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  1. Mornin' all. It's almost a weekend. Great job on that Klipsch booth at the festival.


    Gotta start gearing up for a brief vacation to the Durango, CO area next Wed. It's one of the prettiest parts of the state and lots to do from fly fishing to white water. Will let Better Half Unit decide since she's the one who really needs a vacation.


    Tarheel (Chuck) ... sounds like a successful conclusion to your career as LF's project manager. Congrats.


    Have a good Friday folks and cheers.

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  2. Hey gang .... just checking in. We got the heat back and wish it would go away. Once in a while Colorado will cool down the last week or so of august, but it hasn't happened yet. 2 cups down and waiting on the painter to show and do a little exterior work. Later............

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  3. Happy Friday, guys. Grass cutting day. That's as exciting as it gets for this old fart today. Will probably continue to polish up a couple old Jackie Wilson songs on the B-3 too. Good stuff.


    Yeah ..people come and go. I dropped off for a while when I had health issues a little while back. Chuck and Mark (Tarheel/MKP) were good friends to me and made sure I was ok. I'm grateful to them. You really can make friends here and friendship is something we should hold onto.


    Have a good day everyone.



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  4. Mornin' all. Sorry to hear about your health problems, Neil. Hope you heal quickly. And ...you're right about ER's and hospitals. Too many sick folks and those places are absolute germ factories.


    Mark ... you continue to do the right things for Mom. Kudos.


    Starting to cool off in Colorado. It's welcome after weeks of heat. We're planning a few days of vacation in-state later this month. Going to rent a cabin in the Durango, CO area in the SW part of the state. It's gorgeous and a lot to do like white water rafting, hiking , trout fishing and eating too much (my hobby).


    Cheers guys.

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  5. I usually just post positive recommendations. Not this time. Do NOT bother with 'Hardcore Henry'. Violent to the point of being disgusting, no character development, no redeeming qualities whatever. It had 4 stars on Vudu and some positive critic scores on the Tomatometer so we gave it a shot on Sunday night. Did not even bother to finish it

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  6. Happy Tuesday guys. Just starting to check out the new format. Looks pretty good so far. Nice job.


    Fairly laid back day ahead, I think. Baxter looks like hell and he's going to the groomer in about 2 hours. I could probably use a good groomer myself.


    Great picture, Chuck. Other turntable pics are excellent, too. Would love to hear one of those units, Wardsweb.


    Take care everybody.

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  7. One of the places I want to see before I become room temp. Have fun


    Thanks dtel .... it was a blast. Even after all these years, Dolly is practically a force of nature and puts on a fabulous show. They filmed and recorded the Red Rocks show so it might be available to see somewhere down the road.


    Ya'll have a great day. As for me, my guitar bud and I are gonna do some jammin'.

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  8. Happy Wednesday guys. Need to check in every so often.


    Maybe try a little of that holy water on the deck, mustang guy. Nothing worse than a haunted deck when you're trying to give a dinner party.


    Heading out for a concert at Red Rocks tonight. Great venue. Better Half Unit is a great fan of Dolly Parton and she's in town tonight. Bought the tickets for her birthday a few months ago. Should be fun.


    Hang in there and beat the heat.

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  9. LF's 2.5 year old HVAC went out.  The company that she has a maintenance agreement with came out apparently unaware she had the agreement proceeded to replace an internal filter and charged $671.  Two hours of work. He then suggested she purchase a maintenance agreement.  She told him she has one with his company and he backtracked a little saying there was an internal blockage which would not be seen during an inspection.  He said he did not charge her for the Freon which would have been another $300.

    I told her to ask for an itemized invoice.....check it with another company and if excessive dispute the charge with Visa.  What do you guys think?

    Carl is right imo. The key to this will be the terms of the agreement LF actually has in place, not the fact that the guy tried to sell her another agreement or what he implied. Best of luck with this, Chuck.

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  10. I'll bet that poor snake just wanted some raw egg in his morning smoothies. Great picture...thanks.


    BTW .....Better Half Unit ('BHU") and I celebrated our 8th anniversary yesterday. Flowers, cards and jewelry ....she was a happy camper. Me too.


    Happy Tuesday, gang.

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  11. Mornin' all. Haven't checked in for a couple of days.


    Great pics dtel. Thanks for sharing ... you've given me some ideas for our place.


    Nothing but hot temps out here ...just made plans to go to the mountains in a few weeks to escape the heat and give Better Half a break from work. Maybe a little fly fishing. Despite the nasty temps, been doing a lot of cooking outdoors. Hickory smoked ribs and mesquite grilled ribeyes. Not likely to starve anytime soon.


    Enjoy your day. Cheers .............

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  12. Happy mid-week folks.


    Rivervalley ...I agree with Chuck (Tarheel) ... thanks for all you do. We've had a lot of dogs over the years and 2 of the best have been our rescued Springers. Baxter is the current top dog. He has yet to meet the person who is not his friend and he has his first permanent home at the age of 4 or 5. I think we'd take them all in if we could.


    Try to check back later. Cheers.....

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  13. Happy July 3!! Finally done with our "Re-Pay All Your Social Obligations For Past 5 Years" party. Best guess is 50 to 60 friends showed up. Good bbq and fellowship. We had a blast but happy that all the prep and yardwork is behind us. Baxter (the Springer Spaniel) is wiped out from greeting and begging and chowing.


    One more holiday party tonight and gonna kick back and smoke some ribs or porksteaks on the 4th.


    Cheers ya'll.

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  14. Hey folks...Happy Friday.


    Gonna slip out soon and see if I can perform an emergency grass cutting. We have a mob coming tomorrow and the forecast pretty much sucks. Might be flipping burgers and brats under the 'ol umbrella. Or...leaving that duty to our already bribed son-in-law.


    Second cup poured but not bragging about the coffee maker ....pretty ordinary. We think we're living large with Mr. Coffee.


    Cheers and be safe out there.

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