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  1. We have discussed. I kept the spot between us because I was trying to be a good husband LOL.
  2. Swatches from ATS ordered. Wife wants microsuede (as I figured) and I measured the wall out. Four 2x4 panels will be spaced 12" apart, puts one right behind me, one right behind the MLP(glass table) and two behind the couch. Pretty excited about this step.
  3. I agree, while you can obsess, it gives you an easy way to find out what works and then you can make the best compromise. In my case I spread the 7ii's back out to a little over 10ft apart and XT32 measured them at 10.1 and 10.2 from the MLP. I crammed the subs back inside flanking both sides of the stand and running in the modes I found them to perform best at high playback volume. We just watched a blu-ray and it sounds good. I will run some sweeps again on monday, curious if they picked up any output going from 13ft apart to 6ft apart.
  4. Black Hat It was OK, not bad but felt like it could have been more. PQ was very sharp at times in a very good looking digital, and several of the scenes were shot in a way that reminded me of Collateral (another Mann movie). AQ was spotty. In a few of the gunfights and the end it was very very good. The big gun fight in the middle of the movie was LOUD, and pretty awesome, but there were times where you couldn't even hear folks or it seemed something was wrong. Noted by other blu-ray reviewers as well. I watched at 0.0 reference volume and found myself having trouble hearing certain scenes of dialogue, and then when the action scenes hit it was "damn". Black Hat
  5. Yeah, it seems like a fine AVR. I did some more reading and the amps seem to hold up well when pushed and people are happy with MCACC Pro. He ordered one today from best buy.
  6. Well, by moving my fronts inside the subs and spreading the subs out as far as possible, they have a better response. The flip side is I think the 7ii's sound better at 10.5feet apart vs 8.5feet apart. I think I am going to move the subs back inside and spread the 7ii's back out. Its all a trade off and I never had a problem with the subs before even though the line wasn't as pretty, but it is obvious the 7ii's need a little more air.
  7. I know we have some Pio fans here so I need some input. Buddy is wanting to grab an SC-87 for the 82II's and 62II he bought from me. My thought was X5200 from Denon, but he really likes Pioneer and was looking to me, but I do not know anything about them. I have seen bench tests and the D3 amps hold their power from 2 to 5 channels driven better than most of the rest. They are supposed to run cool, have 32bit DAC's and MCACC Pro. I also understand Pro does dual subs, but I have no clue about it either.
  8. I think it was the first model they fixed the issue with a new board, but the previous models had the faulty hdmi boards and got the warranty extension. Onkyo finally owned up to it.
  9. If you like Audyssey, stay away from accueq. I think Onkyo f'd up on that one. What about the Denon X4000 with MultiEQXT32 and dual sub EQ? Better EQ version that MultiEQ. I notice the 828 is $600 on Amazon and the X4000 is $800. I think the 828 is a good choice, too bad I dont see a 929 around, it had XT32. Also have these, I like AC4L http://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/denavrx4000/denon-avr-x4000-7.2-4k-ultra-hd-networking-receiver-w/airplay/1.html http://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/denavr4520ci/denon-avr-4520ci-denon-s-flagship-home-theater-receiver-150wpc/1.html http://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/onktxnr828/onkyo-tx-nr828-7.2-network-a/v-receiver-w/wi-fi-bluetooth/1.html http://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/onktxnr818/onkyo-tx-nr818-7.2-thx-certified-network-a/v-receiver/1.html
  10. I would spend a few bucks and have them send their micro suede samples so you can get the actual colors to compare with furniture, walls, etc. I think the different makers of micro suede varies a good bit and in many cases you get what you pay for and this may be one. I went with a more neutral color since I hung so many. I also didn't want the old cliché of red or black or anything resembling theater looks. You will likely want to hang more to fully treat the room, so you might want a color a little more relaxing and nothing overbearing when you end up having so many panels hung. For me the micro sued looks classy and doesn't take away from anything, I think it actually adds a little seriousness to the listening room and people are always curious about them. A treated room is a trip, its obviously no anechoic chamber, but it makes the room so quiet you can hear sounds from outside the home and noise downstairs clear at the other end of the house due to new found deadness. Oh, it also makes a great place for true peace and quiet to catch a nap. I had to move a DVR to my attic because the cooling fan was so loud after the panels were hung which I never heard before. I have a feeling the wife is gonna go microsuede because all the furniture is...
