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  1. Price is driven by a lot of factors such as location, condition (always), seller expectations (realistic or not), whether it's paired with an appropriate Leslie, etc. If you are not an experienced Hammond tech, it is worth paying more to get one that has been serviced and is in tip top shape. Price is also driven by the market at the point in time you are buying. It does fluctuate. Buyers should also consider a C-3 or A-100 which have the same 'guts' as a B-3 but cost less. The A-100 has an internal speaker which can be bypassed in favor of a Leslie. There also older models which preceded the B-3 but have been updated to B-3 specs. These should also be cheaper.


    Just my $.02.

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  2. On 10/26/2016 at 7:35 AM, Tarheel said:

    Jake says hang in there Baxter! 

    Baxter sends a woof back now that he's into woofing again.


    Should be a good day. Will run a few errands then get some jammin' in with my guitar bud. He keeps a guitar and amp at our house for emergency sessions, and because my B3 and Leslie would require a van to move around.


    Have a great day all and cheers.

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  3. Catch-up time again. We've been a bit preoccupied with vet visits and helping Baxter get over his illness. Thanks to a good doc and the right antibiotic, his high fever finally broke and he's pretty much back to normal. Couldn't bear losing our boy, especially after losing our Shih Tsu a little over 2 years ago. Still waiting on some test results to see what the actual cause was. Hopefully nothing that could reoccur.


    Have a good day folks.



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  4. Happy Sunday gang. Busy weekend between carpet installation and last minute yardwork and a sick pup. Baxter is running a temperature and likely has a kidney infection. Keeping our fingers crossed after antibiotics and a very expensive vet visit yesterday. Spoiling him more than usual.


    Mark ... sorry to hear of your wife's accident but glad she is getting the help she needs. Spoil the heck out of her!


    Will try to check back. Cheers folks.

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  5. Thought I better drop in since it's been a day or two and tomorrow is jammed up. Gotta clear the crap out of our upstairs bedrooms since we have carpet installers coming tomorrow to replace carpet in 3 bedrooms. Shoulda done this at least a few years back.


    As far as MP3's and ipods, go, I've never gotten into them .... the main criticism I've read is about the compressed signal and sound quality. Frankly, that doesn't seem like a big deal if we're just talking car stereo. Attitude might be different if I was on the road all the time, but that's never been the case for me.


    Cheers folks.

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  6. Think I'm about caught up here.


    Chuck ....that really is a great looking ride. I'm jealous ....we're about the same age and I've been threatening to get one more vehicle like that for several years, at least. When I fail to act, I have 2 excuses to fall back on .... first, I'm cheap and second I need a tough 4 wheel SUV for Colorado winters (and sometimes fall and spring). :huh: Sigh. I'll get over it one of these days. Have fun with that car!!


    Cheers ya'll.

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  7. Cool cat pics ...we just can't have one since Better Half Unit is violently allergic. On the other hand, we do provide a home to Baxter the rescue Springer who seems to love everyone EXCEPT cats. I can just imagine the chaos if we brought a cat into the house.


    Enjoy your Friday folks. Gonna spend mine shopping for storm doors, finishing up some paperwork and perhaps jammin' with my guitar bud.

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  8. Happy Wednesday all. Rainy, chilly day in Denver metro. Planning on a music jam later today then out to dinner for granddaughter's 3d birthday.


    Carl ..congrats on getting that kid home and having the fortitude to fix that device for her. Doubt that I would have had the ability to fix it.


    Will try to check back. Cheers folks.

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  9. For movies/surround sound, a good AVR is obviously in order, such as Marantz. On the other hand, I have a 2 ch setup with my Cornwalls and started out with a Sony AVR with what seemed like decent sound. I upgraded to 2 ch Parasound separates and the upgrade in sound quality was remarkable. As long as I have the room to run separate 2 ch and surround systems, the 2 ch system will be powered by a 2 ch amp and preamp. Just my take.


    Best of luck.

  10. Mornin' folks. Just getting caught up from yesterday.


    Chuck ...happy to hear that you, LF and Jake got through the storm.


    Carl ... does Amy get to go home today or at least soon?


    MKP .. that exam is a very good idea and saves lives. You just have to be prepared to be the butt of some bad jokes.:D


    Cheers guys.

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  11. Carl, that's good news. I do believe - all else being equal - that many people recover best at home. Thanks for keeping us updated.


