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  1. Its not a big deal when you get used to it. The brightness patterns are straightforward, just adjust up until you see everything, and then reduce until part disappears. Contrast you can go as high as you want as long as the long ramps don't pink or change colors, or you start clipping out too much bright white.
  2. Its not bad, and if you hit up on the directional control on the remote, you get instructions for each pattern. Setting brightness, sharpenss and contrast do wonders.
  3. FYI, I got in a 2015 Sony 1500 ($79) and 6500 ($129) yesterday. I like the new menu's better than the XMB, their styling is PS4 all the way but better than the drunk pyramids. The 6500 has a similiar Sony video chip to the BDP-7200 from last year, for 4K scaling I assume. The cheaper 1500 has less ram on board than the 6500/7200 which is to be expected, and the 1500 and 6500 have the same model drive which is a newer model number than the 7200/1200 share. It passes spears and munsil tests just fine, so looks like another reliable year from Sony players. They didn't really change much that I can tell by looking at the chips, other than the older models have nanya ram and the new ones have Samsung. the 6500 will be my new HT player and the 1500 is replacing the much slower 1200 for my bedroom streamer. Oppo is sold to help fund sub upgrades Audio is more a priority for me nowadays, especially since I mainly watch blu-ray.
  4. Pure direct 2.0 doesn't usually use the Subs anyway. Does your marantz? No, its fronts only. Just curious how the FV15HP's will sound with music.
  5. Man, shipping dept. isn't messing around! Reference Number 2: FV15HP-BM with H600PEQ3 Scheduled Delivery:06/03/2015From:Rythmik Audio
  6. Yes! Not sure if different subs will make a difference, but Rythmik designs their stub with music in mind first. I also go my Umik 1 in and downloaded REW. i am going to play with that Thursday.
  7. I need the free standers right now. When we get ready to build i will have a dedicated HT room and the plan is to move both these into that and buy another sub for the new living room.
  8. I will own Mad Max when it arrives on blu-ray. Can't wait to crank it up at home.
  9. Those two are very close in output, with the rythmik only having 1-2 db's mostly from 20-80hz. It does have a little more power at 16 and 12 still, but the redesigned driver and stronger amp hav really improved the MK2. Plus the FV15HP is about $350 more... I figure if re-doing my duals, might as well try another brand.
  10. Well, after too much reading, I opted that my sub upgrade is going to be dual FV15HP's. First one is on order, second will be late next month. Already have a buyer for the first VTF15MK1. I just couldn't convince myself it was smart to move from duals back to a single, regardless of power, and in a budget of $3000 or less, there isn't an ID sub that bests the engineering and output (especially below 25hz) of the Ryhtmiks. Both will be matte black. http://www.rythmikaudio.com/FV15HP.html
  11. Liked 1, 2 was a mess but still fun. 3 was outstanding, and 4 was a mess, probably worse than 2. Still fun and I own all. As a transformers/comic nerd, I tend to get miff'd when people like Bay do dumb stuff with established characters.
  12. Yep, PS4 doesn't even have a blu-ray remote like the PS3. The PS3 really ruled '06-10 as THE blu-ray player to have, plus all of it's media abilities. It's main drawback was it did not have a decoder/SoC, it's playback was software based. One that Sony stated at one point would get better, but they never improved. I bought the BDP-1000 Samsung in '06 for $1000, and it SUCKED. I had a PS3 after that for a long while. As a blu-ray player, it lost ground in 2011 and beyond to cheap standalones, many of who had better PQ (especially dvd) than the PS3 (now realize when I say "better" I am nitpicking). Still is to this date a great device though. I think with the PS4 sony wants you to but it for games, and then have to buy a $100 player from them.
  13. 95/105 analog guts are supposed to be something special. And I get into want vs need all the time with HT, but I still like to be honest. If I tell someone they do not need a Oppo and a Sony is fine, but they want an Oppo, then I did my part I didn't need a preamp, and I don't need dual 18" subs. But I want...
  14. Playing itunes airplay to my marantz (lossless from itunes), with the 7ii's in pure direct, is outstanding in my setup.
  15. For me, Panasonic players from about 2011 and on offered a sharper image than a PS3, so did the Oppo 93 and 103D. The 103 has a slight softness due to the Marvell chip and noise reduction that is always on (minor ***** by many owners). The 103D does not have that issue and the image is razor sharp. That being said, it is $600, and if you arent using it as a video processor, for Darbee, SACD/DVD-A, then you are wasting your money. For people that want Darbee AND a blu-ray player, it is a great move. To be honest, i do not even sweat DVD on an Oppo vs a Sony, DVD looks like shit on both. I may sell my 103D soon if I like this new Sony BDP-S6500 (just released 2015 model) that I ordered. That $450-500 will go to my new sub. The Sony's also have excellent streaming performance, and I have a little dinky one in the bedroom (1200 model) that doesnt even have wifi. I wear Netflix and Amazon out on it. The only way to get full streaming operation from the Oppo is to get the roku stick, which is just something else to buy. For someone that streams and only watches blu-ray, Sony players are just fine plus they pass all the spears and munsil tests I throw at them. Something some players still cant do.
  16. 1)Dual 18" drivers, 1700 watts of ICE power, large slot port. The V3600 looks much like the XV30Fse except a little larger( 20"x 24"x45" W x D x H) with the slot port on the bottom(front) of the enclosure. Large traditional (removable) grill over the entire front baffle. The amp will have our typical controls---Gain, Crossover, Time delay and Room Size. Although if you intend to put the V3600 in a "small room"...we may need to talk..wink emoticon 2)The FR is similar to the V1500. (see graph at bottom) 3)Output is almost double the XV30Fse from 15hz to 125hz. The differences range from 4.9dB to 6.7dB. Average from 16-100hz is 5.8dB more for the V3600. You can see the XV30Fse output here. http://www.data-bass.com/data?page=system&id=106 V3600 output. (CEA-2010 averaged) 16-25hz ~ 122.3 31-50hz ~ 132.3 63-100hz ~ 136.0 16-100hz ~ 131.8 4)Standard Black Satin finish. No plans for wood veneer options at this time. Traditional style grills only.
  17. My next target almost has life... http://www.powersoundaudio.com/products/v3600i
  18. Jake and Tobey do look a lot alike
  19. That should be correct, assuming he had speakers trimmed and not boosted in the level settings.
  20. Id say it lost its settings. That should not happen. Id do 2 or 3 microprocessor resets and set it up again.
  21. LOL. Ship or vessel is actually fine. Boats are for catching bass, vessels/ships are for moving people and containers
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