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  1. I think you will be fine with a dedicated 100w/channel.
  2. Thats 80hz xover, small and the subs turned off. My room seems to ramp up and then drop at 150. Been doing that with all speaker placement. Here is an XT32 on vs off. XT32 whacks off the top of that mountain before 150
  3. Yep, those are well respected and have a track record, when I started looking into the XLR pads I couldn't find jack. I really wanted to stick with my XLR cables so these have just been in a bag. I got a light bulb yesterday that I now had the gear to do some piece of mind testing. Glad I did, makes my life a lot easier when running auto eq.
  4. So here we are now I spent today perfecting the height on the center and toyed with distances, covering glass in the room, nothing much made a hill of beans difference. So, it is what it is (these are all raw with no auto eq applied) and I also moved the subs a good distance from one another and toed the mains in. They pretty much shoot across our inner arm rests aiming at some spot behind us. Center FL FR Subs The lower blue is when the subs were about 7 or 8 feet apart, the upper line is once I spread them out. Once I got to 13 feet away from each other the 100-120hz got better and jsut moving them further apart got rid of the 22hz dip I have had the whole time. Room sim kinda led me to believe that would happen. When I get the new sub setup tomorrow I'll run XT32 and take some db measurements.
  5. My 64ii has been bottoming out with audyssey and the outlaw amp, and the 7ii's are close. Up until now I level matched but I had bought some of these http://www.parts-express.com/in-line-xlr-attenuator-pad-10db--240-412 to go with the XLR cables I have. I am always a little paranoid of adding stuff to the chain, especially in audio/video areas and I knew little about XLR pads and their quality. Finally was able to test today and the results were great. The 10db pad was about a 8.5db reduction by the preamp volume, so now when XT32 finishes my 64ii should be about -5 and the 7ii's should be about -3. Blue is before pad/Lower Red is after pad/Overlay red is with volume bumped 8.5db As you can see the FR is spot on. Very happy with this cheap solution and it saves me some time.
  6. Thanks. I usually toe the mains in towards a spot 2 feet or so behind the MLP, so it is not too aggressive IMO. I will aim the center upward properly at the MLP and then try moving in and out and see what happens. Since it sits on top of a wide tv stand (much wider and deeper than it is) do you think covering the stand top is a worthy experiement?
  7. Chris, I think I know the answer, but is aiming speakers based on FR tested a better move, or actually aiming them considering the MLP? What I saw yesterday is some changed to the center made more sense on the graph, but did not make sense from a standard aiming of the mains and center. I almost think you properly aim things (aim center up or down at ears and mains toed in gradually) and "it is what it is".
  8. true guess i didnt think about it like that. i have a 50". mu buddy has a 158" and they flank each side of that. so anchored to screen perfectly I think that is it. I mean these 7ii's can go wide especially with the 64ii in the middle, but if you get 4 feet off the edge of the screen on both sides the effect is "weird".
  9. I pulled it all out and started from scratch tonight with REW sweeps. I found no matter what I did with the center, it had a lot of dips and peaks. The 7ii mains have a very good freq response from the get go, so much of my up and down FR after audyssey runs is probably due to the center. I also found my subs work much much better outside the mains. Their FR without any eq applied is freaking nice from 10hz to 120hz, so I can't wait to see the after XT32 result tomorrow. What this meant is the mains can only be so far apart from each other (about 8ft, down from the 10 feet they were). Their FR was nice at the MLP and the further they got away from the wall the happier they were, so I moved them out as far as possible. Toe in was also good and bad depending on the part of the chart you looked at. It was a very informative experience and it may lead me to try and see what kind of results I can get with and without the center. Scrappy, I see the good and the bad in it, or hear it. When they were 10.5 feet or so apart, dealing with a 65" display (about 56" wide IIRC) the problem is some things sound like they happen across the room when they in fact were at the corner of the screen. I get both sides to the argument.
  10. I know I know. it is fun though and I am trying to absorb it all in and tinker because, once that second sub is in place, i want to stop and leave it be... I do have a center channel issue to try and work out though and that is for this evening. Sub should be here Wed so the whole project is almost done. I have learned a lot about audio, speaker placement and more about dips and modes than I wanted to know. Out of curiosoty, where did you end up putting your 63's apart? I am probably going for 7 feet or so on the 7ii's, maybe less. For HT some recommendations with main speaker placement it drops more from the eq triangle method to some saying something like 1.5 times the distance between mains should equal the distance from you to the center. So about 6.5 feet for my 9.5ft distance.
