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  1. Thanks everyone, i thought the RB would be the way to go but i too dont really think they would look as nice as having a set of RS on the wall, but i was wondering if the design of the speaker would make an odd surround back channel as its angled. My current setup is a Pioneer LX87, Klipsch RF35 mains, RC62II centre and RS52 rears and a SVS SB13 Ultra sub. Thanks for feedback on 7.1 I was wondering if you can actually hear a difference to warrant spending that much cash on a 2nd set of surround channels. Maybe i should save a little more and get a 2nd SB13 Ultra.
  2. Hi What is the general recommendation for surround back channels i have RS52s for surrounds, should i setup a 2nd set of RS52s as surround backs or RB52? cheers Ken
  3. Great, thanks guys. I will run a bath in the weekend and give mine a soak. Cheers
  4. Hi My Klipsch speaker grills on my RFs and centre look pretty shabby due to what appears to be dust which looks like its settled into the cloth. Do you guys have any tricks on how to clean it so it gets the deep black look back. I thought about rinsing them but thought i better ask before destroying my grills. Cheers
  5. Steve, Remember this review is for the SB13 Plus and as mentioned, it is almost identical to the SB13 Ultra but minus about 4%(estimate) in cabinet volume and maybe a tweek or two to the amp and woofer itself. SVS claims it was able to squeeze out a small amount of extra performance with those changes. Bill Unfortunantley i cant see it on the NZ suppliers site. Is this a brand new model?
  6. Thanks everyone for your input. I think for this house im going to go for the SB13U. We are looking at buying another house in the next year or so and i think at that time i will look at adding either another SB13U or a PB13U. This is what i think for now. Top is my current setup with 2x 15" running off a Jaycar plate amp 350RMS (on paper). They live in the closet and i need to open the door when i use it. Due to the gain from the closet bass is good but lots of delay and the freq response is very narrow. When i have this box sitting in the room it sounds great but its just too big. Im going to go with the SB13U and have a play with it and hopefully 1 or these 2 positions sound great. (Unfortunately not both) Thanks again to everyone
  7. In a little more or less than 2000 cubic feet, the SB13 Ultra would be perfect. The boundry gain from the 6ft x 5ft pocket placement could possibly get the response flat to about 16Hz. The space essentially would act as a horn and magnify into the open space in the room. Here is a review of the SB13 Plus. http://www.deephzaudio.com/SB13-Plus%20%20product%20page.html Here's just one early look at an SB13-Plus sub's "in-room" frequency response (FR), the green trace below. This in a 2000 ft^3 theater room vs. "quasi-anechoic" (purple trace) FR Note, this is "uncorrected" raw response, yet notably flat to 10 Hz with room gain typical of such a space: Bill awesome review. thank you
  8. Yea i thought about this position. It will be tight not to obstrcut the door behind it. I seriously doubt my wife will let this fly. This is what i think my potential SB13U positions can be. Will be interesting to see which gives the best results. Im guessing position 1 as its got that corner area or maybe position 5 but i think it will be too directional there.
  9. Yea i actually want the PB13-Ultra but it has no shot at getting past my wife. That front corner is our entrance way, i think i have a battle on my hands getting the SB13U over the line I cant see any other logical place i could put a PB13U unfortunately. This is how a PB13U would fit my room. Half of that window top right is a sliding door.
  10. Here is a rough cut of my room. It isnt very big so based on what ive read the SB13U shouldnt have an issue filling it
  11. Thanks everyone for the feedback. Im yet to find a negative review online and just because its such an investment for me i just wanted to be sure. Here in NZ its quite tough to get my hands on decent audio gear without paying crazy prices. The only comparative sub i can find is the VELODYNE SPL-1200. Im assuming the SVS is the much better choice. SB13-ULTRA costs me around $2700NZD landed including tax VELODYNE SPL-1200 is $3000NZD local. Is there anything else i should potentially take alook at. Cheers
  12. Hi I have RF35 mains and RC62 centre and some in roof rears. Does anyone have a SB13 Ultra from SVS, im interested to hear how well this sub matches with the Klipsch RF speakers and what people think of this sub. Cheers
  13. kmx

    I Am Stoked.

    Looks awesome. This is the sub im thinking of. Does the SB13 have enough power on its own to keep up with the rest of your kit?
  14. Hi For movies do you guys go with what ever your amps calibration setup suggests or do you run the THX recommendation of 80hz HPF on all stereo channels and 80HZ LPF on LFE? I ran audessy and got the results below but im finding the system sounds much better with 80HZ HPF across the board and 80HZ LPF on sub. Everything seems to intgrate better and i still feel im getting great depth from all my channels. Interested to hear if you guys have the same thoughts or if im missing something with my audessy setup. AVR is Onkyo SR706 When i run Audessy my amp recommends the following FRONT (Klipsch RF35s): Full Range CENTRE (Klipsch RC62II): 40HZ HP REAR (Jensen Inroofies): 40HZ HP SUB (Custom): 80HZ LP Thanks
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