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  1. This is up there with all my all time favorites...It has aged well. Ten Years After - A space In Time.
  2. An early RCA Victor 33-1/3 lp. Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra - Yes Indeed!
  3. Good evening Vinyl Brethren, It's been some time since I navigated these waters. Starting out with a 1962 Vitaphonic Stereo recording by Warner Brothers. Music Made Famous By Glenn Miller. With Tex Beneke, Ray Eberle, The Monernaires, with Paula Kelly. Recorded Live at the Sands Hotel, Casbar Theater. Cheers!
  4. Gary, Looks stupendous! And that Marillion record must be sounding phenominal! COOL! My Less Baxter LP is just about finished, I'll be heading back to RTM for another magnetic tape play. I'm keeping it the exotic far east! Cheers
  5. Out of the mist looms the black hulk of a freighter en route to Singapore, the gateway to the East, where strange gardens lie steaming in the tropic sun... Les Baxter - Ports of Pleasure.
  6. Congratulations! Just beautiful! Great job with your first class music room. Paul, it was a shirt lived relationship. I remember seeing Cher on the Mike Douglas Show and Mike asked Cher what had happened with her marriage to Greg. She said he told her he was going out for a pack of smokes and never returned home... Cheers
  7. Got it, and replied. I'm going to power down. A few things I need to take care of before it gets too late. I hope to join in again tomorrow evening Until the next time... Cheers
  8. I think this my be one of her first records. Alison Krauss - Too Late To Cry. 1987.
  9. Like a really good tasting apple and a really good tasting orange. Lucky to have both.
  10. Are you going to just A B between the ML's and Forte's? Depending on the mood?
  11. I owned a pair of the first flight of Forte's, and...well you know me, I'm a sucker for the Heritage line of loud speakers. I thought the Forte's were incredible. I am so glad you got them. I could only imagine what the ML's must sound like. But I know the Forte, and they are outstanding! They look beautiful. It must be nice getting back to a Klipsch Heritage loudspeaker for you..Like an old friend that you haven't seen in years... Very cool!
  12. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? Congratulations! That is awesome! No doubt you're enjoying them. They look great in LFMH. Well done you!
  13. Thanks Dave, Fits right in with my evening Jerry Garcia - Garcia. 1972
  14. Hello Gary! Great to see you tonigh! And you are spinning a nice record as well! Cheers!
  15. Very nice choice Dave! Love all the Garcia solo stuff. Phenomenal musician.
  16. Thanks Dave! I think you're right. Started with Dolly's first 2 records,then morphed over to The Last Revel, now this one. Excellent sound staging! Cheers!
  17. Must be an acoustic music night... Eric Thompson's - Blue Grass Guitar. With Tony Rice, Jody Stecker, Paul Shelasky, David Grisman, Rick Shubb. Recorded by Kicking Mule Records!! It has to be good👍
  18. The Last Revel - Hazard & Fate. 2017
  19. Hello Tim, I'm not sure what causes it. It generally occurs when I first power them up. It seems once they have warmed up it quiets down...as far as the R2R's my 4 track TEAC is slow to wake up...I have to give it some time to get going...a lot like me🤪 Cheers!
  20. Why thank you! I have missed you all as well. Summers are pretty busy for me. It is so nice to be able to finally spin a few records. I biased my 1960 Dynaco's and it took awhile before all the sizzling bacon sounds went away...😱 But all is quiet now. I'll be wrestling with these old reel to reel machines next. They don't like to sit dormant... Cheers!
  21. A little out of sequence. From 1967, the debut album on Monument Records. A unique voice and fabulous songwriter. Dolly Parton - Hello, I'm Dolly.
  22. You guys have been doing a great job holdin' the fort down! Here's an early one, before she was 9 to 5... From 1968, a nice RCA Dynagroove lp. Dolly Parton - Just Because I'm a Woman.
  23. Hello George, Thanks for the Hello. Enjoy your day, and I look forward to your next music selection and photos. Cheers
  24. This record has very nice sound staging. Falco
  25. From 1986 The Cure - Standing On A Beach • The Singles
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