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  1. Looking at a Denon AVR-X1000. My Yamaha is the Best Buy special... $200 new 4 years ago.
  2. So something wrong with my set or receiver issue? Of course basic receiver = no equalizer control.
  3. Yeah I got a rug...it just seems way too bright. I know that's a Klipsch staple but adding to that with a bright Yamaha receiver just doesn't cut it.
  4. Thank you for your quick reply. Yeah, my Yahama - while reliable and good for a $200 receiver 4 years ago, it just leaves me wanting something "warmer" and I feel as if I'm not getting the full potential of the speakers.
  5. I currently have an entry-level Yamaha RX-V371 receiver powering Klipsch Quintet along with a Klipsch SW 350 Subwoofer. I'm looking at upgrading the receiver to something "warmer" if that makes sense. The room is very open with hard surfaces (hardwood floor). Looking at the Denon X1000. Love Marantz, but a bit pricey. Any suggestions welcomed. Thanks.
  6. Finally settled on getting a set of Quintet speakers.... now which subwoofer? Mid-sized room. It will be right next to the front right speaker but sitting in a semi-open location (corner of wall with hallway behind it). Looking for something good and smooth for crossover reasons (120Hz) for both music and movies. Klipsch SW-350 (370) Polk Audio PSW111 (on sale: 180) Anything else in this price range?
  7. If you look at the back though, the crossover frequency knob only goes to 120.
  8. I could go with a subwoofer with the existing system and probably see a smoother bass response. Looking at Polk Audio PSW111 - but it only goes down to 120Hz (crossover). Could I just set the receiver for 160Hz (as it is right now) and be okay?
  9. I think the HD300 sound planty loud, it's just the high frequency crossover The satellites are 150Hz - 20khz The center speaker only has one woofer (rather than two) The subwoofer is only 6" 80W
  10. Looking at upgrading my Klipsch HD300 system. It was bought while in college (and broke) and now with more money on hand I'm ready to upgrade. Room: 17x19x8 - open floor plan with hall and kitchen entrances. Couch and seating located in middle Receiver: Yamaha RX-371 I want to improve on is lowering the crossover (150Hz) and improve overall "brightness" - I know that's a Klipsch thing but I want more midrange depth. Looking at: 1. Klipsch Quintet V 2. Polk Audio Blackstone TL250 3. Definitive ProCinema 600 I want the system to remain a lifestyle-sized system with no interest in going larger (due to it being the main living area and ....my wife). Please give me recommendations or pros/cons of the Klipsch system over the others. Also subwoofer recommendations. I am a huge fan of Klipsch and wish to remain a loyal customer (currently own: Klipsch HD300, Promedia 2.1, and headphones)
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