    Chuck ... you and Jake hunker down and stay safe.


    As for me, I get to pick up 8K lbs. of crab apples from 2 trees in the front yard today. Pretty blossoming trees in the spring and a nightmare in the fall. Gonna get rid of em someday. Perhaps something involving explosives would help.


    Happy Saturday folks and cheers.



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  12. Just checking in with a few thoughts.


    Continued prayers and positive thoughts for Amy, Carl and family.


    Chuck (Tarheel) ...hope you are weathering the storm and are well. Got an email from a friend in Florida who reports only a minor power outage and no property damage. Hope you are doing at least as well.Let us know.


    Hang in there gang.

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  13. Great pics from Roatan and Belize.  Thanks for sharing.


    On the other hand, we probably should be careful about displaying any more pictures of dipsticks ...next thing ya know guys will be comparing dipsticks or (shudder) fuel pumps. After all, this is a family forum.


    Happy Tuesday guys.



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  14. Mornin' all. Gorgeous weekend out here.


    Carl ...continued prayers and hope that you can get that kid home very soon


    Mark ...a big congrats and Happy Anniversary to you and Boss. Good luck on the JBL's.


    Chuck ...that is one good looking car you are considering. Wish I had some input, but others are better qualified.


    Take care and be well everyone.

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  15. 19 hours ago, Tarheel said:

    Preparing the old standard chuck roast (no relation to Chuck in Colarado).

    Well thank god for that! Klipsch could very well have a problem with cannibalism on the Forum. Bad for business, to say nothing of my health.


    We went to our favorite local (and locally owned) coffee shop yesterday and it was FREE. What a deal, huh? It's called the Village Roaster and we like it much better than Starbucks and the other offerings around town.


    Happy Friday ya'll.

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  16. Hey guys ...looks like a kick back Sunday. Early Broncos game on TV and Better Half Unit is making butternut squash soup from squash we grew. Ribeyes on the grill later on. May need a long walk with Baxter.


    Be safe in the mountains and have fun on your trip, Jeff.


    Happy Sunday folks.

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  17. Happy Saturday .... man this has been one goof off week. Must have been resting up from vacation in NM. No excuses. if I have my way, the trend will continue today.


    Jeff ...if you hadn't already guessed, it would be wise to pack jeans, long sleeve shirts and jackets for your Colorado trip. Just listened to the forecast and the mountains are getting snow. Forgot to mention that yesterday. Also, if you detour to the metro Denver area, PM me with your cell number and we could try to meet up.


    Enjoy the weekend folks ........cheers.

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  18. 1 hour ago, Jeff Matthews said:

    Thanks, Chuck!  We are going to all those spots, except Breckenridge.  We will miss it by only a matter of a handful of miles.  Do you think it would be a mistake to pass it up? 


    We planned to drive up Mt. Evans.  I hope it's not already closed.

    Jeff, if you are going to Keystone, that's good enough. They have a gondola which will take you to a summit even if you are not skiing. I'd google it to make sure it's operational now since it's a bit early for ski season (or just call the resort at Keystone and ask). Stunning views. I am almost sure that the road up Mt Evans is closed per a local newscast a few weeks ago, but there's a website for Mt Evans which will confirm or not. If it is closed for the season, you could use the time to hit both Breck and Keystone. They are just a few miles apart.


    Have fun!

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  19. 15 minutes ago, Jeff Matthews said:

    Thanks. Looking forward to it.


    Looking for advice on things that are "must see" along our route.


    Jeff, that's a lot to take in on one road trip but I know you'll enjoy it. Hard to say what are 'must sees' since there is so much stunning beauty in Colorado and along that route,  but personally I/we love the collegiate peaks along 285, Estes Park (many elk), and Winter Park. Also, since you are going through Silverthorne, you may want to drive to Breckenridge and Keystone, which are just west of there.  I would also take the time to see if the road up Mount Evans is still open ...I think I heard on the news that it is already closed for the season. That happens out here for various reasons, but mostly it's the weather at high elevation.


    Will give this some more thought and get back if I get any brainstorms.......Chuck

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  20. I'd check out the Heritage line for 2 ch listening especially, and also consider upgrading the quality (not necessarily the power) of my electronics at the same time. Takes some time and research, but I've found that it can make a real difference. Good luck.

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