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  1. That record blew me away when it was released...and it ages well!!!
  2. Good evening / morning Full Range, Good to be with you! From the box set... The Traveling Wilburys
  3. I'll throw in: Jerry Garcia Duane Allman Chet Atkins Alvin Lee Robert Johnson Robin Trower Al Demiola Roy Clark Rory Gallager Kenny Burrell Johnny Winter Eric Clapton Tony Rice Roy Buchanan El-Kabong
  4. Gary, that is just so incredible. It doesn't seem possible...But, I have no doubt that are every bit as good as you described. They sure do look good in LFMH! Well done, I'm so happy for you. I would love to audition a pair. I'll bet Seattle has a dealer. Need to look into that once the plague years are over. Cheers!
  5. Shirley Manson...yup!
  6. Hey Dave, glad you checked in! As always, you have some great tunes spinning!!! Love your lp library. I would have no problem keeping myself entertained with it. Cheers
  7. The debut lp, reissued on the 20th Anniversary in 45 rpm. I had a chance to see this band a few times in clubs...They rock!! Garbage.
  8. Just finishing up with this ZZ Top record La Futura. Good record!
  9. I just watched a really good documentary on Netfilx about ZZ Top. Worth watching. Made me want to play them. I saw them once back in the '70's. They kicked some serious blues/rock. The line up was Point Blank, Aerosmith, and ZZ Top. The only thing I really remember was the weird vibe that night and the number of fights that broke out in the crowd. Just one of those nights of Rock and Roll and whiskey. Good times. ZZ Top - La Futura. In 45 rpm.
  10. It's 45 rpm Friday Night...Playing 45 rpm lp's!!! Started the night out with this Phenomenal reissue. Dire Straits - Communique.
  11. Day 8 of my exile...So this is fitting. Rolling Stones - Exile On Main St. A new re-issue. My trusty original album had to finally be retired. A victim of being a great lp any my days as a heavy partier.
  12. Why Thank you for the nod Tarheel. There are a couple of other Linn's that show themselves on this thread. They truly are an exceptional TT. Cheers!
  13. As a matter of fact they did! It was a summer outdoor concert. Great fun from what I can remember... Sticking with the Blues. Fleetwood Mac - In Chicago. Recorded in the Chess Ter-Mar Studios. Chicago, January 1969 Featuring: Otis Spann, Willie Dixon, Shackey Horton, J.T. Horton Honeyboy Edward's, and S.P. Leary.
  14. Nice selection! I saw that tour. I believe Gray Wright and The Beach Boys were also on the bill...Cheers!
  15. Sonny Boy Williamson - Down And Out Blues.
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