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  1. Mr. Piranha, Please outline for us which SET amp you have owned that would qualify you to make any comment within this thread with any first hand knowledge. BTW,.......A response that you don't own one, never have owned one, but you spent the night at a Birds house last night does not qualify you. [N] You don't seem to get it. A few members of this forum have now heard with their own ears, evidence that contradicts the propaganda you spew. Why are you, and others like you, so afraid of individuals discussing or pursuing options other than what you have chosen, that it drives you to interfer with their discussions? I truly pity small minds and intellect. Klipsch out.
  2. Erik, Wrong forum. This is 2 Channel. This thread really has nothing to do with Home Theater. Thanks. Klipsch out.
  3. "@Gary, I have no idea why vinyl playback should lead to different listening results than using CDs.....especially if you always use the same phono-/linestage and only swap power amps. Anyway, to my ears the source doesn't matter (in terms of evaluating the tone of each amp)......each amp has its own flavour.Wolfram Wolfram, I don't know why that was the case but the 4 or 5 of us in the room all heard the same thing. Maybe a really good vinyl rig brings out more of the amps character then a CD player/SACD player." Gary I think it's possible most CD players sound like crap. A good vinyl rig will usually have a good cartridge in the playback loop. Klipsch out.
  4. I can try to gather some thoughts and write my impreessions. It will likely require a few days to get it written though. Work always manages to interfere with my free time, but I think your question is legit. Klipsch out.
  5. Gary, We did not have a working TT available, so it was CD's. They were played on Mark's Rega Apollo, which is better than the average CDP. And yes, it would be great to hang out and spin some vinyl on each of our systens. At the end of the day, it's really about recognizing, and appreciating the different presentations of different components, within different systems, of different people. I understand that. I started this thread as more of a jabbing statement to get rid of those who have butted into SET threads with nothing but negative BS mostly. People could not even inquire about SET amps on this forum without the same old crap from people who do not even own one. People should feel free to seek advice and discuss whatever amplifier option they wish to pursue, without any attempts to discredit their pursuit or choice. I really have nothing against anyone's choice of VRD amps, or push pull, or SS, and have never spent any time with a negative campaign against anyone's choice. The producer of VRD's, in particular, has been one of those, so it is time for the door to be closed on that smug attitude. His product is "not all that", as the youngsters would say, so a more humble attitude should be in order, and more respect for all. The End. Klipsch out.
  6. Darrell, I would love to get together. One caveat is, I personally am not a "High" volume listener, so please don't be offended if I exit the room while you listen past a certain level. I'm not worried about the amps. My listening is 90% vinyl. Let's get some email going on it. Klipsch out.
  7. Hi Mike, I was attempting to be kind to the previous bashing crowd when I made the statement about listening to Jazz music. In the real world, acoustic instruments define musicality. Well done SET amps excel at this. It does not require a rocket science degree to hear it. Klipsch out.
  8. Coda, Haven't you added a few upgrades to your Wrights? I thought I recall Kelly saying something to that effect once upon a time, and yours as being the only pair of Wrights that he felt could hang with his Moondogs. What improvements did you make? On the 6SN7 issue, I currently have in each of my monoblocks, one Mullard ECC32, and one AVW 6SN7. I also really like the Brimar CV1988 (miiltary version), or Brimar 6SN7GT clear glass (oval plate) which is the non miltary version of the CV1988. The Brimars I use in pairs, or one Brimar mated with one Mullard ECC33 in each monoblock. I also have 2 pair of Amperex 6SN7 (brown base) that I do not use anymore because you can't find them. The person I bought my Moondogs from threw them in the deal. The remaining tubes I have installed now are RCA VT95 2A3 blackplates, and metal base GZ34s (double D getters) for rectifiers. Klipsch out.
  9. Eric, I have not heard TS OTL. One reason I have shied away is the lack of transformers which, to "ME", are very key to low powered amp performance. Maybe one day I'll find one to listen to. That said, a 45 SET amp was the best low powered amp I've heard. Klipsch out.
  10. Edmond, I think you and I have similar tastes in audio. I still have my Moondogs with Ultimate upgrade package. I also use the RCA blackplates with them as well as the fabled RCA black single plate tubes. With that said I listen to my Welborne DRD45s about 90% of the time. If you ever get a chance to live with a 45 amp in your system, try it, I think you'll like it. I have been a 45 devotee for over 3 years now. I recently received the Welborne Star Chief kit that I'm currently building. It's supposed to be an upgrade over the DRD45. Kevin, I thought I had mentioned I've wanted to add a 45 SET amp for a long time now, maybe 3 yrs or so. Somehow, I always find it hard to justify cost wise, (though I did plunk down for the pair of 2A3 Horus that I may put on the market in the near future), and partly because of dollars spent upgrading my vinyl front end components. With my son in college now, I seldom spend on myself. Maybe, with a downsize of my house, I may get to squeeze it in. If I do, it will be the tube rectified version. BTW, my Moondogs also put the "SET amps have no bass", or 3.5 watts can't control the bass" BS to rest, and at least to me, was tighter and more toneful with accoustic bass notes than the VRDs and even big SS. I am hoping to get another opportunity to listen to VRD amps for a longer session, with different music selections, and get a better handle on that, though I don't think it will change. I suspected most of the Saturday attendees were very surprised when they heard the Moondogs, and I think it's an experience that will stick for a while. Klipsch out.
  11. Yes!! They were a experiment for me since I wanted to hear SET amps and they sound great. 2006 was suppose to be the year I paid off bills and got back in financial shape. Instead I bought the Moondogs, Fortes, and a lot of different tubes. So the only reason I sold them is because I needed the money. They could play louder than I listen at in my living room, 15 x 15 x 8. If someone listens at very loud levels and has a large room they would not work. Moondogs work in much larger space than you think. My room is over 17' wide, 25" long, with 20 ft ceiling. I think that qualifies as a high volume room. Klipsch out.
  12. Fini, If I could live without them a month, you would be on. But I can't. I posted these comments apart from the gathering as something positive about the viability of SET amps, and not the BS that has gone on here in the past. "One" of the reasons I had stopped posting here was due to the same grossly negative statements about SET amps over and over. Now that you and the few other have experienced a well done SET amp with their own ears, the BS does not have credibility. It simply needed to be said. Hopefully, this will create a more open mindset among readers. I'm not selling SET amps. Simply weary of the push by some to depict all low powered SET amps as something less desirable or less credible within the audio experience. The true beauty of high efficiency speakers from Klipsch or other brands, is not how "high" the power that's needed, but just how little high quality power is required. Klipsch out.
  13. The NorCal gathering this weekend was a great opportunity to hear a number of different power sources for wonderfully efficient Klipsch speakers. It reinforces my belief each individual set his/her own set of guidellines for what sonic characteristics appeals to them. More importanly, it was agreat opportunity to debunk many of the SET bashing statements often posted in this forum by those with only limited exposure to SET amps, and think all SET amps are the same. They are not! Moondogs plus the Ultimate upgrade package, do not take a back seat to VRDs, but maybe it's because I listen to mostly Jazz. Sorry Craig! Klipsch out!
  14. Why would anyone buy a pre amp with a seperate power supply and "stack them" or even place them "side by side"? Kind of defeats the whole concept. Klipsch out.
  15. Almost everything you need to know about phono cartridges can be found on the Van den Hul site. There is a section on MM vs MC cartridges. http://www.vandenhul.com/artpap/phono_faq.htm#1 Klipsch out.
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