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  1. If I could do it, I might... but in reality, it's only going to be *really* beneficial in multi-channel music. I really love my RS-62IIs as side surrounds for movie watching tho, which is the main usage of my system, so I don't think I would want to lose that sound. I really think 7 towers would be heaven for all channel stereo tho.

  2. Lots of articles out there showing how expensive cables don't make a difference. Shoot, it's actually really not difficult to even make your own if you buy the right stuff. People buy the expensive stuff mostly because they don't know any better. We are a society that's bred to think that more expensive = better, so why wouldn't that cross over into cables as well. There is a huge profit margin on that stuff, so that's why stores like BB always try to throw that in there on the sale.

  3. Easy for you to say. I don't know how much he spent on it but this is a custom entertainment center with sliding media storage and made from real wood and is 20' wide and 10' tall. And it's exactly what the wife wanted so I'm absolutely sure, it's here to stay. LOL

    Ha, I said that mostly jokingly anyways. It would probably be near impossible to move.
  4. What he needs to do is get rid of that giant entertainment center =^P As nice as it is, it seems that everything about it is counter-productive to being able to achieve good sound. I'm sure that whatever you hook him up with will end up better. Sounds like the A/V company took him for a bit of a ride unfortunately...

  5. I'm personally a fan of the Klipsch SW-115. If you shop around, you can probably get a new one for $600-$650. I'm surprised that scrappy didn't mention it (because he usually does =^P), but whatever you do, do not pay MSRP! Go to this link--->http://www.klipsch.com/authorized-online-dealers, find which dealers have what you want, and then actually call them to get the best deal. You will be surprised at what you can get the speakers for. I ended up upgrading my entire system because I was able to get a great deal by shopping around.

  6. The 4311 uses Audyssey for both subs (SubEQ), so I'm hoping that will do it's job. Also, front and back or side by side won't work unfortunately due to space. I'm going to have to do front R/L corners.

  7. Cool, thanks for the info. I may or may not do it. The 41s are pretty inexpensive, so it wouldn't be a big hit to try it. I suppose I could always look for used as well.

  8. The wides are like front height.

    This doesn't really help to answer my question =^P Would RB-41IIs work as heights as well? Maybe something to ponder for down the road since my 4311 is capable with an amp...My main question is will the 41s be enough speaker to keep up with the rest of my system or will they get drowned out? I would think with proper calibration they would be just fine for the purpose. Am I correct in thinking this?
  9. ^^^I hear you, but from what I understand the wides are just for some extra atmospheric stuff and I was thinking I shouldn't need much speaker for that sort of thing. I actually meant RB-41IIs, I will edit my first post.

  10. Recently I've been kicking around the idea of trying out wides in my setup. Would RB-42IIs be good enough, or would I want something more substantial to keep up with the rest of my system?

  11. I've never had 2 subs, so I'm excited to experience it. Some day maybe I'll end up with 4, just for the heck of it, ha ha. I doubt it tho, I have a feeling 2 of these is going to be more than enough for any room I'll ever have.

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