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  1. Gotcha. To me, it almost makes more sense to use the built in test tone on the Marantz after running Audyssey (assuming that is the correct method for 75db testing) vs. adding something in line with my XLR cables... Who cares what the reference volume # is, as long as you know what it is... Occam's Razor: Choose the simplest solution
  2. Found some useful info from Chris K, with an easy solution. Of course I will try both XLRs and XLRs+attenuators next week with Audyssey, but if you have one or more speakers that is at -12 you just adjust the others to it and reduced master volume that you use. If speaker A is 79db's at -12, go in and adjust others to 79db's, and then just remember you reference volume is now not 0.0, but -4.0.
  3. Not sure why the XLRs are cheaper than the RCA's ($9 vs $12 a pc), and Harrison does not make XLR versions. Those PE XLR's are the ones ive seen most recommended so hopefully they work.
  4. http://www.soundandvision.com/content/yamaha-aventage-rx-a2040-av-receiver-review
  5. Found this review: "Bought seven of these (one for each channel) so Audyssey would not set all my Klipsch speakers to -12 db. I am using Emotiva Amps." On this: https://www.parts-express.com/in-line-xlr-attenuator-pad-10db--240-412 Question is, will the 10db drop the speaker level in audyssey by exactly or close to 10db? Or should I go more like 15 or 20? Edit: Was able to speak with that buyer. Same speakers as me, just different amp and they worked wonders for his (most of his speakers were -12), so I ordered them from PE.
  6. Yep. Found a good thread at avs where someone had the same issue as I am but they were in xlr which made the problem even worse. Xlr attenuators are quite common and won't affect sound quality at all. Shute makes some good adjustable ones.
  7. Lol. The Denon is SOLD. The xlr will make them worse, pretty sure. Since I have to put an attenuators on the connected, I'd rather use the xlr and will get some that are variable dbs.
  8. I agree, I was more kidding. I'm probably gonna go xlr route and use xlr attenuators just because the connection is more durable. They make nice ones with a selector for 15, 20 and 30 db.
  9. Yeah, its a good price for a great unit. I figured with with the refurbs going 799 with 1 year, and this being a bought new, the price was a little more fair.
  10. LOL. Im more interested in what it does with the trim level settings in the XT32 setup.
  11. Tweaked price looking at what refurbs go for with 1 year warranty.
  12. On the way (peer pressure): Belden 1800F Balanced Audio Cable, 3 1/2 foot, XLR Male/XLR Female, Black
  13. Moved the APC to another area and trying to fight the hummmmmmmmmmmmm (which neither were successful with). Which I figured out to be DC voltage from the plasma. So I ordered the Emotiva CMX-2 to fight that...
  14. There are always these too: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000K67U52/ref=pd_lpo_sbs_dp_ss_1?pf_rd_p=1944687662&pf_rd_s=lpo-top-stripe-1&pf_rd_t=201&pf_rd_i=B0024TFHRG&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_r=029ST8ZDAQBZ015A5ZD7
  15. To be honest, I would do them simply for the connector stability. I really like them. I just have to figure out this speaker level issue first. If I can correct it with the attenuator, I may order the XLR's for the hell of it to see what happens. Never know until you try. I also will talk to outlaw tech support next week and see what they think. The bad thing is I have had a lot of problems in this whole upgrade, the good thing is, I am learning a lot more.
  16. I double checked the switches, and ran 3 times. I have the 6db attenuator on order now, will see what that does. Also have an email in to outlaw for some input. Audysseys final recommend was "get an attenuator"
  17. I still don't see the point. using something I do not need, because it is there, is wasteful. Even if it is $42 wasteful. Balanced inputs had zero bearing on the purchases. I wanted a good amp, and a nice preamp (not an avr) that had XT32. I already have very nice RCA's, with a run of less than a meter. There are no ground loop issues or noise either. Also, my current situation of needed to put an attenuator on the center channel RCA would be made worse on ALL channels if I went to XLR because of the gain increase. That would not be very smart on my part.
  18. Must be something with my room and the new gear. I did notice the test tones were louder than I was used to hearing, especially the fronts. or it could be the signal in between the 7702 and 7500. With the XPA-3, and even the 4520ci, the 82ii's and center were set very close to the same levels. Now, it is definitely a bit different.
  19. Seems XLR would be "worse" Gonna go with the 6db Harrison attenuator on the center channel until i get the 64ii. Then we will see what it does
  20. Actually found a thread on this here from awhile back, here is a good part recommended for 6db http://www.parts-express.com/harrison-labs-6-db-rca-line-level-audio-attenuator-pair--266-242 Looking at the outlaw RCA (28db) vs XLR (34db), is that the same thing? Would I see a 6db reduction? Like I said, I know jack and ish about amplifier gains in this manner.
  21. The XPA-3 was a gain of 29 and the 7500 is 28db for RCA's. Im running only a 3.2 right now. I notice the gain on the XLR side is 34db for the Outlaw. You think that will help? I'll admit I am not as knowledgable with understanding gain on these inputs and how it translates.
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