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  1. The new LP purchases have arrived today Now spinning the not so known LP with a genre description of cold wave or minimal synth So only a few people would have been exposed to it due to its limited release ( see info note ) Info note Everything was recorded on one inch 8-track at Starforce Studios, Clapham + The Shed, Ilford Originally released on cassette only by In Phaze Records, 1982. And many years later on digital MP3 ect Remastered for LP at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley 2017. Opening the LP was a surprise as it had a thick protective liner for the vinyl and an info track insert The cover has a Dr Who influence Artist - Solid Space Title - Space Museum Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/release/11257548-Solid-Space-Space-Museum On the TT Great packaging Back cover
  2. I did notice Ray Cooper and his passion on that video I would describe him as a flamboyant perfectionist
  3. Some great names in music playing the track Layla Enjoy
  4. It’s time to post something to make us laugh and the second & third video to scratch your head in wonder
  5. A little sidetrack post I have a scar on my right arm from an injury sustained in Greece when I was about 8 yo during the socialist movement in the late 60s
  6. I am not sure if anyone is interested in a new RCM from kickstarter at a 35% discount Just found out about it so sharing the love However I don’t know much about it or how good it will work? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1297963323/lucidwave?ref=65c0i0
  7. Love the Coop Have almost all the records except for the most recent ones
  8. That is a good DJ to pull that Genesis classic out and play it Ring and compliment him 🤘
  9. @sunburnwilly That track Honey reminded me about another artist with the same name Enjoy the story of Honey Lantree
  10. Thanks all Update - All back to normal this morning but still raining steadily And today is my 42nd wedding anniversary so off to lunch later today
  11. I have a quick update as this post is being sent via mobile phone as we are in darkness without power We have had all around us major weather destruction starting on Christmas Day with cyclones and now on New Year’s Day major flooding Where my home is we only got the edge of both weather events and are safe for now But electricity is cut off Now I’m not that old but I do remember when I was under 10yo candles and oil lanterns used in our home So after I post this I will light up some candles
  12. I am sure the members will love this video Supertramp / Roger Hodgson
  13. Different time zones - And I’m to busy listening to my first 2024 album to search out the differences 🤪
  14. The first album that I am spinning for 2024 is a fabulous Prog release from 1972 Even though one speaker is partially obstructed by a Christmas tree. But still sounding fantastic 🤘 Artist - YES Title - Close To The Edge Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/release/2054249-Yes-Close-To-The-Edge-危機 What will your first spin be in this new year ?
  15. A great album to see in the new year 🤘 Approval rating 10 I stayed up to see the Sydney fireworks on TV Another great album for the new year I will try and spin an LP today even if the tree is obstructing one speaker 🤘
  16. WD 40 perhaps Or my preference- lanolin penetrating oil like Inox
  17. Thinking back now - I must have listened to this song countless times and liked it a lot This song along with Lola
  18. Remember when I mentioned a record I was looking for in the collection Well I couldn’t find it and that made me mad as hell So I purchased Richard Wright - Wet Dreams (The new Steve Wilson mix) And at the same time I purchased an obscure release that I’m sure no one here has heard of - By the way it was released only on cassette and again on vinyl a few years ago, and when I saw it I just had to have it. So I will keep it a secret for now and keep you in suspense until it arrives
  19. The very good wife purchased some music for me This is only available on CD Tool - 10000 Days
  20. I do have to apologise about my absence in posting records lately However I have a good reason? Granddaughter 3.5yo and Wife decided to take over my music room for Christmas for a few weeks So I can still play in background mode via the Bluesound Node as the whole system is obstructed Don’t believe me - ha or should I say HoHoHo and just post a picture They even put trolls on my TT Wishing you all a veryMerry Christmas 🎅 and I know it’s a day or two early as we are 12 hours ahead in Australia 🇦🇺 but I will be head chef on Christmas Day so I may only have a quick check on the forum to see what’s new 🤘 Oh and I forgot to mention that Darth Vader has joined the tree life this year
  21. Wow Great information on a cartridge that was really not in my radar loop as I knew little about it
  22. Manuka honey is a New Zealand term But the tree species that produces Manuka honey Is a native Australian Tea Tree or Leptospermum scoparium Yea it’s great in tea with apple cyber vinegar and I have it almost every day
  23. Before 3.1 I had an Atari ST 520 for computing and games And I still have that unit in storage
  24. I haven’t looked into it but ? Are there Bluetooth systems that can deliver “stored on device” streaming for close proximity use ?
  25. @JohnJ & @MicroMara I still use Windows 7 - 🤘🤘🤪🤪
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