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  1. Been off the past day or so but back again .... sounds like everybody is a bit chilly. We got hit with some snow but nothing out of the ordinary. Temps are trending up this week and that's the good news. On the other hand, the Mob is returning to our house on Xmas Day and we gotta get ready.


    Time for some Manheim Steamroller on the Cornwalls.


    Cheers everybody.

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  2. Mornin' all. Took a day off yesterday to nurse a nasty allergy/cold (can't tell which). Gotta get some Xmas shopping done today ...been dreading it but time has away of closing in on me every year as I avoid doing what I shoulda done weeks ago.


    Snow is piling up in our central mountains if any of you would-be skiers are interested, but metro Denver will only get a little plus cold (zero degree) temps this weekend. Trusty old Pathfinder should be up to the task.


    Cheers guys!

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  3. Hey gang ...mostly chillin' and on-line shopping today.


    Chuck ... I think there are a number of pre-amps out there with good quality phono pre's built into them. I've been using a Parasound pre-amp the past few years with a phono built into it and have been very satisfied. If you can live with an integrated amp, Marantz has had some very decent built-in phono pre-amps. Good luck with your search.


    Cheers ya'll.

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  4. Happy Monday all. We spent much of yesterday putting up 2 Christmas trees. We had our old tried and true, but some years back when we moved into this house we found another tree in a storage area left by the previous owners. Gave it to our niece. She used it once and then brought it back asking if we could 'store' it for her (like all the kids like to 'store' crap at our place). Finally decided possession is 9/10 of the law so we reclaimed it and now we have Christmas trees x 2. As soon as I reconfigure the lights on our main tree (I strung too many together) we'll be in business.


    Gary ... thanks for sharing a very nice Santa story with us. It is, after all, about the kids.


    Cheers .............

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  5. On 11/16/2016 at 9:16 PM, ATLAudio said:

    A: Stay away from Audiogon; a bastion of audio pseudoscience woo.

    I'm not offering an opinion on tubes vs SS, but I do agree with this point. Audiogon forums have, at times, been a haven for horn bashers who offer purported 'proof' that horn loaded speakers are inferior, the choice of rubes, etc. I found it too annoying to separate the good stuff from the snobbery and garbage and stopped participating several years ago. Just my take.

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  6. Hey gang, just checking in without a lot to say. It's starting to look a little more like winter in these parts after a warm fall. Ski resorts are opening a bit late as a result but should be at full speed by the holidays. Unlike a lot of the country, snow is a good thing out here. My re-tired Pathfinder is ready.


    Mark (MKP) ... nice push back on the brothers. Bullies usually back off when you don't take their b.s.


    Gonna spend time this weekend hauling boxes of Christmas stuff up from our lower level. We could decorate 2 houses with all the crap we've accumulated. Better Half unit loves all of it and it's my job to keep her happy. :D


    Cheers ya'll.

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  7. Mornin' all. Not a lot to report except I gotta get new tires on my old Pathfinder. Hate spending the $ on such an old vehicle but it's been reliable. Also has real 4wd with the separate gear box and has gotten me through some rough mountain weather. Damn thing is almost 17 yrs old and every year I swear will be its last. We'll see, I guess.


    Happy Monday and cheers..........

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  8. Hey gang ...back again. 'Puter now has a clean bill of health from the Geeks, even though they had to clean out like 6 items of malware from it. Glad those guys are around for non-tech folks like me.


    Getting ready for annual Thanksgiving mob. Picked up fresh turkey and turkey breast from Whole Paycheck yesterday and fixin' to smoke it a couple of hours (after brining) with pecan wood. (It then gets transferred to the oven at which point it is no longer my problem). Whole Paycheck is the expensive way to go, but it's once a year and eliminates all previously expressed concerns about gluten (who the hell puts wheat in a turkey?), preservatives, ad nauseum.


    Good to be back.

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  9. Hey folks ...happy Saturday. Just checking in before I take my computer to the Geeks for a thorough check. Email got hacked last week and some creeps later tried to sucker me into giving them control of the 'puter for a 'security' check. I told em to go ***k themselves and changed all my passwords, but am still a little apprehensive so I'm gonna take advantage of annual fee I pay the Geeks just to make sure. Will be offline for a little while since I really don't like to use my phone for internet.


    Back soon. Cheers.



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  10. Mornin' all. It's finally starting to look like winter in Colorado. It was so dry and warm that I was actually watering on Wednesday. By Thursday it was snowing. Shoulda known.


    Gotta start Thanksgiving preps for the mob that is coming, including a favorite bro-in-law from Calif.


    Chuck ...thanks for thinking of us. Really missing our Baxter boy.


    Have a great Friday everyone.

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  11. Hey folks ...good afternoon. Thought my computer had shot craps or that I'd been hacked yesterday, so I missed out on the Forum. Turns out (per Geek folks) that it was in 'sleep' mode, whatever that means. Finally up and running. Simple fix, at least for knowledgeable folks.


    Will try to catch up. Meantime, cheers.

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  12. Thank you guys for all the kind and comforting posts about our Baxter boy. We (Better Half Unit and I) are grateful for the support and friendship. We'll never forget him but we will get through this. Hang tough my friend.


    Luther ... I agree with Carl. You will most likely land on your feet and soon. I spent many years in corporate America and consistently observed 'displaced' execs finding new and better positions.


    Gonna do some jammin' today. Cheers to all.

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  13. Hi folks. Been MIA for at least the past days due to Baxter's ongoing illness. Our worst fears were confirmed and he passed away from cancer on Saturday morning. He was our funny, sweet, handsome Springer Spaniel rescue boy, and my constant companion. We miss him terribly and will love him always.


    That's it for now but I'll be back probably tomorrow or so. Thanks for being there.



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  14. Mornin' folks. Been off for a few days. We've been a bit preoccupied with Baxter's health ... despite our best efforts and a good vet, he's still not well. We go back this coming week for another x-ray. Will let ya know if there's anything to report.


    Have a good Sunday and cheers to all.

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  15. Send a pm to Morry James on the Forum and ask for suggestions. He has quite a bit of experience with fixing up and repairing the 30's, including the rattle some them get. The 30 is/was a great speaker and you won't be disappointed. I bought mine new way back when and now use them in a dedicated all-KLF home theater.


    Best of luck.

  16. 12 hours ago, Ceptorman said:

    I have my hair lady add gray to my beard, mustache, and hair....I hear women like the S&P look:D

    Nature is taking care of the gray in my beard and mustache .....as for the hair, she has gone a step too far and started applying liberal doses of 'remover.' Damn.


    Happy Halloween folks.

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