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  1. @sunburnwilly - believe it or not Disco is actually a hard style to perform well
  2. Mark Stein of Vanilla Fudge
  3. It’s like a road map, similar to my crossovers as the same gentleman built them using my units as a template / guide Photo is the underside of my crossovers
  4. Apparently ZZ tops frontman was interviewed about this cover and was addicted to it
  5. It’s time now for some classic rush A live video - amazing to watch RIP - Neil Peart
  6. Time for some Santana from one of my favourite albums
  7. I believe the show was at a covered amphitheatre in a park about a mile from the coast, close to an alligator farm
  8. King Crimson They are in Florida at the moment - Show #3 St Augustine Covid19 Delta is having an impact on crowd numbers - So you may find it easy to get a ticket If you have the chance - You need to go or you will regret procrastinating about it 🤘
  9. Just heard that Kansas violinist has passed away info from wiki Robert Eugene Steinhardt (May 25, 1950 – July 17, 2021) was an American rock violinist and singer best known for his work with the group Kansas, for which he was co-lead singer/"frontman" and MC along with keyboardist Steve Walsh, from 1973 to 1982 and from 1997 to 2006. He and Steve Walsh were the only original members of the band not from Topeka.
  10. I am currently spinning this on vinyl Renaissance - Song Of Scheherazade
  11. Just had a light lunch here at casa Full Range Wondering what I should play Settled on a compilation album by Renaissance Always good to hear this band and feel satisfied A German release and they chose a great selection of tracks Artist - Renaissance Title - Rock Galaxy Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/Renaissance-Rock-Galaxy/release/1439056
  12. That is comforting heat where we live in the subtropics Opposite for us - it’s hard to get used to the cold 🥶🤪
  13. Both versions of Stepping Stone we great
  14. For the YES fans - and I know there are a few here From the time stamp of this post - this new song premiered about 1.5 hours ago
  15. Can’t believe I have had this album for 50years I would have been 12 when I got it - also probably just starting high school,
  16. I want you to hear this song mate Such a beautiful song and 50years on it’s still beautiful
  17. Just played this album on vinyl And I love this song - it’s a soft gem
  18. Did not get that album Mike I stopped at Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (but left out vol4)
  19. She had a great voice
  20. I got the hint with many posts of this record on social media It’s the 50th anniversary of Artist - Black Sabbath Title - Master Of Reality My album is a first pressing 🤘 Must have been cool back then Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/Black-Sabbath-Master-Of-Reality/release/2867488
  21. If you are into Rush this is awesome
  22. Some modern classical to lift the spirits
  23. Back to the 60s with this album When gay meant happy ( yes a couple of songs have gay in the words ) I pretty sure that no one has this album ( but happy to be proven wrong ) What an underrated voice Artist - Doris Day Title - Sings Her Greatest Movie Hits Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/master/view/383590 This album is in mint condition and plays fantastic
  24. Dave , mate I have had the Blue Circle 🔵 amp for 6 or so years - Bloody great amp That other amp I mentioned fell through because it shat itself when testing - dropped a channel and then no volume So I saved my money to use on future record purchases 😎🤪 or a custom built record storage unit Wife wants the record unit and everything in its place - No it’s not messy just bloated Most people don’t know this about Brian Eno Brian Eno composed the Windows 95 startup sound. He made it on a Mac, too. It's one of the most instantly recognisable pieces of music ever, so much so that you probably don't readily identify it as music - the Windows 95 startup sound. Is like a heavenly chime.
  25. I have repaired one of my favourite amps - Just needed a On/Off toggle switch Hand made in Canada The Blue Circle 🔵 BmPH , it’s a heavy beast at 30kg Now testing it out with an album that has been a favourite since I purchased it way back when it was released Artist - 801 Title - 801 Live 801 is - Phil Manzanera, Brian Eno, Bill MacCormick, Francis Monkman, Simon Philips and Lloyd Watson Experimental rock band formed in 1976 after the temporary disbanding of Roxy Music by Phil Manzanera, Brian Eno, Bill MacCormick, Francis Monkman, Simon Phillips and Lloyd Watson. The group performed three critically acclaimed concerts at Norfolk, the Reading festival and London's Queen Elizabeth Hall. The final concert was recorded and released as 801 Live. A studio album; Listen Now - recorded at various dates during the mid 1970s - was released in 1977. Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/801-801-Live/release/1883206
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