, very clean, etc. I bought them from the original owner and they have not been modded or upgraded, just well cared for. No leaks around the caps like some suggested I might see. Is there a quick test I can do with an ohms meter to see if the crossovers at at factor spec? Thank you,
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