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  1. Anyone who comes across this, I figured it out. I had placed the mic incorrectly and at an angle. Realised how important it is to have the mic on a tripod and proper placement. Also followed guide on what distance to place your speakers based on the distance of your seating position and distance from walls/corners. Follow all those little things they make a huge difference. Once I got all placement as perfect I could I ran audyssey with the mic on the tripod and it turned out great. A few tweaks here an there with crossover and room-eq and it's awesome.
  2. So I have a pair of RF-42ii and a Dayton 1200 sub for my TV. I've been having huge trouble with receivers and have gone through 4 different ones until I finally ended up getting the Denon X2000. This may sound crazy but with the cheaper receiver I had - AVR E200 and AVR E300 on these same towers the sound was a lot more "open" and seemed to "surround me" this was most noticeable when listening to music. It was just more enjoyable listening to music. I don't know what the reason for this could be but right now it feels like when I listen to music as if someone has put a barrier in between the speakers and my ears. It's hard to explain the difference but it's a significant difference. Could this be down to EQ? I played around with the EQ and it did make it sound a little bit more "open" but it still doesn't get anywhere close to how it felt when listening with the E200/E300. E200 doesn't have audyysey mic, but E300 does. I used it for E300 and it sounded great. Question is less of which receiver is better quality but more of how do I get that same "room-filling" experience. I hope its simply down to room eq. Thanks a ton
  3. Jason, thanks for the tip. Although I've never had any experience with woodwork and wouldn't trust myself to build a shelf let along a subwoofer. But it's interesting to know that it can be down DIY and you can get more for your money!
  4. Yea, I figured. I understand SVS allows you to audition the sub woofer in your home and if you don't like it theyll take it back including return shipping? My plan is to get the PB-1000 and if that seems like it's not enough then I would have more ways to convince them to get the PB-2000 since they would be able to experience it first hand. Thanks for the advice.
  5. hahahaha, speaking of audyssey - how much of a difference does it actually make? I know this may sound like a stupid question but I have no idea. I do know that I just set up the e-300 and its the first receiver i've used where it ran the room eq and it actually sounded better than before. Every other receiver (granted very cheap ones) have sounded really bad after the room eq ran. So would getting the x1000 mean that the room eq upgrade would make it sound even better? Another thing to consider is - I am in University - in 2 years I will graduate at which point I will be moving and at which point dependent on where I move I plan to purchase more speakers to go from 2.1 to 5.1 and I plan to upgrade receiver. Sounds silly but this receiver is going to be for better part of 2 -3 years max. where as speakers I hope minimum of 5 - 6 years. I know the x1000 would probably be great, but I really can't afford it right now. It's too much money considering how much I've already put into my system. I think it's time for me to call a time out and focus on studying and get a solid job The day I am out of University and working I will be sure to get the very best. But for now I feel I have to be satisfied with what I have Also going back to the question of receiver for my parents - would a Denon X2100w be a good option? I see it's listed on amazon for $699 and it seems like a very solid receiver. Any thoughts? (would I be better off starting a new thread?) Once again all the help and advice is greatly appreciated
  6. Oh I also forgot to add, I ended up returning the ML300 because it wasn't powerful enough for my room. I ended up ordering the Dayton 1200 off partsexpress. Waiting for it to arrive, but I've heard its really powerful for its size and cost. Got it for 119 with free shipping Hopefully that will be solid for me for atleast the next 2-3 years since I'm in college and would like these components to atleast last my time in college
  7. In terms of output would this be less powerful than the SVS? or possibly give more output? Thanks
  8. Don't want to feel like I'm intruding. Just wanted to say - as a filmmaker myself a film is split into two parts 50% Visual 50% Audio. Sound is just as important as visual!!!! Next time watch tv and if you come across a distorted channel the sound being bad will make you change the channel more often than the picture being bad. Sorry, just thought I'd say it cause a lot of people believe that visual is more important when if fact both are equally important
