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  1. Congratulations Gia!!!! Hoodoo Yaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! Summer time is here at last! Mike, It's Third grade today, and can I borrow the car tomorrow....Relish it all, it goes by so fast! Have a great day!!! Cheers
  2. This band did a nice job of covering Love's, I got a Line On You, as the second track on the first side, and Free's, Wishing Well, that opens side two...Highway Song, closing out the lp isn't bad either... Blackfoot - Strikes. 1979
  3. Yes... Check! Will play it with the amp turned up to 11. Thanks again!
  4. Playing that Free lp got me thinking of Paul Kossoff, and what a great guitarist he was...Died way to soon... Here is his band after Free.. RIP Paul... Back Street Crawler - The Band Plays On. 1975
  5. I always preferred Free to Bad Company...Not that Bad Company was bad... The opening track, Wishing Well, is an excellent tune! Free - Heartbreaker. 1973
  6. Hey Mike!! Look what came in today...Mike, Mike, Mike..... Look what came in tooooooodaaaaaay!
  7. Dave, Really nice plays...Love Eric burdon...I have gone through two copies of "Declares War" over the years...I really like "Black Man's Burdon"... loved those War collaberations.
  8. JohnJ, I also saw them in small venues. One time was in Dave's neck of the woods, The Tomorrow Club in Youngstown, Ohio. Drove awhile to get there. AC-DC was the opener when Bonn Scott was on vocals, they had to be trashed... People didn't know what to make of the them, they were booo'd and beer bottles were thrown at them....UFO was awesome. If my hazed memory serves me, the next year I saw UFO... AC-DC opened up once again, and the crowd went nuts for them, they really rocked it... they were a tough act to follow. UFO was good, but we knew AC DC was going to be something special...I think Schenker had already split the band...too long ago and too many lost brain cells to know for sure... I don't have the "The Wild the Willing...I have the first 4 records and the double live which I really like....I believe the first four records were produced by Leo Lyons. Cheers!
  9. Love how the bass and guitar talk to each other on the opening riff of "I Just Want to Make Love to You"...to open side one. Foghat.
  10. That last lp was so good, need a second helping... Michael Schenker can shred a guitar... UFO - Force It. 1975
  11. Was able to see these guys a couple of times when Schenker was in the band, They could rock... UFO - No Heavy Petting. 1976
  12. BigStewMan, too funny! I was on the 05:30 ferry to Seattle, heading on to Montana. I ordered an Alaskan Amber, and my pard ordered a bud light, he proceeds to drink half, than pulls out a can of Clamatto juice from his coat pocket (clam and tomato juice) and pours it into his beer. Takes a hard pull, burps and says damn that's good!!! I start to laugh, when this commuter, in a three piece suit comes up to us, with a serious look, and says to us, "I want to work where you guys work". Anyway, glad to see ya back!!! Cheers
  13. Hello Dave, As you well know, you can lose your mind and money chasing all things audio...These have worked for me over the years, they are inexpensive about 14.00 for four, and available through ebay. Here is the link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/4-Audio-Anti-Vibration-Isolation-Pads-2-X-2-Turntable-Amp-Speakers-CD-Sub-DAC/183718909188?hash=item2ac6801504:g:1G8AAOSwLsxbLW5d If that doen't get you there, the ebay item number is 183718909188 I have my ST-70's resting on them as well as the maple block that my VPI Prime is on... As I said it does the trick for me. If it doesn't work your only out the price of a 12 pack. Cheers
  14. OK Dave, Division Bell it is... been awhile since I played it, and Gilmour's Guitar on the opening track just rips it!!! Thanks! Pink Floyd - The Division Bell.
  15. Keef Hartley Band - Overdog. 1971
  16. I like a beer for breakfast...not kidding! ( not every morning, but I do enjoy one every so often...Breakfast of Champions!) Cheers
  17. The Electric Flag - "A Long Time Comin' " An American Music Band
  18. Sometimes you just need a Taste of Honey on a Sunday Night... Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass - Whipped Cream & Other Delights.
  19. Elton John - Tumbleweed Connection. 1970 This album is also available on Cassette and 8 Track!
  20. Johnny Winter - Live Bootleg Series Vol. 1.
  21. JohnJ, So sorry to read that your Mother had to go to the ER. It's a hard difficult time... I've been through it. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
  22. Hey Dave, Happy Birthday! Congrats to you! Sorry to read about what your Mom went through, I unfortunately can relate, My 90 year old Dad had Sundowners...Man, you are so right about it being nasty!!! But on a positive side, nice presie from your Daughter!!! Have a great day!!! Keep pissing off those neighbors!! Just tell the cops it's your birthday, they'll understand....
  23. This was Ten Years After's last studio lp with the original line up. I was lucky enough to catch them touring the album. It would be my last TYA concert ever...The album is very good and well recorded! Ten Years After - About Time. 1989
  24. Hey JohnJ, This is a bit late, as I have also been away taking care of my mom. Like Tim, I hope your Mom is better.
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