  11. For movies, always RF-63>>>>RC-64<<<<RF63. I think the RC-64 mates best with RF-63's and my front stage is pretty seamless. For music I listen in "Enhanced Stereo"(all channels and subs) most of the time and stereo sometimes in my main rig. Of course stereo or stereo/sub in my 2-channel systems. Bill Thanks. I also have to try moving my mains back in. Now that I have some time on them, I think I spread them out too far and it is affecting things. It's gonna take a good bit of eval before I perfect it but I am trying everything. Problem is now using REW, it gives me more stuff to try and tweak LOL
  12. Thanks for the input. I am tinkering with ideas because 1) The CC is my room has some freq resp issues (dips) that the mains do not. Sits on a stand below the display and aims up at us 2) the 7ii's sound GREAT when I run them by themselves in pure direct music. I mean even in my slightly off center seat it sounds balanced. When I got from 2.2 to 3.2 music, it just doesnt sound good. I get music is different, but I have to wonder if some HT doesnt apply.
  13. I will just curious as to distances and other tips. As much as I enjoy moving speakers around... Their quality of sound running 2 channel made me curious. It's obvious when I flip from all speakers to those two for music, but maybe HT will vary. It seems the 7ii's are more than capable of handling a PC role though, but I guess you gotta flank the display pretty well.
  14. I have been tinkering with my room and first posted this in the HT forum, but I think this may be a better place. I get two channel is more music related, but going back to how good my 7ii's sound with music (very centered) and it sounds "worse" when I add the center, I was wondering if any of you guys watch your movies this way? And what your experience is.
  15. Just wondering. Curious as to how 7ii's would be in a phantom center setup.
  16. Local PU (Mobile, Alabama area). Purchased from Hsu 2/2014 new, satin black and works perfectly. $450.
  17. Thanks. It will be easy to check when i get home today, takes longer to set up the gear lol. I will start at current position and measure raw sweeps, moving back 2" each time. I guess at some point, even though the center is aimed up, moving it back will be too far behind the front of the tv stand it is on and negatively affect something else? I am also going to put the subs back outside the mains when I get the new sub in. I think they (mains) are spread a little too far now.
  18. Looking at that center run without XT32, it has a good dip after 100 and one at 500. The fronts do not have a dip at 500 and their dip after 100 is not as deep as the center. Do you think moving the center back a few inches would help any of that? I cannot move it forward but it could go back. I figure if I helped that 100 dip on the center it would help all of their dips their with XT32 on.
  19. Did some budgeting, FV15HP #2 will be on order around 6/28! Next time I get a day, I am going to move my subs from inside the mains to outside, as wide as I can get both, and see if that helps the 150hz dip or the 22hz dip.
  20. I just went from 82II's and 62II to 7II's and 64II. Money well spent in clarity and more prescence. 2 channel music sounds like nothing I ever heard before as well. The 64II offers a lot of meat/growl in the center and very good clarity. Not that the others were "bad", these are just "better". I see them as speakers that are diminishing returns for me now with regards to upgrade. I would have to spend a lot more $$$ than I am probably willing to make anything more than a lateral move, so they are with me for a long time.
  21. Yeah, Id say its not power. For example, when all my gear is off my power reads about 123. With it all on it reads about 118(today for example and I never have any problems. Running off the same circuit: Dish DVR 65" Plasma VTF15 sub and FV15HP sub Maranatz 7702 preamp Outlaw 7500 amp (200wx5 with dual large torroidal transformers) I can run reference level volumes for 2 hours without issues. If your voltage is fine then it should not be a power issue.
  22. Here is a full run from today, with the sub setup I like most. Xt32 on and speakers crossed at 80hz.
  23. What do you guys think about these 3 graphs and the concept of crossing the mains and center at 60 and not 80? 80hz xover 60hz 40hz I think they look well in that 50-70hz range. The red is a sub measurement on a couple of them. They look like the extend down under 50hz without issue in the 40h setting. XT32 of course sets the mains at large and the center small and 40hz, which I then change them to 80hz and small.
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