  9. Scrappydue, I managed to pick up the RF-42ii for $199 each + tax. Fry's was running a clearance special on their towers and they only had a few in stock. When I saw the deal I just couldn't refuse since it was $70 more for each compared to the pioneers. So I did push myself, had it been over $200 then there would be no way I would have gotten them. As far as the receiver goes, I saw the one on accessories4less and it does look like a really good deal. But I ordered the AVRE300 because I got a great credit card sign up bonus through amex Gave me 100 dollar credit for amazon combined with a 80 dollar gift card I had remaining I got the E300 for 109 with tax. I know you were helping out with my post on a sub for the RB51ii setup. Would anyone have recommendations for a good receiver to pair with: RB51ii front RC52ii center RS42ii surround SVS PB-1000 sub budget would be approx. 700USD maybe would be able to push by 100. This system is for my parents so again on features nothing crazy but want clean power Was recommended onkyo nr636 but i'm not too sure bout onkyo now. Thanks
  10. I was initially looking into the Premiere Acoustic Sub as a few online retailers seem to throw it in "free" with a klipsch 5.1 package. Although as Jason mentioned despite its great output it isn't considered to be as clean or as smooth a sub as either of the SVS subs. Thanks for the suggestion, but as it is for my parents I believe a lower output but cleaner sub should do the trick I'm trying to push them to consider the SVS SB-2000 although with the price difference of 300 dollars its a long shot. Thank you
  11. Looking at it and reading reviews online the SB-1000 definitely seems too small for a room that size. Actually the PB-1000 seems a little small as well. But you are right, I have a budget and well to be honest there is no end to spending when it comes to high end audio; as i've learnt this past month. I don't believe they would have the room to fit 2 subs as you suggested earlier. Just a question if I were to go with two subs then would placement of both relative to each other be a factor? Either way that question is more for my own curiosity. Thanks a ton, I believe I will be going with the PB-1000.
  12. Doing more research it seems both of you are right. Sealed will not give as much bottom end as ported and sealed will be better for music. After weighing the pro's and con's I simply have to consider size with the ported sub. I feel for the needs of my parents the ported would work great as they mainly watch movies. Only issue remaining is size. Would the SB-1000 (sealed) not be powerful enough for a large room? If it's not then I guess ported it is. Thanks a ton!
  13. Alright, I'll look into the SVS. I do believe you when you say the SVS gives a very clean sound since I've heard a lot about them. Random question, would you know if the PB-1000 is dual voltage? Meaning can it run 110-240v? Also another question, I see SVS make a Sealed sub in the same price range. The SB-1000, which one would you think is better? I read a lot about people saying that sealed subs give a much clearer sound. And given the size it would be perfect in terms of placement. Any thoughts? Thanks again
  14. Hi, Sorry, I should have posted budget. They're looking at no more than 500USD for the subwoofer. Also the room size is approx. 400 square feet and is a perfect square. The things that I am most concerned about is getting a clean bass response as the flooring is marble and furniture is either hard wood/glass surface. Would the new line of reference subs from klipsch be any good? The R10SW/R12SW? They wont need crazy output but rather a nicely balanced system. Any recommendations based on that would be great. Thank you
  15. Hi Guys, I recently got into the world of klipsch with RF-42ii's and my parents were in the market for a surround sound system and I talked them into purchasing the RB51ii system with: RB51ii (fronts) RC52ii (center) RS42ii (surrounds) The only part that is remaining is the subwoofer. I haven't heard great things about the Klipsch SW110 - pros/cons? Also any other sub in the 500 dollar region that would be really good? I've heard a lot about the SVS Subs. Room is 400sqft and is a perfect square. It has marble flooring and a lot of hardwood/glass furniture. Also would the new klipsch reference subs be any good? KLIPSCH R10SW/R12SW? There are no reviews since I believe they are yet to be released? Thanks a ton guys
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