  11. The normal fabric has a brugandy so that would work fine. The though of microsuede was because our couch and chair are (I guess i could even get dark brown to match them) and I guess they have a cool look. I will defer this decision to the wife (finish and color) as it eases my pain. You should have staggered Blue and Yellow!
  12. Any thoughts on basic vs microsuede? The wine color looks nice Shopping Cart Item Price Quantity * ATS Acoustic Panel - 24 x 48 x 2 Choose your fabric color: Wine Microsuede; Desired edge profile: Square $219.80 Estimate Shipping: 36582 Item: ATS Acoustic Panel - 24 x 48 x 2 Quantity: 4 Choose your fabric color: Wine Microsuede; Desired edge profile: Square Shipping Method * UPS Ground - $34.54
  13. Awesome! I am going to talk to the wife tonight about color, and then move forward with a buy of four. I think a dark red will be the go to, walls are a light color and I pull for the Noles and she is a Bama fan.
  14. Results with second Rythmik installed XT32 Off XT32 Reference(Movie) XT32 Flat(Music) To be honest, i am going to swap over to flat. I do not see a point to the intentional 2khz area dip and the 8khz rolloff. Not sure why this is Movie vs Music. Sub looks real good and did what I hoped. It is +/-5 db from 12hz to 100hz. The VTF's were more a hump and did not gain steam until 30hz where these get going early and are pretty consistent. I think I found a fix to that 22hz dip, just waiting on a longer RCA cable to move one sub out another 1.5 feet. Next step is adding acoustic panels to the wall we sit right up against.
  15. Thanks guys, great input. I full y realize it is going to take more than four panels, and that is what GIK said. I am just planning to do it in steps and the wall behind us is the first step. I am going to put four 24x48 panels up there ASAP. One thing about 4" vs 2" is the 2" sure do seem to be more pleasing on the eyes.
  16. One thing i read was that the 4" (and even 2") reduce mid and upper range comb filtering and room reverb. All of which should help clarity. Like I said, all this is new to me. The experiment on the back wall will not cost much, so it will be fun to see what happens. And i agree from what I read, it's hard for stuff to work on that low freq, but there are other things to do there. Hopefully the whole thing can improve sound quality by reducing distortion.
  17. Shame on me for not looking at the amp specs, I just saw Rotel and moved on. What about two of these? They have tested at 140wpc all channels driven. Low profile and low heat. $2000. I owned one and it was nice.
  18. Yeah, it seems 4" think panels are the way to go. Knowing what I know about the panels, which is nothing, what should I expect my adding 3 or 4 24x48" 4" panels on the wall behind us? What do they do? Curuois as to how a before and after REW run would look.
  19. Here is what I got back from GIK "Thanks for the email. Yes panels behind the speakers will help with things like SBIR, but looking over your pictures I would start with something like our 244 bass trap or Monster Bass Trap behind the couch on the wall. You are sitting very close to that wall so the reflections are going to be pretty strong. I would recommend 2 to 4 panels in that area if possible to start. I would hang them as close to the couch so they are directly behind your head. From there I would look to place one 244 behind each speaker to help with the SBIR. " Looks like that want some 4" thick ones on the wall with seats and behind speakers. I could get 3 24x48" panels one the wall behind the chairs and spread them out.
  20. OK. The chat I had with an AV guy in my home was starting with panels behind the mains and center, and then some on the back wall. As with new to me HT stuff, I know jack about acoustics. I sent those three pictures and a description to GIK, and they should get back to me as well. I will update when I hear back. The cieling, which you cannot see is a slope and I told them that. basically the front wall (speakers) and back wall(our seats) are about 25' long each. At the 10' height mark, they slope inward to a point and that is 14'.
  21. Any of you using acoustic panels? I am thinking that will be my next step, and anyone that has looked at my room said to start with some behind the towers. I was thinking 24"x36"x2" panels from ATS behind each 7ii, maybe 48" if they fit. Thoughts? http://www.atsacoustics.com/item--ATS-Acoustic-Panel-24-x-36-x-2--1046.html Room dim you can see are 25' long, 13' wide and 14' tall.
  22. Not sure on that one. Does it have more than one channel? I guess it would have to.
  23. There are good wireless kits from a few places, but I do not know enough to recommend one. Im sure SVS could. As far as single vs dual, since you already have a good sub now I would add a second just like it vs going to one that is more powerful. I have done testing in my home lately and in larger rooms the way duals can smooth out the 20-120hz freq response is pretty cool.
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