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  1. Just ordered it! Cheers
  2. I have one more play in me, And just enough Jameson in the glass to see me through this last spin of the night... Miles Davis - My Funny Valentine, In Concert. 1964.
  3. Thanks Dave, Hey! Two great talents, I'm not a GaGa fan, but I appreciate her talent. I love a really well recorded album, even if it isn't within my music taste. I'll pick this one up. Cheers!
  4. 'Evening Dave, Nice selection! I was eyeballing that record not too long ago. If It's anything like the Massey Hall, It's definitely worth getting! Cheers!
  5. Good Monday evening Friends, So nice to sit back and hear a great smooth album after a hard, but good day. The Jameson helps too... Chet Baker - Chet. 1958-1959.
  6. John, Yes! I thought it was the perfect accompaniment music for Shirley riding that mule throughout the film.
  7. And little Sir John, Sprung up his head, and so amazed them all😎
  8. Dave, Just had a taste of your world. Found a, still in the shrink, limited edition, Original Master Recording, of Derek in concert, I didn't know I had...On to the second lp!
  9. Good Friday morning to you all! A morning jolt of Derek & the Dominoes- In Concert.
  10. On two the second side, and a shot of the inside of the gatefold. Vanishing Point
  11. Dave, Real nice run of Traffic records. I'm keeping with this soundtrack gig I have going. This next soundtrack was a real popular film in my circle of friends. Not because of the blonde on the motorcycle...It had some great musicians contributing like Mountain, Delaney & Bonnie, Jerry Reed, Big Mama Thornton! Vanishing Point
  12. Nice Dave! Traffic always been one of my fav's! Thanks!
  13. OK, one more western. Another RCA Victor Dynagoove lp. Where's my Colt? Hugo Montenegro His Orchestra and Chorus. HANG 'EM HIGH
  14. Hi Mike, No, but it should be😆
  15. Staying with the spaghetti western theme...A wonderful Ennio Morricone soundtrack. Two Mules For Sister Sara.
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