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  1. This is a killer record...if you like soul music. She hit it out of the ball park. Joss Stone - The Soul Sessions. 2003
  2. Amy Winehouse - Back To Black. 2006 Sounding good on a Saturday Night.. Shame how she met her demise...lost talent.
  3. Good Sunday to you Full Range, Nice selection you have spinning there... I've got a little Steely Dan - Royal Scam going on here on left coast, on this Saturday night. Cheers!
  4. Go to ebay and search Revox , there are a couple currently listed. Cheers
  5. I spin tape...Here is my kit High speed, 2 track, Revox B-77 Mk II, TEAC, 4 track, X-10R, and an Otari MX 5050 BIII 2 My other system Otari MX 5050 BII 2
  6. Tracking this 4 album set. Marillion - All One Tonight. 2018 Recorded Live at the Royal Albert Hall 2017.
  7. Good evening, McCoy Tyner - Nights Of Ballads & Blues. Recorded 1963 on Impulse!
  8. Dire Straits - Live Alchemy. 1984
  9. Savoy Brown - Hellbound Train. 1972
  10. Journey Through The Past. 1972 A Film By Neil Young.
  11. Mossy bottom


    Wow!!! Should have picked up a few extras back in the day...Whodathunkit
  12. Ok...Sorry. It must have been the single malt...won't happen again... Let me throw a red octopus on the vinyl alter for atonement. Jefferson Starship - Red Octopus. 1975
  13. I'm going to be a bad machine and post the second Tape Project Reel tape, of the 2 track, 15 i.p.s. eic equalization, recorded 1:1, from the original master tapes in all its analog glory!!!! Don't tell Full Range... The Tape Projects - Clifford Brown - Memorial Album. Recorded August 28, 1953
  14. One more time... Ten Years After - Positive Vibrations. 1974
  15. Mossy bottom


    But the Seiko is so very cool!!! The waffle strap looks awesome contrasted against the building!
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