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  1. Carla the water bug, huh? Almost sounds like a song title.


    Jeff, you will enjoy our central mountains. That's a great drive. We did it last month on our way to Durango and the Mesa Verde. Enjoy.


    Not a lot to report. Good jam session with guitar bud yesterday afternoon. Yard work today and HT movie tonight. Happy Friday guys.

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  2. Morning all. Just back from vacation in northern NM. We had a fine relaxing time with beautiful views, friends, family and great food. Had to stay off the internet .... kept getting warnings about insecure networks, etc. Good to be back in touch.


    Chuck ... I had a B&O turntable in the late '70's/early 80's. Bought it from the Klipsch dealer where I got my starter pair of Heresies. My recollection is that it was a good table but would only take a B&O cartridge. My present stereo shop tells me that getting replacement carts can be very difficult at best. I'm sure others who are more knowledgeable will chime in on that point.


    Again...good to be back. Cheers.

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  3. Hey gang ... probably mentioned it before, but we are getting ready to head south to Taos, NM for some R&R for a few days. Will try to keep up but the wifi is less than stellar as I recall. This is an annual trek to see some friends,  visit some family, do some hiking and overeat as much as possible.



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  4. Hey guys ...about caught up now. Good day on Sunday ...celebrated the day with Better Half Unit, some of the kids and granddaughter. We grew some mini pumpkins and let the 3 yr old pick her very own. Followed up with pork steaks grilled over pecan wood and charcoal.


    Chuck ...sounds like a successful pool table project. Those older tables sometimes gain character over time. And ...you know how the saying goes ...there's no pool like an old pool.


    Gonna start getting ready for our annual fall trek to Taos, NM later this week. Always beautiful and fun. Eventual goal is to move there and get away from the big metro area.


    Have a good day everyone and cheers .............



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  5. Happy Thursday, folks. Just checking in. Probably kick around the yard for a while and play a few tunes waiting for the carpet guy to show. Need to at least get one bedroom re-done. Not a DIY project for me.


    Mark ...enjoy your day off. Oldtimer ...thanks for the note on Clemente. Truly an all time great, as was Willie Mays. My list would also include Stan Musial.


    Have a good day all.

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  6. Happy holiday guys. Been a good weekend. Had fun with our photographer friend who is now tromping around the Sandwash Basin in NW Colorado with a huge camera and wild horses. My guitar bud and I did a jam session in his honor before he took off. Cooked the burgers and brats for daughter-n-law's baby shower yesterday. Smoking ribs with hickory or pecan today.


    Mark (MKP) ....good pics. Now don't go making a pet out of that spider. It's just too hard to find leashes for them.


    Gary ...good luck on the gig.


    Chuck ...that's pretty good pool playing. Baxter sends a woof to Jake.


    Cheers ya'll.

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  7. 18 hours ago, Marvel said:

    Chuck... There's a hang gliding spot on the west side of Lookout Mountain, has folks come from all over the world to jump from. I'm sure Grandfather Mtn. is a good spot too. My older son works at the foot of Grandfather Mountain, and loves the area.



    Thanks, Bruce. Will have to check that out ....but will leave the gliding to the kids!!:P

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  8. Happy Saturday guys. Busy day getting ready for daughter-in-law's baby shower tomorrow (that will be 4 grandkids) and hanging with our old friend who is staying with us for a couple days. Interesting guy whose passion is wild horse photography. He's on his way to the Sand Wash Basin in NW Colorado for a photo shoot. Cool pics. If interested he's on the web at www.blackhatphoto.us. Wild horse herds in the American West have become quite a cause the past few years.


    Gonna try to work in a music jam this afternoon if I can.


    Chuck ...glad you seem to be out of the way of that storm, or at least the worst of it. Baxter sends his sympathies to Jake. Crossed legs are no laughing matter.


    Enjoy the day. Will check back when things slow down here.

