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  1. This is a killer record...if you like soul music. She hit it out of the ball park. Joss Stone - The Soul Sessions. 2003
  2. Amy Winehouse - Back To Black. 2006 Sounding good on a Saturday Night.. Shame how she met her demise...lost talent.
  3. Good Sunday to you Full Range, Nice selection you have spinning there... I've got a little Steely Dan - Royal Scam going on here on left coast, on this Saturday night. Cheers!
  4. Go to ebay and search Revox , there are a couple currently listed. Cheers
  5. I spin tape...Here is my kit High speed, 2 track, Revox B-77 Mk II, TEAC, 4 track, X-10R, and an Otari MX 5050 BIII 2 My other system Otari MX 5050 BII 2
  6. Tracking this 4 album set. Marillion - All One Tonight. 2018 Recorded Live at the Royal Albert Hall 2017.
  7. Good evening, McCoy Tyner - Nights Of Ballads & Blues. Recorded 1963 on Impulse!
  8. Dire Straits - Live Alchemy. 1984
  9. Savoy Brown - Hellbound Train. 1972
  10. Journey Through The Past. 1972 A Film By Neil Young.
  11. Mossy bottom


    Wow!!! Should have picked up a few extras back in the day...Whodathunkit
  12. Ok...Sorry. It must have been the single malt...won't happen again... Let me throw a red octopus on the vinyl alter for atonement. Jefferson Starship - Red Octopus. 1975
  13. I'm going to be a bad machine and post the second Tape Project Reel tape, of the 2 track, 15 i.p.s. eic equalization, recorded 1:1, from the original master tapes in all its analog glory!!!! Don't tell Full Range... The Tape Projects - Clifford Brown - Memorial Album. Recorded August 28, 1953
  14. One more time... Ten Years After - Positive Vibrations. 1974
  15. Mossy bottom


    But the Seiko is so very cool!!! The waffle strap looks awesome contrasted against the building!
  16. Great post Buck!!! TYA - A Space In Time was one of my main lp's to do just what you were doing in the photo...And you are so right as good as the original lp sounded the Quad recording is mind blowing!!! Thanks! Ten Years After - A Space In Time. 1972 The Quad version...
  17. Mossy bottom


    Here is the 6105 - 8110 on my wrist in the configuration I received it.
  18. Mossy bottom


    Thanks Schu! I'm not the original owner of the Seiko 6105 The original owner was my first LPO who became a brother to me, and upon his retirement he gave it to me. He has since passed away. The photo shows the 1605 with the bracelet (Made in Subic, PI) that was on it when I received it. I wore it for a while with that bracelet, but changed it out later. I just ordered a replica waffle strap for it. The other three dive watches are a Scuba Pro Automatic which is from the mid 70's and was rated for 500m. It is very close to an Aquastar Benthos 500 or Kon Tiki Eterna. The dive watch with the orange band is an Aquastar, Glasstar, rated for 10 ATA (330'), purchase in 1974, and my other Scuba Pro 500 which has a quartz movement. My Seiko 6309, Turtle, in the first photo, I purchased at the NAB, Littlecreek, NEX, in 1983. These were all tool dive watches of course, and not luxury dive watches. I wouldn't mind adding a couple more luxury divers to my collection... I do have a Rolex Submariner. Cheers!
  19. Mossy bottom


    Well done Schu!!! That is a beautiful watch! And that Grand Seiko is also a stunner! Great collection. I have a modest watch collection. I added a shot of my vintage Seiko's. The Seiko "Pogue" 6139 -6002, Seiko "Willard" 6105-8110, Seiko Turtle 6309-7049. I was a Navy Diver. Both the Willard and Turtle were tool watches in the truest sense. I typically didn't wear them when I dove surface supplied. Topside kept track of my time. They both keep surprisingly good time but when placed on the timeographer, show that they are long overdue for service. I got the Pouge in mid 70's because I thought it just looked cool and wore it more as a dress watch so it has survived the years unscathed. Oh, well those are my Seiko's. I sure do like yours. Thanks for starting this thread! Cheers
  20. Queen - News Of The World. 1977
  21. Thanks Dave, This one is because of you... Pink Floyd - Live In Pompeii. Recorded live in an ancient amphitheater among the ruins of old Pompeii in the year of 1972.
  22. A good friend of mine caught PF and said it was just beyond anything he had ever seen at a rock n roll show...According to him it was his most incredible concert ever...I have no doubt about that...Closest I ever came was when the movie Pink Floyd Live In Pompeii came out in the 70's and the only showings were at midnight...Man! did we get well prepared for that one...
  23. Canned Heat - Live At Topanga Corral
  24. Full Range, That's a great live recording, I also have a 1961 4 track 7.5ips reel tape tape from The Santa Monica Civic with Tex Beneke and the Glenn Miller Orchestra, Ray Eberly and The Modernaires...1940's Big Band /Swing, it sounds awesome! Cheers
  25. Dave, I went to a ton of shows in the 70's and as many as I could in the 80's but Pink Floyd was never one of them😢😢😢 or Gilmour for that matter, just never was close enough or had the funds to make it happen. If you a have go to lp...that's one to have!!! My problem...to many go to records, and you play most of them! Cheers
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