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  1. Mossy bottom

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Wow!!! Nice pics Gary. What a beautiful auto. It is so rare to see them in an all original configuration. Thanks for sharing the pics. See you back over at RTM... Cheers
  2. Mossy bottom


    Steve, sorry to read that you're checking out of the forum...I also feel, like the others who have posted, that you will be missed... I sure have enjoyed some of those late nights over on RTM...Wishing you buena suerte amigo!
  3. Mossy bottom

    New guy here , I'm 2ch only guy

    Welcome to the forum, and I must add, very nice Hi-Fi! I would invite you to post on the RTM thread the next time your driving your system...Cheers!
  4. Mossy bottom

    David Mancuso, RIP

    Sad news...sad news for sure. He was all about the music. He swore by Klipschorns and Koetsu cartridges. My best wishes go out to Colleen "Cosmo" Murphy as well. She must feel simply gutted...
  5. Mossy bottom

    Leon Russell RIP

    I was a huge fan. His concerts were so much fun! I always concidered him an American music treasure. Sad day, sad day...
  6. Mossy bottom

    Sadly Downsizing Khorns or LaScalas

    I have had LaScalas in a small music room for years. I couldn't have been happier. They are truly a remarkable loud speaker. Recently, I was fortunate enough to come across a pair of Khorns that I just couldn't pass on. I was concerned because of my small music room... I placed the Klipschorns in that room, and was totally knocked back stupid. I never heard music sound so good. Records I've listened to for years sounded fresh and new. My biggest regret is that I never even considered Khorns as a possibility because of the small room size. Knowing now, just how great they sound, even in a small room, I would have gone Klipschorn over LaScala's years ago. Would the Khorns sound better in a larger space? Absolutely. But...that's not what I have. IMHO keep the Klipschorns.
  7. Mossy bottom

    Lost my Dad this morning

    I'm too, am truly sorry for your loss but take great joy knowing that he doffed his worn "earth-suit" and is now with the Lord...I wish you peace.
  8. Mossy bottom

    Deleting attachments

    HI Chad, Thanks for the quick response. I'm sure you'll get the delete button working soon enough. I appreciate all the time and effort that you're putting in to this. Cheers !
  9. Mossy bottom

    Deleting attachments

    Hi Chad, How do I delete attachments. When I open My attachments, I can see them all, but unlike the old forum, I can't figure out how delete them. I'm at 40.3 MB of the 100MB . Not a problem now, but eventually it will be. Cheers!
  10. Mossy bottom

    Vintage Thornens

    I have a TD-160 which I have been very pleased with. I don't currently have it hooked up, but my plans are to put together another 2 channel system with an extra pair of Heresy's that I also have sitting around. Those 70's era Thorens were/are fine TT's. Cheers!
  11. Mossy bottom

    Heresy III Bass Questions

    Welcome!!! I own Heresys III's and Heresy's...I love they way they sound on their own. My recommendation is pick up a set, give them a listen, then add the sub if you think they need them. They truly are a remarkable loudspeaker. Cheers
  12. Mossy bottom

    Playlist 50th Reunions Class of '67?

    The Beatles of course..."A little Help From my Friends"
  13. Mossy bottom

    acoustic audiophile music?

    I can tell you the LP is also spectacular. Fantastic soundstaging. My tiny music room turns into Massey Hall.
  14. Mossy bottom

    Suggestions for a good "starter" tube amp for Heresy II's

    If you really have interest in a HH Scott, there is a HH Scott 222c for sale on the forum that has been restored up to original specifications and it appears that he has some room in his price to negotiate (I assume since he states reasonable offers). I have bought items from the seller in the past and the transactions have been executed hassle free. I pulled the first post and a couple of pictures from the link below. https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/162713-fs-hh-scott-222c-refurbed-by-nos-valves-75000/
  15. Mossy bottom

    Suggestions for a good "starter" tube amp for Heresy II's

    I'm very pleased with the way ST70'S drive my Heresys and Heresy III'S. I can't comment on the other amps you mentioned. I would also consider an H.H. Scott 222 B or C depending on condition though they are integrated amps, they do bring out the best in Heresys. Cheers