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  1. Congratulations on your upcoming retirement.

    Both my LaScalas and Heresys sit steady on a tile floor.

    I placed a large area oriental rug that lays directly in front of them.

    Like ricktate, when I first set them up it sounded so good I never gave it a thought.

    Now I'm curious...

  2. Wayfarer,

    Pardon my inability to find the right adjectives to describe the HIII's and LaScala's low end capabilities. I am not in to the technical side of all this. My expertise is more along the single malt scotch, with some Chet Baker on the old Linn Sondek LP 12 school of thought.

    But I am truly impressed with the HIII's. They reproduce music the way I love to hear it.

    The low end comes across very well. The range of this small speaker is quite remarkable. Plenty of low end for my taste.

    They fill my rather small music room perfectly. The sound staging is fantastic.

    Then I bought a pair of 1988 LS's. I was so surprised at how well they reproduced the bottom end.

    As great as the HIII's are, the LS's are that much better!

    I'm sure they would sound better in a larger room, but that only gives me something to look forward to, because they are simply incredible. I couldn't be any more pleased.

    To recap, HIII's in a small room are great. Bottom to top end.

    LS's are by far better still.

    I hope this helps.


  3. Hello Serge,

    I have been a Klipsch loyalist for longer than I care to mention. In fairness,I am biased to the Klipsch sound.

    Like you, I had the same question regarding the LaScalas. My music room is smaller then yours.

    Dennie, linked my post from just over a week ago to yours.

    Fate delt me a kind hand, and thanks to a wonderful member of this forum, I just fell into a great pair of 1988 LaScalas.

    Let me tell you that when I listen to music through my LaScalas, the walls in my small room melt away. The LaScalas transform my room in to the worlds finest concert hall.

    The sound stageing is remarkable. I really love how they sound at low volume. I have owned Haresey's, Cornwalls, KG3's, HereseyIII's, and each of them are wonderful loud speakers... But these LaScalas,are incredible!!!! And when you dial up the volume

    you become that old Memorex tape advert. the one with with the guy sitting in the chair infront of the speaker, his drink getting blown over.

    Get a pair, your only regret will be that you didn't get them sooner.

    In my opinion, your room size will work out just fine with the LaScalas. They are that good.

    Wecome to the forum.

  4. Hi Dennie,

    They have consecutive serial numbers on the lables, 1988 production.

    I believe completely unaltered as was the opinion of the previous owner.

    K-77M Tweeters, K-55M mid horn, and from what I have gathered the not so popular AL crossovers.

    Birch finish, with a few minor dings and scratches. To my ears, heaven.

    And your right, worthless post with out pics...I'm still trying to figure that one out.

  5. I would like to thank all the members of this forum who responded to my previous

    post regarding this topic. The responses where so helpful and the results were beyond

    my expectations. I was PM'd by a member who happened to have a pair for sale and by

    chance, lived relatively close by. Long story short, we met up this past weekend, and now I have a wonderful pair of LaScalas in my

    rather small music room. They sound incredible!!! I am in music bliss. If this contraption allows me to post a photo, I will.


  6. Hello,

    Brand new to the forum. I hope my rambling is coherant...A brief history.

    I've been a Klipsch owner for 30+ years. I started out with Heresy's then added Cornwalls.

    Eventually there was a career/ marriage/kids/divorce/marriage/retirement/work, and I got rid of my speakers somewhere along the way.

    Now here I am.

    I found Vinyl, I put a music room together, and went looking for speakers.

    I auditioned many but I longed for that Klipsch sound.

    Went to the website, and I was so pleased the Heritage line was still around.

    I bought the Heresey III's hoping they were like my old Heresy's. Holy cow!! I was blown away.

    The Heresy III have given me musical Bliss. The sound staging is wonderful.

    Now the Questions...

    I have been so pleased with the way Heresy III have performed, I'm ready to upgrade.

    Will the LaScala's blow away what already sounds perfect?

    I'm nervous spending that amount of money with out an audition. Back in the day, I went from the Heresy's to the

    Cornwalls, and they were fantastic. I can afford to go LaScala this time around.

    Second Question,

    Is my music room too small for La Scalas...the distance between speakers will be 10'

    and I sit approximately 9' from each speaker.

    Thank you for plodding through this post, I look forward to the response.


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