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  1. FOR SALE:

    McIntosh MC75 Mono-block pair Reissue (Current model sold by McIntosh)


    Thought I would try selling these here on the Klipsch Forum first before taking to other auction sites....

    I purchased these "B1" amps from Audio Classics around Oct. 1st. The serial numbers are ADP1203 and ADP1210.

    I was going to use in conjunction with my McIntosh MA9000. Since purchasing, they have sat in my audio rack unused. I really want to keep them, but I need to let them go to fund a new pair of speakers. I see no dings, dents or scratches. To my eyes, the look flawless (maybe some finger prints?). Smoke free home.

    I would prefer COD pick up at my home in northern IN. If you decide to pay by PayPal,  PLEASE ADD 3% TO THE TOTAL

    Current McIntosh MSRP Price is:  $7,500.00

    $5,550 for the pair. Includes amps, all Mc factory packaging, factory power cords, and instructions

    Please note, this is a private party sale. I am not a dealer.

    Please feel free to ask questions. Thank you for looking!  




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  2. Hi dtel,

    Curios if you can please share what specific information the moderator discovered about ANY of my feedback (I posted all my ID's in the ad) or past transactions that formed a conclusion I was a dealer selling gray market speakers. I would like to address this IMMEDIATELY if there is something questionable. Note, the buyer told me the moderator told him "the seller owns a dealership called Allego in Michawaka, IN." The owner of that store has a name SIMILAR to mine, but nothing more. Something about a "Facebook post???"

    Again, please share so I can address IMMEDIATELY. I am on many different audio forums and I don't take kindly being accused of foul play. 

    Thx much, 


    ps. Sorry again for the duplicate ID's.

    pss Feel free to text me with the questionable information. The moderator has my cell number.


  3. 3 minutes ago, avguytx said:


    Yeah, I thought it rather crappy to "assume" and we all know the definition of that.  It's sad that we lose a person on here because of this but I can't say that I blame you.  I hope you find  the speakers that work well for your situation and hate that a single thread, and poor assumptions here, has lost Klipsch a customer.  I've done a screen shot of this page for my records just in case it's ever deleted or modified.


    Sorry that it came to this.  

    Thx much. Take care. Wish you guys nothing but the best. Ok....THAT was my last post.  :-)

  4. All,


    Jon here....the seller of the Forte's.

    Simple mistake having two ID's. Sorry for the confusion everyone!!! For the record, I tried to delete one, but you can't "undo it" in the system....at least I didn't see a way.


    What was disturbing to me, was that I was flamed on this forum and accused of being a dealer with the speakers being "gray market." The Klipsch moderator only fueled the fire, not having ANY facts about me, the authorized brick and mortar dealer I purchased them from, or the fantastic transaction with Tom. Btw, she never did apologize to me....just sited "the rules" again. As Paul K. would say....."BULLSHIT!"


    Sorry to say, this will be my last post here, and frankly, the last Klipsch I ever purchase. 30+ years as a loyal Klipsch customer....goodbye.


    I wish you all the best....enjoy. 


    P.S. For those of you the moderator told I was a dealer.....

    The owner of Allego in Mishawaka, IN is Jonathon Wesco, NOT me!

  5. Pair of Klipsch Forte III's in BEAUTIFUL Walnut Finish!
    Purchased new by me from an authorized Klipsch dealer approximately 45 days ago.
    3 sets/pairs of grills are included with the speakers:

    1) 70th anniversary gold-luster

    2) Standard black 

    3) Lambswool
    The speakers and grills are flawless - no dings or dents. Smoke free home. All original Klipsch packaging included.
    Only selling because we purchased a new home and these are just too small for my listening space.
    Pick up only, Crown Point, IN; NO SHIPPING.
    Note, you can view the speakers upon arrive at my home. I will help pack them up with you.
    If paying by PayPal, all 3% to total. COD is ok.
    $2,650 for pair with 3 types of grills, all Klipsch packaging, and manuals. Price is firm.

    Serial numbers:  106422217270027 and 0028

    Additional images on U.S. Audiomart
    Thank you for looking!


    • sinster32 on EBay
    • jnc on Agon
    • JWJW on Audio Aficionado 



  6. Dang.....$16,000 is well, insane.

    Sorry but A LOT of other speaker options out there for that kind of $$$.

    I highly doubt you will notice a $4,000 difference in sound from base Khorns.

    $4,000 better esthetics?

    $4,000 for a different logo?

    $4,000 for different color grill cloth?

    .....to each his own I guess.

    Bummer...I was seriously considering a pair. I'll wait a few years and get a used pair off Agon for the 1/2 the price.

    And for the record....I have owned Khorns and currently have an all "new" Heritage home theater.

  7. Well…..not sure yet. Something much smaller. The Khorns are just way too large for our home. Also, I'm "at that age" where downsizing is just making for sense. So…..I'm hoping someone from this forum will take them. I truly want them to go to someone that is a Klipsch fan. :D

    They are BEAUTIFUL speakers…. and (JMHO), they are the best sounding speakers in the world. As PK would say…."No Bulls-t."

  8. kh2-1.jpg

    Hi all,

    I have a black pair of Klipschorn's I'm looking to sell. They were purchased new in 2012 and are in absolutely like new condition - no dings, dents, scratches or chips. Smoke free home. They have only been used with McIntosh gear, with no more than 5 watts being played through them.

    They are for pick-up only in South Bend, IN. I'm located about 1-1/2 hours east of downtown Chicago.

    $3,800.00 - PayPal or Cash. Price is FIRM

    Thank you for looking!



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