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  1. OK, In keeping with the thread, my last play is a digital source so I will see you over on RTM... Until the next time! Cheers
  2. Thanks Full Range, Roy Buchanan is another one!!! I had a chance to see him one time in a very small venue, under appreciated guitarist...I have a number of his lp's...Need to play them too... Cheers!
  3. I have been on a Ten Years After / Alvin Lee kick... I can't believe he isn't in the RRHF...amazing! Alvin Lee - Detroit Diesel 1986
  4. I'm closing the evening broadcast schedule out with a long time Music Hollow favorite... Until the next time... Cheers! Julie London - London By Night
  5. Side 2 opens with Cantaloupe Island. Great tune!!
  6. Full Range, this one should be right in your swim lane... From the Blue Note Label... Herbie Hancock - Empyrean Isles. Freddie Hubbard, Ron Carter, and Anthony Williams.
  7. Nice photo!!! Cheers
  8. This is a mono Japanese release, on the Verve lable... Stan Getz and The Oscar Peterson Trio. Stan Getz, Tenor; Oscar Peterson, Piano; Ray Brown, Bass; Herb Ellis, Guitar.
  9. Hey Dave! Nice Eagle's/ Joe mix you got there!!! I'm keeping with the fish fry!!! The Shelly Manne Quintet and Big Band - Manne, That's Gershwin! Recorded February 1965.
  10. This record lable produced some remarkable audio recordings... This is nothing but Big Easy Boogie...In superior High Fidelity perfect for a Saturday night fish fry.... Louie and the Dukes of Dixieland. 1960
  11. Welcome LazyLighting! Very nice music room The Fortes look great. I see a Dicks PIcks...you speak my language!!!Cheers!
  12. billybob, I'm a McPartland fan...I would always listen to her piano jazz radio show over NPR back when they were live...I also have a number of her lp's and magnetic tape as well. Thanks for bringing her up!! Cheers
  13. This is a nice reissue...Originally recorded October 15, 1957 in Hollywood, CA. The Ben Webster Quintet - Soulville. Ben Webster, Tenor Sax; Oscar Peterson, Piano; Ray Brown, Bass; Herb Ellis, Guitar; Stan Levey, Drums.
  14. Thanks Full Range...I'm not familiar with that lp at all...I have just ordered it!! Cheers
  15. Yeah Baby!!! Finished my coffee, and I feel those espresso beans doing thier job! Time to get busy...Let me get a shot of some espresso for the ears!!! Signing off for now, but will check back later in the day...Cheers Ten Years After - Rock & Roll Music to the World. 1972
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