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  1. If the KLF 30's are in decent shape, get 'em! I love mine and they dig pretty deep on the bass. (I use KLF 10's as rear speakers). IMO a better center (especially a KLF C7) would make the biggest impact on your HT. I picked up my 10's and C7 well before I added a sub and the difference was huge in terms of sound quality. I happily got rid of my old Synergy surrounds and center. Didn't realize what a sonic mismatch I'd been experiencing. I added the 12" Klipsch reference sub later and crossed it over at 40 hz. It's great, but I'm glad I got the basics right first. Good luck, welcome and Go Cards!!

  2. Costas got his start on KMOX radio in St. Louis back in the 70's. Always very opinionated, but usually kept with sports and sports stats., areas in which he has considerable knowledge. Too bad that he seems to have become so arrogant with success that he feels compelled to use his position to advance a political agenda. Other KMOX alums like Jack Buck, Joe Garagiola, etc., had the good sense and taste to stick with sports. Oh well, we can vote with our remotes!!

  3. IMO - just speaking for myself - the truth is somewhere in the middle. Some the Beatles stuff did suck, some of it was decent pop/rock-n-roll and none of it falls into the "genius" category. ((That should be reserved for guys like Beethoven). On the other hand, they weren't bad musicians (except perhaps that drummer!) and were actually able to write in keys other than "C". I'm an amatuer musician who plays a '58 Hammond B-3 and I tend to avoid Beatles tunes unless I have a request or an overwhelming compulsion to do the nostalgia thing. Mostly, for me, their music is just not that interesting or fun to play.

    Congrats to Thebes for finding another raw nerve. You help keep the forum lively. Glad I joined. Cheers to all.

  4. Thanks, Moray, and to everyone else. I do believe this is the friendliest forum. I sometimes participate on Audiogon (as Yahoochaz), but there is less sense of community sometimes, despite some very nice folks who participate over there. The mod bug usually escapes me since I usually lack confidence when it comes to taking speakers apart and replacing stuff. That could change, I guess.

  5. If 2 channel is what you're going for, you can get a nice integrated (new) for something close to the price of the receiver you mentioned. Specifically, the Marantz PM6005 or PM5005. Very nice. Not a ton of WPC, but then you don't need much with Heresies. Before I upgraded to Cornwalls with Parasound amps, I used a PM5003 on Heresies with great results. Just my thoughts.

  6. I have KLF-30's for my fronts. I was using some just "ok" Synergy speakers for my center and surrounds until I ran across a Craigslist deal (cheap) for KLF-10's and C7. Grabbed them and the difference is huge. There's something about sonically matched speakers that's hard to beat. In your situation, I would spend as little as possible on upgrades now and keep looking for more KLF's to put in the HT. There are deals out there if you are patient and keep looking. Best of luck and enjoy the journey!

  7. If the condition is as good as advertised, this is a heck of a deal. I use the KLF's (30's, 10's and C-7) in our HT and they are awesome. Also have Cornwall III's in a separate 2 ch. system. For my tastes, the CW is a more refined, less "in your face" speaker. Both are excellent, just different. Individual taste and preference should be the determining factor, IMO.

  8. Thanks for warm welcome. As for the question, let's just say "years". Actually, I tried to register a couple of times in the past under an old registration format and got screwed up (or screwed myself up) and finally gave up. If you have guessed that I'm not a technical genius, you may be correct.

  9. Hi everyone. Just registered and wanted to introduce myself. Been lurking a long time and a long time Klipsch fan. I was raised with K-Horns and LaScalas. Currently running a Cornwall III 2 ch. system and HT with KLF-30's and 10's plus KLF C-7, Marantz separates and Klipsch sub. Many of you seem to be experts, so I'm not sure what I can contribute, but glad to be here. I'm an amateur musician and probably more of a music lover than an equipment freak, although it depends on the day of week. Decided to post in the 2 channel area since it seemed likely that most members read it. Thanks to everyone for broadening my perspectives, even though you weren't aware of it (or me) until now. Cheers!! Chuck

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