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  9. Hey folks, just checking in. It's been cooling down a bit and looks like a good weekend. Will have a house guest for a day or two. He's an old friend and a wild horse photographer dropping in on his way to northwest Colorado to take pics. One of the best in the country from what I understand Will host a gathering for him Saturday night. Other than that, will probably do a little rib smokin' on the pit and take 'er easy. Today is jammin' with my guitar buddy.


    Carl ...be careful on the roads.


    Take care everyone and cheers.



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  10. Thanks for sharing. Good article. BTW, I noticed your location and recall a rather legendary record store known as Webster Records which served generations of folks in the area. The original owners were Roy and Dottie Gleason. Very knowledgeable about music, especially jazz and classical.


    We have a few vinyl shops in Denver metro and Boulder which seem to be doing okay. Time will tell, I guess.

  11. Ditto on yard day. Should have cut the grass as soon as we got back from vacation but blew it off. Gonna pay for that one today.


    Speaking of vacation, we did find a vinyl shop and picked up what I'd guess is a VG+ copy of a Johnny Cash album from Sun Records. Played it twice so far ....good stuff.


    Have a great rest of the weekend guys.

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  12. Hey, I'm no expert but some years back I did use a PM5003 with a pair of Heresys. Nice clean sound with a touch of warmth. Still have it and use it in a small system a set up for my spouse in her art studio and it still sounds great. I'm presently using Parasound separates in our main 2 channel system with Cornwalls, but if I was in the market for another upgrade I wouldn't hesitate to audition a higher end Marantz integrated.  We also use a Marantz pre/pro and power amp in our HT. Marantz and Klipsch seem to be a good match. Best of luck.

  13. Happy Friday gang.


    Don't have a lot to add to the HVAC discussion except my worst and best decisions. The worst was failing to get zoned AC and heating in a 2 story home we built some years back and also failing to upgrade from the crap the builder installed. The best was getting rid of the evaporative cooler ('swamp cooler') in our present home and installing a real AC unit with a new furnace. Most Colorado homes had swamp coolers for decades and the trend seems to have gone the other way. On the other hand mountain (higher elevation) homes often have no cooling system at all.


    Should be a good day ....we are cooling off as we often do in late August and I'm gonna tackle some outdoor projects. Meet up with friends in Idaho Springs this evening.


    Cheers ..........

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  14. 12 hours ago, Tarheel said:

    Surprised the LF and set up a system in the A/V room while she was away.   Heresies, Pioneer SX-950, Teac X-7R and a Sony CDP player the previous owner had left behind.  Damn thing sounds good.  She was all smiles.

    Nice work, Chuck. Did the same sort of thing for Better Half Unit ('BHU') in the room we call the girl cave, which is actually her art studio. I had an old pair of Heresy II's and matched em up with a Marantz integrated amp and CD player. Later added a turntable. She was in heaven.


    Mark is right ...that's why we do what we do.:D

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  15. Mornin' guys. We just got back from a fine vacation in Durango, CO and surrounding area. Did a little whitewater rafting, visited the Mesa Verde, hiked and ate too much. Good to be home.


    Trying to catch up but you'll have to consider this a 'like' for everything I would have liked if I had the energy to go back and like it.


    I did catch the posts on your new-to-you Heresies, Chuck. Enjoy 'em. I've had a couple of pairs. Nice, clean and detailed speakers. Personally, I wouldn't mess with a sub unless they were going in a HT set up.  Gary -  love what you've done with those K-horns. Look great.


    Again, good to be back. Check back in a while.

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  16. Hey gang...getting ready to head out for a few days vacation. Heading SW to Durango, CO area. Planning to go to Mesa Verde and maybe do a little white water. Not sure how much internet access we'll have but will try to check in. Will be home some time on Sunday.


    Hang in there and back soon.



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  17. 12 hours ago, richieb said:

    How 'bout this - saw the Grateful Dead/Iron Butterfly I'd guess somewhere around 1968-70, Municipal Auditorium, KC. 

    Oh, the Dead were the front band, Butterfly headlined the show! 

    Here's another one .... I was about 15 and had a date I wanted to impress so I got tickets to see Herman's Hermits. There was a relatively unknown group opening the show called 'The Who.'


    Enjoy your Sunday folks.

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