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  1. Happy Friday, all. Finally finished slinging mulch around the yard ...a real pain in the backside but looks nice.


    Mark and Boss ...hope you get a break in the weather. Think we are headed for a nice weekend. Will fire up the 'Q'.


    No comment on Carl's 'package.'


    Cheers folks.

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  2. Hey gang .... hope everyone had a good extended weekend. We did with bbq's, yard stuff and some friends. Looks like my trusty (?) old Pathfinder has a problem so today will be devoted to getting it in the shop. Mark .... you're not dropping by Denver today by any chance, are you?


    Have a good one.

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  3. Hey guys ... just checking in. Not much to report unless you consider mulching flower gardens to be exciting (like me!).


    Mark ... great looking speakers. Would love to hear them.


    Gary ... congrats on your concert. Sounds like a real kick.


    Have a good day and be safe.

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  4. Yo gang .... happy Memorial Day weekend. House guests finally gone and gearing up to finish Better Half's project list in the yard and gardens. Probably play some tunes later.


    That's about as exciting as it gets for this old f**t and I'm good with that.


    God bless our Vets. Have a great day folks.

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  5. Mornin' folks. Sounds like the Hope travelers are settled back in. For my part, I'm still carrying out Better Half Unit's planting, etc., vision  for our gardens and lending support to the profitability of ibuprofen manufacturers. I haven't been this up close and personal with plants and shovels in years.


    Gary ... sorry about the chimney and concrete stuff. In my first house, we had a chimney that was a real mess but a really good tuck-pointing job and a new chimney cap did the trick.  Are you sure you need a complete re-build?


    Have a good day all. Will try to check back.

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  6. Mornin' all. No hangovers here either. Of course I spent the weekend planting stuff in the gardens. :D Glad you all had fun in Hope.


    Well it's back to planting today ....as we used to say in the '60's ...Can you dig it baby??


    Happy Monday and cheers.

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  7. Happy Tuesday guys. Not a lot to report ....just another rainy day to wait out while the grass grows and laughs at us. The new mower is gonna be put to the test.


    Sad to say that I will be Hope-less this year but looking forward to your reports. Make sure the new Beeker award goes to a deserving individual. It will undoubtedly become a prestigious honor for years to come.


    Will try to check back in a bit ....cheers.

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  8. Mornin' all. Just checking in. Had a good weekend ... watched Deadpool. Recommended for folks like me who enjoy juvenile humor and still need to grow up but don't plan on doing so anytime soon.


    Also picked up a new lawn mower on sale. Crappy weather will probably delay its debut.


    Have a good day everyone.

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  9. Hey folks, Happy Saturday.


    Mustang and MKP Boss ... hang in there and prayers coming your way. I've been there too. As tough as these situations can be, I found that it's also a gift to be present for an ailing parent. I think you're doing all the right things and will never regret it.


    Have a good day, all. Cheers.

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  10. Morning and happy Friday to all....

    Grandkids just got on the bus......and I gotta roll..... To much shitt going.... Do I dare say that I'm "too" busy at the shop.... and with The BOSS only being there two day out of the week it's really hard. She stays up at moms and takes all the calls for the shop. Then she will tex me to call her so we can work out the schedule....or if I have to call someone.

    The BOSS's mom seems to be going down hill..... she has almost stopped eating and drinking. She doesn't know what food is.... it's at the point were I don't think she knows who anybody is....

    Hey look....again not trying to bring anybody down....just keep sending those good vibes our way....

    If we did not cancell the trip to Hope last month....we would have cancelled this week.... that's how bad it's gotten in such a short time...

    OK....rolling out....check in later....

    MKP :-)

    More prayers and good vibes to you, Boss and your family, Mark. Please take care and keep us posted.



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