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  1. Artist -Phil Collins Title - Face Value
  2. This is for the Maracas on top of the La Scala’s A song by Peter Allen When my baby When my baby smiles at me I go to Rio De Janeiro, my-oh-me-oh I go wild and then I have to do the Samba And La Bamba Now I`m not the kind of person With a passionate persuasion for dancin` Or roma-ancin` But I give in to the rhythm And my feet follow the beatin` of my hear-eart Woh-ho-oh-oh, when my baby When my baby smiles at me I go to Rio De Janeiro
  3. For practical reasons - and please note that every cartridge sounds different from another. So finding the one that suits one’s system one’s ears and music genre is part of that journey Now for practical reasons It can take a while to set up a new cartridge or to swap over from MM to MC ect So it’s prudent to use and pre set an MM on one tonearm and an MC on the other, giving one more time to enjoy music
  4. I went by the (STA 69 1672 PR) number on the lower part of the label and cross referenced with the photo But you are correct that the inscription on the dead wax is the most accurate way to find the exact pressing
  5. A quick spin of a 12” single Artist - New Order Title - Blue Monday
  6. Classic and most loved from the 70s ‘’Artist Crosby Stills Nash Young Title - Celebration Copy
  7. Go to the link and the information you seek is there check the photos as I did to confirm the correct pressing https://www.discogs.com/release/6524212-Led-Zeppelin-Led-Zeppelin-II
  8. Saturday evening jazz in the hard bop style with ‘’Artist - Charles Mingus Title - Ah Um
  9. Just posting a couple of sound check videos of a multi instrumentalist May he rest in peace Cant deny that he was extremely good
  10. ‘The friend or fiend must have been 60+ when Dave was a teenager
  11. This is not drumming ‘It is bloody artistry Full stop
  12. A blast from the past - who was there ? Keep in mind that Bach was an instrument builder and developed many organs. So he probably would have approved of this
  13. The replacement album for Richard Wright - Wet Dreams has arrived And this pressing has no faults so that makes me a happy camper
  14. must have been the sign of the times - I have this album ‘See link https://www.discogs.com/release/13297139-Buffalo-Only-Want-You-For-Your-Body
  15. ‘Welcome back That album was produced by Robert Fripp and one of the girls sang on his Exposure album
  16. A dull and rainy day today Time to fix that with a spin of this record Artist - Al Di Meola Title - Elegant Gypsy https://www.discogs.com/release/3384915-Al-Di-Meola-Elegant-Gypsy
  17. That is a nice record - side 2 has one long track Horizon I have the German pressing
  18. This next video takes about a minute to warm up Then it will fill your heart with joy followed with tears of joy
  19. In the air conditioned comfort again due to heat wave conditions in Brisbane Playing an album that is more uptempo Artist - Steve Winwood Title - Back In The High Life
  20. Everyone needs some Frank Zappa in their lives Two releases and 3 LPs during the day Artist - Frank Zappa Title - Joe’s Garage Act 1 plus Acts 2 & 3
  21. Time for some brilliant jazz fusion today ‘Artist - Allan Holdsworth Title - Atavachron
  22. Something is stirring in my imagination ——— right of the frame 😎😱😎 ‘Plus I second the hubba hubba
  23. Good luck with the upgrade project The crossover looks simple enough and the new components should give the speakers a new lease on life - however in my experience I need to advise - don’t overlook the resistors
  24. A song originally from the band 9 inch nails, that was made better Enjoy
  25. If you have a spare 30 min and keen to learn about a very influential guitarist ‘Then you should not overlook this doco
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